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MangoMamma's Avatar MangoMamma 06:21 AM 09-06-2006
We've tried sleeping with margerine in our hair. We've tried washing our hair with tea tree oil. We've tried the lice comb. I thought we got rid of it but my SIL checked my dd five year old and there were spots where it was all red and sore. I never found them myself . I felt horrible when I saw it. I'm not sure what I should do. How do we get rid of this? Can we socialize with other people while we have it?

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 11:25 AM 09-06-2006
Wait- your SIL found bugs, found nits, or just found areas that were red and sore?

The bugs and nits can all be gone and that won't make the sore spots on the head magically go away. In the best case scenario, it can take several days for the scalp to heal. First the lice bite, then the child scratches, and if the child keeps scratching the red spots may take a long time to heal, even after all the lice are gone. You might want to have a dr take a look at her- it's possible that she has a yeast or bacterial infection from all the scratching, or another skin condition altogether.
MangoMamma's Avatar MangoMamma 11:37 PM 09-06-2006
She found one louse and many eggs.
boobybunny's Avatar boobybunny 11:53 PM 09-06-2006
Everything that Dewlady said and one more item.

HEAT! blow dry all the hair in the house till it is BONE dry. Much more dry thatn you would normally dry it.

We used to live on the Oregon coast. Lice haven, not cold, just wet, with a cultural attitude of " a child with lice is like a dog with fleas, everyone get them, so why make a big deal of it." The schools do not even send kids home when they have it. If they did, there would be huge attendance problems.

I am absolutely OBSESSIVE about head lice. We now live in the Valley and it is better here. But the children still go to the coast to visit their father. (and come back with lice EVERY time.)
DayDreamer 12:38 AM 09-07-2006
About a year ago I swore my family had the worste case of lice imaginable. I thought I got rid of them only to find my daughters head full a few days later. We probably had them a good month and a half to two months.

I bought this spray for all our "stuff". I only sprayed it on things I couldn't wash (I know it wasn't "natural" but it worked and nothing else did). I washed everything I could wash every day.

For our actual heads I used chemicles first. I always use/used tea trea oil shampoo. I still couldn't get rid of them. Finally I read to use MAYO. I SATURATED our heads with MAYO. Then I wrapped our heads with towels (I was too scared to use anything I thought my DC could suffocate on.) I did this probably two or three nights. I washed our hair in the morning (and contrary to what I read, it actually came out easily) and picked out the dead bugs. I never could see "nits" but then again I didn't know what to look for. Through the day I put tea tree oil on cotton swabs and ran that through our heads. (It helped soothe our scalps from the itching too). I swear to you the lice were gone in a few days tops. I swear by the MAYO.
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