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Ds has a cough that has progressively gotten worse over the last week and is most prevalent at night. He has coughing "fits" and two nights ago he started turning blue. We brought him to the ER and he seemed fine once we got there. They tested him for Pertussis and the results today came back "inconclusive". : (Really not sure what that means as I haven't talked to the doctor yet) He had some bronchiolitis but he is not wheezing.

The doctor mentioned asthma as a possibility and prescribed albuterol and prednisone for 3 days. I am not comfortable giving him the predinose. I have given him a few albuterol treatments when his coughing gets really bad but honestly I'm not sure they're helping.

I have asthma so it's not completely impossible that he may have it as well, or at least illness-induced asthma.

I've searched around some on this forum but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Which is, what alternative or homeopathic routes can I take to treat possible asthma?

Nicole, mom of 3. Mitochondrial Disease.: Epilepsy
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Nicole, mom of 3. Mitochondrial Disease.: Epilepsy
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I have asthma too and I don't know of any homeopathic remedies that work for sure. I know certain types of tea are high in theopholyn (SP?) and that does help asthma. A steamy hot shower, or blocing his head over a steamy bowl of water with a towel draped over to keep the steam in would help break up the congestion. I understand your leariness to use the prednisone. I have taken that drug MANY times... my ped prescribed it like it was candy when I was little... eventually my mom took me to an asthma doc and we got the right drugs to control it. Good luck.
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My son, now 3, has had asthma since he was 9 months old. He has had pneumonia 2x. Originally I was given pulimicort to administer two times a day and albuteral whenever he had an attack, especially during colds.

Last year I heard about Ivy Leaf syrup from Prevention magazine. If given during a cold it increases lung strength and cuts down on incidences of bronchitis and pnuemonia in asthmatics. It can be given up to 6x a day during a cold and I have found that it works great!!!! His asthma is less severe during colds, no pnuemonia and less breathing treatments. In fact, he very rarely needs breathing treatments if I start the Ivy Leaf immediately and consistently during his colds and he has less colds now too.
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My son has asthma that is only (so far) induced when he is already sick.
One thought I had reading your post about him being fine when you got to the ER as well as it being worse at night was croup. Cold or moist air relieves croup.
If this is the 5 month old croup would be common in that age group....wait, did you post a recording of his cough a bit back? I went back and looked. I posted yesterday that the cough sounded asthmatic to me. If I am not off on which child this is I think it is asthma personally.

Ok, I found this thread when searching for my son for the exact same reasons (with an allbuterol, nebulizer, and singulair prescription in my hand).

I posted in your other thread but I am taking this personally from the angle of preventing the asthma in the first place by preventing colds and reducing allergens (I'm using a xylitol nasal spray with him to reduce colds as well as help with any environmental allergies; for immune support I'm doing sodium ascorbate and cod liver oil and diet (which is irrelavent at your sons age) among other things but really am not sure if this is the baby in terms of what you can give him. Anyway, I'm reducing allergens and preventing illness on the natural side. I am also researching the role of magnesium and asthma but, again, not helpful at his age.
I am anti-traditional medicine in most cases. However, based on reading that thread above I did get a nebulizer for allbuterol for my son. The facts are that asthma can be deadly and is always awful to experience (and your son was blue-poor momma--how terrifying) so having the nebulizer is reassuring. I've only used it once though. I think that is because I did start singulair after reading that thread (and waiting to start and having attacks during one I had to use the nebulizer). The singulair I will only use it when he is prone to attacks because of a virus in hopes of reducing nebulizer use. The dr. said he is prone to attacks for 6 weeks after a bronchial virus. I don't know that I will use it 6 weeks but he has been on it for over a week with no nebulizer and no attacks at night--this was after almost 3 weeks of coughing asthma attacks throughout the night.
I know this was not what you wanted as far as natural treatments--please take a look at that thread. I wanted a natural alternative too....and we aren't doing steroids so I'm not sure you need that. I do know singulair is 6 months and your son is 5...but it has helped us.

Rachelle, mommy to 8 year old boys! 

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Here's a quote from Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, pg. 140:
(Weston A. Price Foundation, check out the website, too,

" The Lungs secrete a fluid called a surfactant that enables them to function properly. This fluid is made of two fatty acids, both of which are saturated. In fact, the lungs cannot function without saturated fats!
A study published in the journal Thorax in 2003 indicates that children brought up on butter and whole milk have much less asthma than those fed vegetable oils and reduced-fat milks. What's more, European researchers have found evidence that trans fatty acids in the diet actually promote asthma.
Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that EPA and DHA, the very long-chain omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil, help relieve asthma. Once again, these fatty acids are used more efficiently when you eat ample saturated fats."

They recommend plenty of saturated fats like coconut oil, butter, whole RAW milk, eliminate trans fats and vegetable oils and include omega 3 fatty acids from cod liver oil. Oh, and eliminate sugar and white flour.

Also, taking amylese enzymes such as Allerase by Enzymedica might help, too.

Hope it helps somewhat, although I don't have asthma, but the research is pretty convincing and I do follow the WAPF guidlelines for nutrition and it has helped our health.
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We are treating our 4yo DD asthma VERY successfully with homeopathy. My biggest piece of advice beyond that is to go to a homeopath. I don't recommend self-treatment with something this serious. Our homeopath has changed her remedy several times over the last year as her needs have changed. She has been on sulphur, silicea and ferrum phos. I can honestly say that I feel like we have control now and that I can see her getting stronger. I was afraid of steroids and Singulair and all those meds and I think you smart to consider your alternatives.
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Originally Posted by Fiasmom View Post
We are treating our 4yo DD asthma VERY successfully with homeopathy.
Fiasmom, can you PM me or post the name of who you see? I am in Illinois, too, and my middle child has coughing issues . . .Singulair cleared it up but we do not want her to have to take it forever.

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