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apmommy's Avatar apmommy 12:54 AM 02-10-2002
I have a chance to expose my 2yo to chicken pox but I have a 6 week old also. Should I? Let me know your thoughts!


Carmen's Avatar Carmen 03:17 PM 08-26-2002
What did you end up doing? If you were still nursing your six week old, I have heard that exposure isn't a problem.
Xenogenesis's Avatar Xenogenesis 03:25 PM 08-26-2002
Last summer when my kids were eleven, three and about nine or ten weeks old, they all came down with chicken-pox. The oldest one was the most uncomfortable. The three yo was so-so. And the baby's run of the lesions seem to have run the longest, yet he wasn't scratching. The pox looked sssooo big on him. But he came thru with flying colours (and just a scar or two). He was breastfed and I also smeared his boo-boo's with breastmilk.

Boy, am I glad that's over with. lol.

<edited to say: "ooops, he was more like twelve weeks old">