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Acid Reflux Relief

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Author Topic: Acid Reflux Relief
Member posted 08-06-2000 07:12 AM
Our little girl has acid reflux. I'm looking for a natural way to relieve her of the pain. Our pediatrician has recommended adding rice cereal to her formula to help keep some of her food down. I know of another little baby who is now taking antacids (Pepsid AC) to give relief. I think the pediatrican will offer this as the next step for relief. (I'M AFRAID GIVING AN ANTACID AT 2 MONTHS WILL REQUIRE HER TO TAKE MEDICATION THE REST OF HER LIFE ----- I'D RATHER NOT DO IT).
I breast fed for one month and was forced to quit. I've been switching formulas ever since and am now on a Lactose Free formula - it doesn't seem to be offering any relief.

Please help - I hate seeing our little girl in pain.

Member posted 08-07-2000 12:58 PM
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Member posted 08-07-2000 01:11 PM
Dear babysatori,
My daughter also had problems keeping her milk down. My Chiropractor, who has 7 kids of his own, informed me that often babies have an open iliosecal(sp?)valve. This is the valve just before the stomach that keeps food and acids down after eating. Thus, babies often have problems keeping food down. But, as long as the baby is healthy and gainging weight, you shouldn't have to worry. Almost always, this valve will close on its own, with time. I followed his advise and sure enough, around 9 - 11 months, my daughter stopped spitting -up.

Also, you mentioned your daughter is only 2 months. I'm surprised your ped. recommended you start her on food. This is much too early! Studies show that the earlier you introduce foods to babies, the more likely they are to develope food allergies. Laleche and others don't recommend introducing foods until around 6 months.

I hope this info helps.


Member posted 08-07-2000 01:22 PM
Thanks for your reply. Did your baby cry A LOT after eating? Cough, gag???? Spit-up oz at a time?
I too was concerned about adding the rice to her formula because of allergies, but apparently in the case of Acid Reflux so much food is spit-up (oz at a time)it is used to help keep some of it down. I'm starting to wonder if part of our little girls problem is yeast related. (Satori had antibiotics right after she was born because of Group B strep that I had) A naturalogist suggested liquid acidolpholis. I had taken some myself when breast feeding to help her tummy. Looking back I think I might have had thrush when trying to breast feed (Satori had a rash that disappeared when I started formula)Currently, I myself am batteling a yeast infection. I'm waiting to hear back from my midwife - I'm not quite sure about giving Satori the acidolpholis, because of allergies. hmmmmmmm.......

Moderator posted 08-08-2000 03:14 PM
I gave my daughter acidopholis when she was quite young because of thrush. The meds they gave us were not working and I was desperate fo some relief. I have never noticed any allergic reaction then or since then...
Hope that helps

Member posted 08-09-2000 08:26 AM
To answer your queations, my daughter was a very easy going baby and no she really didn't cry or seem to be in any pain from the acid reflux. Hers, I guess was quite mild compared to your daughter's. She didn't throw up much or only occasional had the "projectile spit"; but it was fairly constant, but then it just dissappeared all at once, a little before her first b-day.

Like you, I had major problems breastfeeding ( according to the woman consultant for the 800 no. for LaLeche, I'm the only one she's ever heard of who's milk just wouln't come in for no known reason). After using the Medulla hspital grade pump religiously every 3 hrs for 1 month, with no results, I then used a supplemental nurser until my daughter was 9 months old. Thus, from the beginning, my daughter got basically only formula.

Anyways, you've probably been told, but make sure your baby is in a somewhat upright position or a nursing position, when she takes her bottle. Lying flat on her back only makes the reflux worst. Try to burp her often ( my daughter seldom burp, though).

Is your daughter not gaining weight as she should? Does she seem in pain from the acid reflux?

I would suggest you take your daughter to a holistic Chiropractor that also does what is known as kinesiology and/or CRA(contact Reflex Analysis. There are known pressure points that they can press that can alleviate the pain and help with closing the illeosecal valve. Only a few Chiropractors know these techniques (Ex. in all the Cleveland area, I could only find 1. You'll just have to call around.

Goodluck, and let me know how things turn out.


Member posted 08-09-2000 04:07 PM
You have been very helpful - and I've rethought the pediatricians advice. Satori IS gaining weight. She spits up A LOT, and seems to hurt after she eats... and I don't think that the cereal is really benefiting her THAT much. So, since she is gaining weight I'm following my midwifes advice and cutting out the cereal. We burb, and keep her at a 30 degree angle for 30 minutes after she eats just to try to keep as much down as possible. I try to use distraction to help her through the hurt.
Resources are very limited where I live (Key West). I think we'll have to use Time as our remedy. I do have a friend whose little girl is having a hard time gaining weight - I'm going to tell her to visit this site so she can read what you have written ------ maybe it will be of help to her. It doesn't seem like the medicine that the doctors have prescribed is helping her much with the pain.

Thanks again. Satori's Mom

Member posted 08-09-2000 07:30 PM
Dear Satori's mom,
Both our children had GER as newborns, of "medium" severity.It IS so hard to see them suffer!! With our son we didn't know any better, and went along with the MDs advice and gave him meds, one of which shortly thereafter was pulled off the market because 60 people taking it had died!!It also tasted terrible so the poor thing cried every time we had to administer it; 3 times/day.
By the time our daughter was born we had used homeopathic remedies with great success for other problems (mainly recurrent earinfections in our son) and took her to the same homeopathic MD.She prescribed what is called a constitutional remedy for our daughter, and one month to the day later she was completely symptomfree!!!
Please do not think that you have to let your baby suffer for a year just because she is gaining weight despite the GER. The homeopathic treatmentcarries no danger and has no side-effects.And even babies like the taste!
I would also like to tell you that we used Craniosacral Therapy, which I consider safer and much more gentle than Chiropractic for babies.Good luck to you and your baby!!

Member posted 08-16-2000 10:54 AM
BabySatori's mom,
Our daughter suffered the same symptoms for the first month or two. Alot of excess vomiting with what seemed to be uncomfortable coughing. We did a little reading in the Dr. Sears babybook and decided to try the" keeping her in an upright position for 25 minutes after each feed." Which was exhausting since she was nursing every 2 hours, but well worth it since it gave us favorable results without any weight loss or medication. I know how it feelto watch your baby spit up so much that you just worry so much about their intake and health. My suggestion is hold off on the meds, empower yourself with reading as much as possible and go natural remedies. I know of two families that had their family doctor talk them first into meds and then into surgery and both children are plauged with alergies and difficuly digesting. I feel for you. Good Luck.

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