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Alana's Avatar Alana 02:43 PM 02-01-2006
Now that Im having regular cycles, my PMS is worse than it has EVER been in my whole life. Dh just sees what week it is..and knows if he is coming home to happy lovey wife....or if he needs to come home with Ben and Jerrys, hand it off, and run away. What can I take to take the edge off....I just go into this tailspin, have NO patience, and want to hide because Im SO cranky!

motherkins's Avatar motherkins 10:08 PM 02-01-2006
What are your symptoms, other than the irritability? What day of your cycle do you notice them starting? There are plenty of things you can do/take, but it helps to know what you need!
Alana's Avatar Alana 12:22 AM 02-02-2006
Every month isnt all that exact...and my cycle length can very. I think AF usually comes around the 18th....and the first and 2nd week of the month Im irritable, have zero patience, have a lot of self doubt, no energy, have sugar cravings so strongly that I feel like I will hurt someone if I dont get it (not really hurt them....just meaning they are VERY intense). I think that is it.....
motherkins's Avatar motherkins 02:50 PM 02-02-2006
There are charts you can use to track your symtoms. Probably you could search for one online. Then you would have a better record of what you were experiencing and when.

I know that some people here have taken evening primrose oil and there is another supplement (vitex?) but I don't know how well studied they are. And the one study I read, the evening primrose oil and a placebo had the same effect, but again, I've never taken it.

I'm a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatry, have worked in private practice, and have had PMDD. I would recommend that you start doing some sort of exercise, if you aren't already. Something like Pilates is good and gets blood flowing in your abdomen. You could also go for a walk outside every day for 20 minutes. Then you would get the exercise as well as light exposure that helps with depressed mood.

I would suggest calcium supplementation of 1200 to 1500 mg a day during your last two weeks of your cycle. You could take something like Tums, which is affordable and easily found in a drug store, although I know that some individuals here recommend other calcium supplements; I'm not looking for a debate.

I would also recommend Vitamin B-6 50mg a day for the final two weeks as well. Or you could take a multi B vitamin. You don't want to overdo the B-6 too much though--not good for you in doses over 100mg/day.

Also important to make sure that you are sleeping well and getting to bed at a good time. You could try Vallerian root for sleep, follow directions on the label. You'd take it an hour before bedtime. Doesn't do much for me, but a psychiatrist I work with likes it.

I would give it a couple months to see if there is any improvement. Try to eat healthy, maybe don't keep oreos, etc around if you don't think you'll be able to stop at just one. I hope this is helpful to you. I'm sure other people here have some ideas as well.
afishwithabike's Avatar afishwithabike 02:57 PM 02-02-2006
I would try womens liberty tea in conjunction with PMS tea by traditonal medicinals. I would also look into progesterone cream. It can help balance you out. Also check out this website it has a lot of good information