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loraxc's Avatar loraxc 02:23 PM 11-11-2006
Background: DD, almost 3, has been sick constantly since starting daycare. This bug came on the heels of a bad cold, which she still has a bit of ( cough and runny nose, but not bad).

She woke up with a high fever last Monday and has been in the range of 102 or 103 constantly (when not medicated) since then. She has been seen by her ped, who diagnosed her with a raging double ear infection and put her on Augmentin, which we did reluctantly. The Augmentin started on Wed and she seemed better for one day (no fever for about 18 hours) and then relapsed again.

If we give her Motrin, the fever goes down and she is able to play quietly and seems okay, if not great. Without the Motrin, she verges on delirious at times and is somewhat unresponsive (just lies around or sleeps, doesn't want to talk). For the first couple of days, we didn't give her any meds, figuring the fever would fight the buggies, but then she did start seeming really miserable and she was scaring us by raving a little bit and crying pathetically.

She really is not eating, but is drinking well. We saw some lacy red rash on her chest on Tues but it hasn't been back.

What could be going on here? We are getting worried. FTR (and PLEASE, no flames!) she is fully vaxed, except for flu, but she goes to a daycare with some unvaxed kids. I am aware that vaxes do not always confer full immunity. Could she have something she's been vaxed for?

MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 02:38 PM 11-11-2006
If it were me I would take her back in and see if her ears look better. Maybe it is something viral if that is the case abx wont help any. I hope she feels better soon.

Just wanted to add that she is just as likely to catch something from the vaxed kids as she is the unvaxed.
lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 04:23 PM 11-11-2006
I would try not to worry. Both of my kids had a really high fever about 2 years ago when they were 4 and 6. It lasted about 5 days and they had no real symptoms other than tired and a headache/stiff neck. And their fever would go up and down, they would be up playing and I would think they were getting better but then the fever would come back. So that could explain why her fever went down temporarily.

The rash was probably from the antibiotics.

And I really doubt that she has a disease that she was vaccinated for. If a kid at daycare had a disease like measles someone at the daycare would have let you know. Did you ask any of the other daycare parents if their kids were sick? My daughter was in 1st grade when she had this and I think remember at least 3 of her friends had it around the same time so whatever it was, it must be pretty contagious.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 04:45 PM 11-11-2006
IMO 102-103 isnt high.

Have you read Dr Mendlesohn? Not sure of the spelling of his last name :
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 05:30 PM 11-11-2006
Originally Posted by loraxc View Post
Could she have something she's been vaxed for?
When was her last vaccine?
loraxc's Avatar loraxc 05:53 PM 11-11-2006
Her last vaccine was quite a while ago. I think it was at her two-year WCV, and was for MMR.

The rash was probably from the antibiotics.
No, the rash appeared before she started the antibiotics.

We did ask the staff if anything was going around at daycare, and they didn't know of anything beyond colds. No one else is experiencing this with the persistent fever and lethargy. The ped's opinion was that it is from the eare infections, but I have never heard of ear infections causing fever for this long and this persistently.

I guess you could argue that 102/103 is not "high," but it's different from a mild 100 fever that comes and goes, IMO, especially because she is lethargic and sometimes clearly mentally affected by the fever. I don't generally treat a fever unless the child is miserable, but she is miserable untreated.
mavery's Avatar mavery 03:46 AM 11-12-2006
I second going back for a follow-up check on her ears. It may be that it's not the right antibiotic for the bacteria (or that it's viral, though I don't think ear infections are very often viruses???)

I agree the fever is not seriously high, but I do think fevers are wearing on the body and after 6 days I too would be looking for answers.
**guest**'s Avatar **guest** 11:03 AM 11-12-2006
My friends daughter was going through the same thing. Turns out, she developed pneumonia.

My son got the high fever (along with stomach pain, vomitting and now cough). He was first diagnosed with strep (they did the quick test). Now, he has an upper respiratory virus.

Sometimes, there are more than one viruses or infections going on.

I'd definitely call the doc and go back in for an ear, throat and lung check.

Healing energy to your little one.
loraxc's Avatar loraxc 04:11 PM 11-13-2006
An update on this:

DD is still running periodic fevers, and still seeming ill in a way I can't really pin down. Has barely eaten in a week. The ped said she has some "papules" on her throat.

The ped said the ears looked better, and suggested that the persistent fever is being caused by a virus DD has in addition to the ear infection.

I am getting pretty concerned by 7+ days of fever with no really obvious cause and no clear improvement. Should I not be?
Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 04:58 PM 11-13-2006
id request a chest xray. ds1 had same said symptoms for 8 days. i went to dr. 3xs in a week. finally i went to the er, thought they would be more thorough. they were. they took a chest xray(t here was no coughing or wheezing might i add) ds had pneumonia and was in hospital for one week. It was a very rare form of pneumonia.
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 01:24 AM 11-14-2006
I'd be concerned, her body seems to be taking a long time to fight it off. I've read the immune system needs lots of vitamins C and A when it's really active, and I don't see how they would hurt, though I would probably also be going back to the doc. I guess I'd do both (extra vitamins and doc, I mean). Vitamin C--the dosage I was recommended was 250mg/kg body weight when sick, which works out to 1.1g/10 lbs body weight per day, spread out into lots of little doses, like every hour, and vitamin A--no idea on dosage, I just swallow some cod liver oil, but probably not enough. For the vitamin C, I use sodium ascorbate, at the high dosages, it's less irritating (less acidic than ascorbic acid).

My prayers to your family, the stress and illness are tough.

ETA: Sleep deprivation is bad, I can't retain anything I read. Don't do high doses of vitamin C and antibiotics at the same time--I spaced, read it all but only retained the high temp/illness part. I don't understand the why/how but I've read that the vitamin C will interact poorly with the antibiotics. Sorry for that, obviously I should stop reading here and go to bed. But again, I'll pray for ya'll.
lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 04:17 PM 11-15-2006
How is she doing now? Hope she's feeling better!