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KindRedSpirit's Avatar KindRedSpirit 07:59 PM 09-24-2005
I've heard rumors of this...anyone know exactly what could happen?I'm around 7 weeks pregnant and I've been trying to get chicken pox for my kids for 6 years!I finally found some,and I will be so greateful for any info on how this may or may not effect this baby.I had the chicken pox as a child so I am immune,would that help/protect the fetus?Thanks,Audrey

cravenab00's Avatar cravenab00 08:06 PM 09-24-2005
i thought my son had chicken pox when i was 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th. it turns out he didnt, but our family doctor said as long as I had them (which i did) it would be fine. I wish I could find some one with them so my kids could get them!!
JBaxter's Avatar JBaxter 10:14 PM 09-24-2005
I agree with PP. My ob said if YOU have had them then the baby will be fine.
Ilovelife's Avatar Ilovelife 10:28 PM 09-24-2005
I've heard the same; if you're immune, there should be no problem. The complications can happen if you actually GET chicken pox during early pg. Good luck!