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quelindo's Avatar quelindo 07:58 PM 07-03-2006
My 11-month old son developed these bumps a few months ago. It was before I added dairy back into my diet and I've been off soy for a long time, so I don't think it's either of those things causing it.

Anyone know what this is and what I can do about it? The bumps don't seem to bother him and they don't develop into anything other than what you see in the photos -- clear, pimply bumps.





infraread's Avatar infraread 09:24 PM 07-03-2006
I'm not an expert on anything so take this as opinion only please. Ds, who is allergic to darn near everything, would get those down his back and along his arms whenever I ate nuts or oats while I was bfing. Later, he'd get them when he ate anything that had trace amounts of either nuts or oats, but they were reddish instead of "invisible" like they were when he was nursing. So I don't really have any advice, just a maybe- idea.

hope someone comes along with a better answer, I just didn't want to read and ignore.
ankh's Avatar ankh 10:00 PM 07-03-2006
I'm fairly sure that's wheat, my kids get it, so do I when I eat too much of it.

Cute kid
starry_mama 10:12 PM 07-03-2006
My son and I both have that - I've heard that its a sign of wheat allergy. We're still struggling to get all trace dairy out of his diet, we haven't even begun to rid ourselves of wheat yet......Has anyone else heard this??

ETA: I just realized thats eactly what Lisa72 just said! Any advice on an easy way to slowly get rid of wheat, and what to eat instead? We love bread in this house!
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 12:33 AM 07-04-2006
ACK!! That is a sign of a wheat allergy??? Great.

Now what is there wheat in?? Bread and....
starry_mama 03:12 AM 07-04-2006
Wheat is in everything I love - same with my son, which I guess is a sign of allergy - craving a particular food. My son loves toast and almond butter on bread, pretzels, cereal, waffles, pancakes, notice a pattern here LOL. He loves fruit too and some veggies, but mostly bread type foods. I'm so scared to eliminate wheat - I don't know what we'll eat instead, any advice is welcome and much apreciated.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 10:41 AM 07-04-2006
My oldest breaks out in a rash like that everytime he eats citrus (on top of getting physically ill also).
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 12:34 PM 07-04-2006
I thought it was dairy related. Could it still be dairy and not wheat?
pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 12:46 PM 07-04-2006
It might be a condition called keratosis pilaris. When I'm getting bumps in a new area of skin they look like those. There is some debate about the cause of keratosis pilaris but the majority say that it is simply a genetic condition. Others argue that it is a sign of a nutritional deficiency.

Anyway, just something to add to the list of possibilities.
quelindo's Avatar quelindo 02:15 PM 07-04-2006
Originally Posted by lisa72
I'm fairly sure that's wheat, my kids get it, so do I when I eat too much of it.
Oh, I really hope not!

Originally Posted by lisa72
Cute kid
Thanks! We think so. :
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 05:35 PM 07-04-2006
Try taking some Lecithin and Flax Seed Oil and it will get to him through your milk. It should help to clear those up within a few days (will also make your skin feel great!). The combo of oils helps to unclog pores while you figure out the cause of it in the first place.
supercrunch's Avatar supercrunch 06:23 PM 07-04-2006
it looks like keratosis pilaris to me. My dd has it on her arms, legs and cheeks. She has a pretty bad case. My ds however only has a mild case on his upper arms and it looks a lot like your ds's pics.

If you google Keratosis Pilaris you will find some pretty nasty pics...but it doesn't always look like that. My dd looks like the nasty pics while my ds looks nearly just like your ds's pics.

Our ped said not to worry about it and just to keep it moisturized. She has it herself and said that once my dd is old enough to be self conscious about it she will show her the whole loofah/alpha hydroxy routine she uses to keep it in check.
kyangel80's Avatar kyangel80 11:49 AM 07-05-2006
Just chiming in with the same type of response. This is IMO a definitive sign of food sensitivity. Rather it's wheat or dairy or citrus I have no clue. I frequently see this type of rash in infants( btw I am not a doctor just someone who has cared for alot of them) who are trying out new foods. I would seriously doubt that it's any type of allergy to fabric, but would also consider soaps if you use them on the babes face, which I'm guessing you do not. Has your little one tried any new foods lately? I know you are bfing but does your little one eat any solids? I notice my little guy, 11 months also, has this going on right now and I'm not sure if its the wheat from some toast he had, dairy from the milk he got when he grabbed dd's cup and took a few slugs, or cantelope, which he has developed a craze for.
Pookietooth's Avatar Pookietooth 12:49 PM 07-06-2006
We don't do wheat, but ds still has a similar rash, so it could be something else. Dairy, eggs, etc.?
Missy's Avatar Missy 04:52 PM 07-06-2006
Any allergen can cause any reaction. There's no reaction specific to an allergen. Dairy, soy, and wheat are very common allergies, and so anytime you post a description of a reaction, someone's experience will indicate one or more of those. So, it could be wheat. Could be eggs. Could be both. Could be eggs, wheat and dairy. Nuts. Oats. : Corn (that's a fun one). Legumes.

It looks very much like my son's initial response to some of his allergens: corn, chick peas, soy, wheat. Depending on the severity of the allergy, it will eventually turn into some pretty nasty eczema (corn). It'll remain mild with others (like chick peas). We've been advised that reaction frequently indicates a non-IgE-mediated allergy and, while *probably* won't lead to anaphylaxis like some of his other allergies, can impact his gut pretty severely.

I would do a more sweeping elimination diet, including dairy and wheat and probably a few other foods.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 09:07 PM 07-06-2006
My son has it and ALWAYS had it. He is 3 years old now and he has it only on his arms. It looks like pimples - like you can pop it out. Sometimes it gets worse sometimes it's almost gone.....I never paied any attention to what type of food could be making it worse. I probably will now.
sprout 1's Avatar sprout 1 09:21 PM 07-06-2006
DS has always had this too, although it is redder, like Yin Yang's sounds.
I asked our family doc (who is actually a nurse practitioner) several times if it could be an allergy and she always says "no, it's just dry skin" I don't buy that for a second. We tried an elimination diet a year ago but didn't get anywhere.
Would going to a naturopathic doc help? Or what about allergy testing?
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 11:10 PM 07-06-2006
I will take DS to a classical homeopath in next few months. I am pretty sure it will take care of it.
LovinLiviLou's Avatar LovinLiviLou 04:52 PM 07-08-2006
My dd has this, as does my husband and his mom. I've just started giving her efas - nordic naturals for kids and also using flaxseed meal and oil, and the bumps have almost entirely gone away in about 2 months. I notice they get worse again if I slack off the efas.
mamabella's Avatar mamabella 02:06 AM 07-10-2006
I know this post is a few days old here...but my ds has bumps like these and I thought I would chime in on our experience...

Our cruddy, mainstream, HMO-type pediatrician(s) - we are changing insurance next month - told us that these were Molluscum warts because an allergic reaction would show up as reddened skin in between the bumps and my ds's skin was not red...my ds's bumps start out as skin-colored bumps, turn into clear pimply looking bumps, and then eventually scab over and fade away. He has terrible allergies though (environmental) so maybe my docs were wrong and it is a food allergy...

BTW, supposedly molluscum will go away on its own - its a virus- but there are treatments (albeit expensive) if the bumps are persistent and appear on the face - I think my doc said he would prescribe Aldera - I turned it down in favor of waiting till our insurance changes and talking to a more holistic ped.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 11:23 PM 10-29-2006
I know this is an older thread but I just took my DS to a naturopath and told him about the bumps - my DS has them too and he said it's very easilly fixed. It suppost to be lack of good fat. he says cod liver oil or fish oil will take care of it.