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ringworm! Help!

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Author Topic: rigworm! Help!
Ms. Mom
Moderator posted 03-11-2001 04:56 AM
Help, My family has had step this week and I developed a rash on my stomach that my doctor said was from the strep. I did go away with the antibiotics, but now I have a rig-like scally rash on my neck that I beleive is rigworm. Any suggestions, I'm so sick of Antibiotics! I realize it's just a fungal infection, but it's really grossing me out!

Moderator posted 03-11-2001 08:48 AM
Pau d'Arco tea.

works great with any fungal infection and is inexpensive.

unregistered posted 03-11-2001 04:11 PM
Hey girl. That sucks so much. That was me a few months ago. It's lovely. Teatree oil worked great!!! great for the fungus amongus.
get better soon over there.

Lori W
Member posted 03-11-2001 06:48 PM
Ditto on the tea tree oil. Worked for me too.

Ms. Mom
Moderator posted 03-12-2001 04:43 AM
Thanks so much everyone!
Chanley - LOVE that site, I'm going to spend some time on it later today!
It's funny, but I actually put Tea Tree Oil on it yesterday because I used it for a little foot problum recently (no more shoes from resale shops). I added it to some aloe gell and it really was soothing. Where would I be without all of you wonderful (funny) women! Kelts, you and my husband would have so much pun together!
~~Fungus free Gentleness!

Member posted 03-12-2001 08:14 AM
hey, I ordered some of the tea, to keep the
yeastie beasties away. How do you brew it?
What does it taste like?

Member posted 03-12-2001 10:26 AM
Gentian violet works for thrush which is a yeast infection... I'm guessing it might help ringworm, too.
Kelts - Do you pick wild mushrooms?

Madame Ovary
Member posted 03-12-2001 10:32 AM
Remember to take acidophilus and bifidus (probiotics)too, b/c the antibiotics kill off the friendly flora. Also, sugars (incl. honey, maple syrup) and other refined carbs will feed the fungus, so eliminate them. I was using Tea Tree oil for absolutely everything until my naturopath told me that most people in this country are allergic to it, b/c it isn't local. I haven't quite decided what to think about that yet, but a great alternative for fungus is grapefruit seed extract (dilute first.) I've been having success with this, so if Tea Tree doesn't do it for you , you might want to give it a try. Good Luck

Member posted 03-12-2001 12:23 PM
Just had to deal with this myself and the tea tree didn't cut it, but Grapefruit seed extract worked great and it was cleared up in only a few days.

Ms. Mom
Moderator posted 03-12-2001 01:36 PM
Great! I'll try that. I do have some on hand. This is sooooo ugly and yucky! How the kid's have escaped it, I don't know!
You guys are the best!

Member posted 03-12-2001 02:14 PM
How much do you dilute the grapefruit seed extract?

unregistered posted 03-12-2001 05:19 PM
And what kind of mushrooms are you talkin'?
But, in answer to ?.... nope. Why you ask??

Ms. Mom
Moderator posted 03-16-2001 07:57 AM
Ok, it's fading, but WHEN IS THIS GOING TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!! I have to put a bandaid on it when I go out because it screams RING WORM! and is in full view. Now everyone want's to know how I hurt myself! AAARRRGGG! I'm using the Tea Tree Oil and the Grapefruit Seed - back and forth - both do the job, the Grapefruit Seed soothes the ich better. MAKE IT GO AWAY LADIES!!!

Member posted 03-16-2001 04:11 PM
Isn't ringworm a parasite? There are parasite killing remedies available at health food stores.

Member posted 03-16-2001 04:26 PM
Sorry, I was wrong. I just looked it up and it is a fungus so fungus killing remedies should work. Maybe it is a reaction to the antibiotics. Taking probitotics may help.

Moderator posted 03-16-2001 07:52 PM
ringworm is a fungus.
that site I listed is ran by one of the most awesome fellas I know. he is an herbalist.
email him and ask him about why you got it. he explained the whole fungal thing to me when I asked him. very interestign hwo we get these things

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