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orla's Avatar orla 04:11 PM 05-06-2006
Ok, I will probably go to the doc to have this checked out soon but I was wondering if anyone has any idea what this is????
About halfway between the back of my ear and the middle of my neck, there is a bump about the size and firmness of a grape. If I press on it, it goes away and pops back out about 3 seconds later!?!?
What the heck could this be? I just found it about 2 weeks ago and there is no pain at all but it is freakin' me out!!!

Llyra's Avatar Llyra 04:23 PM 05-06-2006
Could it be a swollen lymph node? Does it kinda "squirt" away when you push on it? The size of a grape sound big for one of those, but it might be. Those will swell when your body is fighting off an infection, and even if you haven't been sick you may have been exposed to something and your body fought it off. Anyway, they do tend to stay enlarged for awhile afterwards, so it's not unusual to have one swell for a few weeks at a time. DD had one in her neck for AGES, and the pediatrician kept checking it and saying that as long as it moved when you pushed on it, it was fine.
Peace~*'s Avatar Peace~* 01:20 PM 05-07-2006

i had two that come back. One was larger than others. My DH says they're my horns
... Had an out-patient procedure done. They cut it open and it was semi-hard. Seemed to be a clogged folicle, long wrapped hair inside .

Get it looked at. Could be many things.


pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 02:42 PM 05-07-2006
Sounds like it might be a sebaceous cyst. Basically a clogged oil gland. I had one for years that was super tiny and then started to grow. A doc was able to cut it out pretty easily - though I did have to go to a dermatologist because my GP wouldn't do it.