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Reiki and children

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Author Topic: Reiki and children
Member posted 05-11-2001 04:07 AM
Hi there,
In her topic 'my Mum', rudemamma mentions that her sister was reiking her mother. I am learning Reiki and wondered if others might like to know more or contribute to a topic on this subject, especially on how it can be used with children.

Look forward to your thoughts ...


Member posted 05-11-2001 04:59 AM
I am a Reiki Practitioner with a 33mo dd. I have used Reiki with dd everyday since her conception. As a soon-to-be Reiki Master Therapist, I look forward to teaching Reiki to dd in a couple years or ???

Member posted 05-11-2001 07:26 AM
This just KEEPS happening!!!
The other day I bough Indisposable cloth diapers, the next day I came on and somebody had posting about them... And I was thinking yesterday of coming on today and asking if we have any Reiki practioners or masters out there... AND I SAW THIS POST!!!

As I said before, The Universe is WONDEFUL!!!

I am only a level 1 Reiki practioner, but my mom is a master/teacher. We keep saying that one day we'll "upgrade" me, but just never find the time.

I was wondering how many people use Reiki on their INFANTS, and if it seems to form more of a "bond". I'm thinking of any way to let my Caleb know he's loved, even though I'm working and can't see him all the time (he's only 8 weeks old)

My mom SWEARS by Reiki, but I hate to say I don't practice enough to see any results... maybe I should set the time aside to do it more often...

I can't wait to read other responses on this topic!!!



Member posted 05-11-2001 09:14 AM
I'm level two, and love Reiki - though I don't use it enough..... I'm looking forward to using it with our babe when they arrive. In the meantime, I used it alot for one of our elder cats who was sick w/kidney problems. I really believe it made him feel better and helped prolong his life. Towards the end, when I'd start to Reiki him, he'd get irritated and walk away from me. I think he was ready to go and didn't want me to prolong his physical life any longer . But I was thankfull it helped to keep him with us as long as it did!

Member posted 05-11-2001 11:25 AM
I used Reiki all the time on dd when she was an infant. It was easiest when she was nursing-like aal the time. I recommend doing it while nursing to relax you as well!

Margaret of Arabia
Member posted 05-11-2001 11:33 AM
Alycia, We have 2 Reiki teachers on my compound. I am thinking of taking it. My daughter got a pretty bad head bang that left her in pain(screaming to the top of her lungs). My friend who has been Reiki-ing for a very long time put her hand on my daughter for about 15 mins. My daughter completly recovered and began playing as if nothing happened. It left a giant egg on her head. I started to think it might be a true form of healing after witnessing that. I am usually not a big believer in things like this. Thanks for starting this topic. marg

Member posted 05-11-2001 11:43 AM
I am a reiki level 3, technically i can teach reiki and have done so with close friends.
I use it with my children. It just sorta automatically flows when you touch those that you love with that intention .

I also use it when i'm creating crafts or any herbal mixtures to enhance the intention of the formula.

My DS always asks me to reiki his tummy or head when they hurt (so sweet)

I have been thinking of passing an attunement to my son who has been having challenges lately . I'm not sure though. Has anyone else taught their children??

Blessings and thanks for starting this thread


Member posted 05-11-2001 12:14 PM
ooka being ignorant again
it sounds so interesting

Member posted 05-11-2001 01:29 PM
Just had to tell acute story:
DD knows I do Reiki. One day someone was hurting(family member) and she pointed her finger at him and said "There, I'm doing Reiki you're all right."

Member posted 05-11-2001 02:45 PM
You are not alone ooka - I was wondering what it is too. I think it is a type of massage maybe??

Member posted 05-11-2001 03:00 PM
Ooooohhhh, I love this topic!
I have been level 2 now for almost a year, currently preparing myself for master/teacher level.

I've found in general that kids and pets are really receptive to reiki energy. I use it almost every day. My son asks for it frequently and is even excited about learning it. (He's 9)

One time, sitting in church (where I've had the best reiki experiences) my son, who had skinned his knee on the sidewalk on the way in, flung his leg onto my lap and demanded, not quietly, "Reiki my knee!"

I really don't remember how I got along without just comes so naturally now.

For OOKA...

Reiki is a laying on of hands healing method. Simple, graceful and all around wonderful! I could go on, but instead I'll send you to one of my fave sites,


Member posted 05-11-2001 09:36 PM
Hello, I have not recently been practicing Reiki as often as I would like. Recently it seems I only make the time when something needs healing immediately. I practiced everyday with my ds when I was pregnant. It was the way I started and ended my day. I still try Reiki on my dog once in awhile but she gets up and moves away just as I feel things get cooking!
Ooka and LittleBear- REI means universal and KI means life force(same as chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit). It is the spiritual/God consciousness called REI that guides the life force KI in the practice we call REIKI. Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a spiritual healing that allows for the transmitting of this energy to yourself and others through the hands. The ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student by the Reiki master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the reiki source. A reiki practioner places their hands on their client with the intention of healing and reiki will begin flowing automatically. The practitioner does not do the healing, but instead allows the healing energy to flow through them. Reiki energy has a mind of its own and will heal where it is needed by communicating with the client's higher self and using this information to decide where to go and what to do!

It is an amazing thing to experience and I find I am more in the moment and calm when I am practicing reiki often! Thanks for bringing up this topic.
Love Kim

P.S. I am a certified Reiki Master

Member posted 05-11-2001 09:54 PM
Hey Reikimom and all other reiki practioners-
I checkd out the web site you posted and was shocked to find some of the information that was posted there. I have always been taught by other reiki masters that the symbols are sacred!(not to mention the web site doesn't quite have them all right) I was just curious if you had learned this as well and what your views were on this and the attunement process being told via the net? I truthfully was quite taken a back.

Member posted 05-12-2001 06:04 AM
Oh my, I've heard such cool stories of kids doing Reiki (one of them the R.Master who attuned me told: the mom didn't/couldn't believe in Reiki, so she had the child get the attunements, then when mom got a migraine the child would Rieki her. He told the story as an example of how people get sort of strung out on their beleif systems.)
I went through Level 1 a second time while I was pregnant. Always wondered how that's affected dd. At the time I had a vision of her hands folded, etc., receiving the attunement. I used to give her formal treatments, with hand positions and all. Now I just talk about using our "magic hands" when we hurt. And, of course, the energy flows when we do any massage or footrubs. I found when I treated her as an infant she needed less sleep (given how little sleep she needed in the 1st place, this was not a good thing ...I was soooo tired...but that's another story).
Insofar as posting symbols and all, I got over the shock when I saw Diane Stein's Book Essential Reiki, which shows the symbols, some of them "wrong" according to how I learned them. Aren't they simply Konji words, having nonReiki uses and meanings as well? So it's not the symbols so much as how you use them. As far as do-it-yourself attunements, when I 1st did level 2 a woman was there who had received Level 2 from another Master, but wanted to do it again with Randy because she'd heard his had more oomph, so to speak. I wonder if there's something to that.

Tears in the next room -- gotta go.

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Member posted 05-12-2001 07:18 AM
Is Reiki good for encouraging healing of an injury? Off to check out the link above.

Member posted 05-12-2001 02:58 PM
The teaching I received held the symbols sacred and not to be shared w/ anyone not attuned. And I thought the symbols on the site listed above were not exactly right either. I know there are a number of schools of thought on all of this. My first level training was from a woman who studied w/Takada and she was very strict about how much information gets shared w/whome in terms of their level of attunement. I have heard from others that the belief is out there that the need is so great now, that it's ok to share in ways different that I was taught. Whose to say? As someone, who tends to be respectfull of traditional ways, I hold to what my personal teachers have told me, but that may not make it wrong for someone eles.... Blessings

Member posted 05-12-2001 05:08 PM
I'm nontraditional. I think what Diane Stein did in her book was a good thing. "Essential Reiki" was one of the first books I happened upon when I first began researching reiki.
Different symbols are not "wrong". They got different to begin with because they were never written down. And Takata may have handed out different versions. You can effectively use whatever version you were taught. But I kinda enjoy trying out the different versions to see if I can sense a change in the energy. Most of the time I don't use any symbols at all.

I also question the desire for secrecy, although I'm completely aware of the sacredness. Sharing information shows us how many different ways reiki can be experienced.

I like the Angelreiki site because of it's emphasis on the simplicity--what "reiki" is and what "add-ons" are (guides, crystals etc...) And because of it's honesty. I guess sharing this knowledge, even the attunement process, really doesn't rattle me. Sorry--didn't mean to shock anyone by posting the link.

There's definitely more than one way to approach all this.

Okay, enough controversial stuff. Let's keep discussing how much fun we've had using reiki on our kids!


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sweet bunny's mama
Member posted 05-16-2001 10:34 AM
ooh, this is so cool. i'm level 2. the coolest part is that i was attuned while 5 months pregnant with dd. i had some very powerfel experiences during my class and i knoe she felt them inside of me. now i really believe that she's attuned in some way as well. my best friend's baby is 3.5 mos. (my dd is 6.5 mos.) and whenever my friend's dd cries, and they are near each other, my dd will reach a little hand out to her buddy and touch her. my teacher said that babies and children are very attuned to energy anyway, because of how close they are to god/nature, etc. but i think my dd has really got it.
perhaps we could share our reiki lineages here? i'm interested in when you folks got trained/attuned and by whom, where, and from what lineage. here's mine:
(usui lineage)
mikao usui
chijiro hayashi
hawayo takata
iris ishikuro
arthur robertson
dan buffo
karen albertson (she's located in santa cruz, CA.)
me & dd

Member posted 05-16-2001 11:10 AM
To sweet bunny's mama--
This may sound stupid, but I don't know my lineage. I'm curious about it, now that you brought it up, but I hadn't given it much thought until now...maybe something I should go find out.

I am level 2. My 1st attunememt was almost two years ago by a wonderful teacher named Cindy Oriente in Phx, AZ.

I loved reading about your pregnancy attunement. Your little girl is quite blessed.

I think reiki should be included in all aspects of mothering...

Reiki to help prepare for conception.

Reiki and conception (hubby is also level 2--we could try this!)

Reiki and pregnancy.

Reiki and childbirth--what better way to enter the world!

And of course every day from then on!

sweet bunny's mama
Member posted 05-17-2001 09:02 AM
oh, i forgot to say, i was attuned in july 2000. i haven't used it too much since then, which i'm sorry about. i did some while i was pregnant, but found it really zapped my energy (rather than what's suppossed to happen...where practitioner feels peaceful and rejuvinated). my teacher said to cool it til after i'd delivered dd, something about using a lot fo my energy to grow her inside of me. so i've used it since on dd, and some distance healing for a friend in labor and later for her babe, but not very much. i really want to start using it more. since answering this post yesterday, i've used it on dd twice. here's a question: when y'all use reiki on your babies (pre-verbal) do you ask their permission each time? i feel as though dd and i have an understanding that i can use reiki on her whenever i feel it's gonna be helpful, but sometimes i feel i should ask, and then i do.
reikimom, that's so cool that your dh is also attuned. my dh is not into any sort of alternative healing methods. he's healthy as can be, and always has been (he'd be the one to outlast anyone in a survival of the fittest contest. he'd prolly have survived the plague!) so he doesn't see the need to anything else. he's very respectful of my use of alternative methods, and for dd, too, because he sees they work for us, but he's not interested for him. too bad. a reiki sexual experience (esp. for conception) could be amazing. (:

Member posted 05-18-2001 12:53 PM
I think with babies, "asking permission" and "showing respect" are the same things. Offer the energy and watch for baby's response and go from there.

Member posted 05-23-2001 01:07 PM
Hey Reiki Moms! Wow finally moms speaking "my language." Out here in the burbs, I feel a little lost. REIKI IS INCREDIBLE. It has changed my life. I am a licensed massage therapist and am certified in reiki (usui tradition) currently at level 3. My reiki master and I are trying to figure out how I will go to the mastership level. I would have to spend several days with him - away from my 15 month old. Yikes. So now I just tell myself (and him) that this is my "babytime." The universe will let me know when it's time to move up. This is what I know, the energy flow is on all the time, so even when we are holding our little ones, it flows to them and goes directly where it is needed. Sometimes there is a tingly feeling or great warmth, sometimes you don't feel anything (the receiver may feel similar sensations). It's a wonderful tool, I use it on animals and plants too. Sometimes I use Reiki when in a difficult situation, waiting on line in a grocery store, when my sweet one is having a hard time. No one knows the energy just flows. Blessings - Beth

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