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i passed pne on to my little guys too. definitely try going gluten and/or dairy free. you have to stop this monster at its source.
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Thanks ladies! It's weird because she never had a rash for her her first year and a half & I was so happy because everyone one I know battled with it at one time or another. Anyway, it looks better today, but I'm still going to the derm so they can culture it, who knows, mayber it's not even yeast. I'll let you know how it goes. And, again, I'm so so sorry for taking over this thread.

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Here is what we do - no diaper at night, towel with waterproof pad underneath, probiotics internally for Mom, reduce sugar, no corn (our DD 1 had corn allergies), grapefruit seed extract diluted in a bit of water at each diaper change, weldea baby care cream (in the orange tube with calendula?), no DISPOSABLE WIPIES! They harbour fungus - wet all the time, chemicals to make them wet etc. they can cause a yeast rash in and of themselves , eat more garlic . HTH someone!
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Genetian violet and colloidal silver are the stand bys here for intense chronic yeast. With the genetian violet: you can get it OTC, however, if you or your child has sensitive skin, you can get it compounded to have less or no alcohol.
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Roblauerin, I used Weleda on my son when we lived in England and he had horrible, horrible, redness and welting. I thought that was supposed to make it better. : I tried stuff with red clover too and tea tree oil and calendula both made it worse. Ugh. The only thing that worked for us was my husband bought lotrimin over the counter and we used that daily for about two weeks. Then my ped gave us a presciption for some cholesterol blocking medicine that is a solid and comes in a little pot (sounds silly I know but it worked for her own DD). We got it at the compounding pharmacy and used it several times a day for about 2 months. I wish I could remember the name. She also told us to stop the lentils (DS ate them regularly and apparently, my Ped's daughter had rashes with them). We have never had to deal with another rash since ....and DS had so many terrible, bleeding, flaming red ones as a baby and toddler.
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I second the Renew lotion from Melaleuca and the tea tree oil. However, I was once told by someone that home remedies work well when the persons system is in pretty good balance to begin with. That when things get really wacky they need some big guns to knock it down to where the home remedies can work better. With this in mind, is there anything wrong with getting some OTC vaginal yeast cream at the pharmacy? Like the seven day dose with the extra soothing ointment in it for immediate relief? Isn't it all just an antifungal?? Then later you can work on trying to figure out what happened re diet and such that caused it in the first place?
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One of my friends has had a yeast infection that has pretty much been steady for a couple of years! They tested her for diabetes (negative) and she made changes to her diet. She was on diflucan and that stopped working. Finally she went to a naturopath who looked all of her, not just her symptoms. It turns out she's very anemic and is too weak to fight the yeast. She started on iron supplements right away and cut out all sugar and other yeast-foods that the doctor told her to avoid. Within a week or two the yeast was gone.

I just wanted to put this out there because it could be that he's anemic or his system is weak from a past illness or something.

My dd had what I thought was yeast. It turned out to be allergies and some patches of eczema. It totally looked like yeast to me. So maybe think about what he's being exposed to that might be causing some allergic reaction or skin irritation in that area.

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There is ThreeLac, which is a probiotic designed specifically to eat the yeast/candida overgrowth. I just started taking it (and even though my guy is 5 months, I give him just a little to get the rest of his thrush). We also do kefir and yogurt (me, not him), and I give him baby probiotic powder too. But, I think it is really working. There are a few other moms on here that are using ThreeLac; a search of the forum should bring up the thread. It seems a wonder probiotic - but from what I understand, it doesn't populate the digestive tract, but just attacks the candida itself, so you would want to also populate the tract with a supplemental probiotic.

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just a quick reply to you. haven't read the other posts. but maybe this is something that could really help you - it has REALLY helped my dd!

we're doing acupuncture and herbs with a traditional chinese doctor. in conjunction, we are avoiding dairy as that seems to be a trigger. my dd has eczema but i believe the root cause is an overgrowth of yeast that she's had since the beginning. i've had it most of my life too.

it's only been a month and a half and i can see concrete progress. she no longer has allergy eyes. the itching is less often. and when we do "cheat", the reaction is less and less severe, and it takes longer to show up. all of this helps me feel immensely better, that we are on the right track.

i think it can be difficult to find a traditional chinese practisioner that will treat children. but it can be done! ours is very expensive as well, but when you've tried elimination diets, gluten-free/casein-free, every lotion out there, probiotics, etc..., all to little avail, the $$$ doesn't seem so bad.

good luck to you. i know the hell you're in and i hope you find a solution soon.

ps. acupuncture does not hurt at all. for children, they don't even leave the needles in - just a quick in and out to stimulate healing. the stuff WORKS. immediately after leaving the office, her eczema is about 50% reduced. and, she loves it. she asks to go back and have her "leg scratched". it's very relaxing. the herbs are bitter but they are already made up into a tincture for you- you just add some drops to juice. my dd has no problem with them.
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Originally Posted by roblauerin View Post
hmm, I'll have to try the paste thing. DD's rash was doing really well until I put Wedela Diaper Cream on it yesterday. Now her butt & vagina look sunburned & she was up all night crying & scratching She scratched so much 'up there' she started to bleed a little She also now has little yeasties around her tummy. She's not a good eater & even worse at drinking anything, so I know that's not helping. I have to chase her around with a syringe to get fluids into her. Am at a total loss, I have tried everything.
Anything like diaper cream is meant as a moisture barrier - which will disallow air in - best to leave it open air at all times.

I used to have chronic yeast infections - yoghurt is very very soothing - (plain of course - and something organic - I like Nancy's).
But the best thing for me was a suppliment called 'Yeast Fighters'. It worked immidiately (within a few hours) but you take high doses for a few days. I'm not sure what the exchange would be for little ones - but this coupled with drinking Acidophilous (sp?) has totally cured me. Both found at the health food store. The acidophilous is liquid and should be found refrigerated.

Good luck!

P.S. You can put the Acidophilous on topically as well.
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i didn't read all of the posts but my ds had one for several months...

what worked for us is goldenseal powder (our midwife is an herbalist)... it's nice because it is a powder therefore keeps the area dry and it works wonders on the yeast.

also, i love neem oil for yeast...i had a HORRIBLE yeast rash on my chest (don't know how i got it) but anyway, i finally found relief (it cleared up in two days after having it for 5 weeks) with neem oil.

good luck.

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ack - i haven't updated this thread in forever. we went to a dermatologist just before we left for egypt (nov 10th). it turns out it wasn't FREEKING YEAST! i am sooo pissed at the three people in my ped's office who said it was and at myself for not going to a dermatologist sooner. my little guy is all well and fine now. i am happy but still : and floored over the whole thing.
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what was it asrai?

glad he and you are feeling better
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they said it was irritation from his diaper - but i kinda don't believe that since my son walks around half neked most of the time. that was really funny too!

me: "but he doesn't really wear a diaper at home."

doctor chuckling: "yeah - right. like he goes to the bathroom on the floor."

me: "um yeah!"

who knows what it was. i am going for the obligatory 5 weeks followup tomorrow. just because it was a horrible experience for our family and i feel the need to be hyper villagent.
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