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ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 05:46 AM 11-13-2005
I hope I'm posting this in the right place . . .

My toddler (20 mos.) just started taking swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. I've noticed that she's been drinking a bit of the pool water, despite my best efforts to discourage her. Anyhow, this past week she started getting diarrhea a few times (3-4) a day. She usually has about one b.m. a day, in the morning, so this is unusual. She hasn't complained of any stomach pain or cramping and seems otherwise healthy and up to her normal tricks, except that now she has a bit of diaper rash from the loose stools. (She has never had diaper rash before.)

Could the chlorine be upsetting her beneficial intestinal bacteria? Has anyone else noticed similar symptoms with their young child after swimming in pools? What can I do to counteract this? And how about the diaper rash (I've been treating it with zinc oxide, lotrimin, and a touch of hydrocortisone). I've been trying to get her to eat more cultured yogurt, but I'm worried that if she keeps drinking the water (we have lessons 3 times a week) my efforts to reintroduce probiotics won't be of any use. And I'd hate to stop the lessons because she absolutely loves them.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!