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A friend of mine is experiencing having her hair fall out (like, clumps) and her first child is 5 months old and they are exclusively breastfeeding...Does anyone know what (if anything?) could be wrong? Her husband thinks its because she won't drink milk, is therefore "malnourished" because of the breastfeeding. Does anyone know of any nutricional reason your hair would fall out? She doesn't look under weight at all. I've heard of postpartum hair loss, but doesn't that happen right after the birth?

They are really worried...any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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oh my gosh! im so glad you started this thread. the same thing is happening to me and my son is 4 months old. it started happening about 2 weeks ago. im not getting bald spots or anything, but big clumps of hair keep coming out! if i brush my hair, the brush gets full of hair after like 30 seconds. i thought maybe it was just post partum tuff, but i too thought that happened right after birth.

any insight is greatly appreciated. ph, and it's not because of milk because i drink milk.

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I thot that was normal. Lose your baby hair - grow new hair. My mom said i was born w/hair, it fell out, then it didn't really grow back until i was 3 (she thinks that's a funny story : )

But, maybe it was something bad? Dunno

Oh, wait, lose YOUR hair - yeah, that happened, too. My hair got really thick while pg, and all the extra stuff fell out afterwards. Skin got all soft and luxurious, nails grew, scratches healed very fast (the cat and I box sometimes, he has those pointy things). All the miraculous stuff went away after wards. ah, well.

once I was losing my hair in clumps, but i was due to stress. quit my job, hair grew back. didn't look bald, but i had these whispy bits growing out all over.
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Same thing happened to me. I believe it is normal. Did she notice her hair getting thicker during the pregnancy? It is typical that our nails get stronger and hair gets thincker during the pregnancy...and very little falls out. So there's extra there to lose when you've had the baby.
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Hey,not to worry it is very normal!And not related to not drinking milk.She in fact should try to aviod it bc it may upset babies tummy.

There are things to look out for that are not normal.And this si at anytime,not just post partum.The sudden arrival of small,circular bald spots on the head(face for a male).This may be alopecia.Although it is not dangerous,and the bald patches do grow back in,but they also travel around as well to other areas of the head.You do need to see a doc if this happens.But I am pretty sure this si not the case with you.

The average person looses up to 150 hairs a day.Double that if hormonal changes are going on in the body.Also if medications have been newly introduced.These are all normal.The hair that you loose is replaced by a new hair.There are 3 stages of hair growth.Anagen catagen and telogen.Not every hair on your body goes through all the stages at once.It has very individual cycles(to keep the body warm and protected at all times).Sometimes however,the hair loss stage can become more noticable than others bc you "see" the fallen hair.The hair will then regrow,and then go into a kind f dormant stage(resting period).And the cycle will start all over again.

Hope this has helpedSorry it got a bit long........

Charmaine--Licenced Hair Technician
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My hair started falling out at about 6 months postpartum and continued for about 6 months. I seriously thought I was going to go bald but I did not. I had really long hair which I am sure did not help matters. I had been growing it for 5 years to donate to the Locks of Love program, which makes wigs for children with scalp alopecia. I got 12 inches cut off (slightly shorter than chin length) and after that the hair loss was not so noticeable anymore.

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Mine did that too! It got so bad I could see my scalp thru the top of my hair line. It was everywhere. I went to acupuncture once a week & drunk oodles of oatstraw tea. You boil it up in a covered pot for 15 mins of so with a very small pinch of sugar. Then leave to brew for a while. Nettle was also helpful. It stopped at about 5 or 6 months post partum. I had a hell of a mullet when she hit 18 months I'm told it is normal but with dd#1 it didn't happen so who knows.
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Dear New Mother:

The hormones adjust during your PP period, and extra B-vitamins will help curb the amount of hair that you lose. These are stress vitamins, and if you are nursing, brewer's yeast is a good source.

You grew more hair when you were pregnant...wasn't it nice and full and luxurious? That was the hormones at work. Well, now it falls out and your hormones are adjusting.
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Normal! Happened to me too with dd (not with ds yet tho). Nothing to do with cow milk.

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That it is normal....It has happened to me with both of my girls and it falls out in clumps for about 9 months with 1st DD & I am almost 6 mos. PP with 2nd DD and it is still coming out: I am sure if I got a good health cut it would help but I hate getting a haircut because I always loose my length
Take care
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