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moneca's Avatar moneca 12:14 AM 09-01-2005
I'm hoping at least one other mama has dealt with this. We have not had the test yet that measures the contractions of the stomach during eating, but I'm guessing this might explain a lot with dd. She continues to have undigested food on her stomach 5 hours after eating. Even raw goat milk yoghurt stays in her stomach at least 3 hours. All this despite giving fresh lemon juice 30 min before meals and 2 different Houston's enzymes with everything she eats. A nutritionist from Denver actually mentioned this to me yesterday. The chiro found 3 subluxations and said the nerves that innervate the stomach and LES could be damaged from the subluxations. Anyway, I found that most MDs use cisapride (off the market due to arrythmias), reglan (like I'm going to give those side effects to my child , and domperidone (which I still have in the cabinet from relactating). I don't want to give dd any meds. I have found several sites that discuss ginger for increasing gastric motility. I bought Nature's Answer without alcohol from the HF store and she takes it no problem. Ginger is actually o.k. on the SCD diet that she is on. I'm hoping that someone out there has used ginger with good results. TIA .

sagelove's Avatar sagelove 01:18 PM 09-01-2005
I would try straight up probiotics, with a variety of bacterial strains. I heard the kinds in the dark, glass jars is best. Also a B-vitamin supplement, and maybe bitters (genitan) to stimulate digestion. I love ginger for digestion, but it didn't seem to help as much for me during my latest stomach attack issues (it has worked well before...I usually just eat fresh, raw ginger or else the picked ginger that is eaten with sushi). These measures have often helped with my digestive issues in the past (thought I may have gastroparesis, too, but am going to go to the doctor for a workup).

Custom blended powdered herbs have also worked well for me. I get them at during acupuncture appointments, but last time I only went in for a herbal consult. You may want to consider that route.
moneca's Avatar moneca 02:12 PM 09-01-2005
Thanks Sagelove!