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Tilia's Avatar Tilia 02:20 AM 02-05-2007
For the last 2 weeks I have been having about 1 dizzy spell/vertigo per day when I was overly hungry (that didn't happen to me before).

This past friday I noticed that my right eye seemed fuzzy or blurry. I figured it was just because I was tired, or there was something in my eye. On Saturday, both eyes were blurry, and I was dizzy several times. Today is Sunday, same thing. I can't even read the clock or words on the TV. Its even blurry to look at the floor with my glasses on.

The only things that have changed within the last few weeks...

-started taking vitamins B-2 and B-6, 100 mg per day of each, for red blood cell growth
-got new glasses for nearsightedness, prescription went up one in the last three years. It is something like 20-40, not very strong. They haven't bothered me until now and I thought I was used to the new prescription.
-very fatigued due to DD teething her molars. She's up from 4-6am usually.
-AF is here and I am anemic. I have been eating a lot more green veggies and have improved my diet over the last few months. I eat a ton of red meat.
-been hypoglycemic for about 10 years, but haven't had a sugar shock spell in about 1 month, don't eat sugar much
-not pg
-don't drink or do drugs, no pills either

Sorry so long. My question is, do I have to go to the doctor? What the heck is wrong with me? I have been meaning to go anyway, I wanted to see if I had a thyroid problem. I have been gaining A LOT of weight ever since I stopped nursing about 3 months ago, and I eat decently (and run after a toddler!!!) Also have thinning hair and excessive thirst, exhaustion, maybe depression too.

simple living mama's Avatar simple living mama 02:27 AM 02-05-2007
to you mama. I would just pay close attention to your body and if it happens again, I would say yes, go in for a check up.
mavery's Avatar mavery 03:01 AM 02-05-2007
Dizziness and blurred vision sound like blood sugar issues to me, especially since the dizziness happened when you were hungry. Is it possible that the new supplements have affected your blood sugar levels? Or that your body is somehow adjusting to changes in diet?
Bestbirths's Avatar Bestbirths 03:06 AM 02-05-2007
Blurred vision? I would see an ophthomologist and get my eyes examined with a slit lamp and dialation to rule out any serious eye disease.

Leersia's Avatar Leersia 03:13 AM 02-05-2007
Hey there mama,
I'm no doc, and i hesitate to suggest something so alarming, but some of your symptoms sound like type II diabetes.
[From WebMD]
If you do have symptoms of type 2 diabetes, they may include:

Feeling thirsty.
Having to urinate more than usual.
Feeling more hungry than usual.
Losing weight without trying to.
Feeling very tired.
Feeling cranky.
Other signs of type 2 diabetes may include:

Lots of infections and cuts and bruises that heal slowly.
Blurred vision.
Tingling or numbness in your hands or feet.
Lots of skin, gum, or bladder infections.
Vaginal yeast infections.

Then again, some of your symptoms do sound more like thyroid (weight gain, etc.). In any case, sounds like you need to get to a doctor ASAP. s
and I hope you are feeling better soon!
Tilia's Avatar Tilia 07:19 PM 02-05-2007
Thanks for all your replies! I went to the doctor this morning and he seemed to think it was possibly diabetes and/or thyroid. He did a bunch of blood work and is supposed to call with the results. He said if everything turns up normal then he will have me sent for a brain MRI (could be brain swelling). Scary. Also said if nothing else, I may need to revisit the eye doctor. He was mostly worried that my vision went bad so fast! I will keep you updated.
Bestbirths's Avatar Bestbirths 09:06 PM 02-05-2007
Whew! I'm so glad you went in. Those symptoms had me concerned for you.

When they examined you for new glasses did they actually dialate your eyes and look inside? If not, that is the only way to detect glaucoma and other serious eye diseases. I don't know if they can only see diabetic retinopathy with a slit lamp. There is a lot that can be missed if the eye exam didn't include dialation and looking in at the back of the eye.

I hope everything works out ok. Thanks for keeping us posted!
Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 10:16 PM 02-05-2007
I was going to say diabetes after the thinning hair & constant thirst, that's what happened to my Dad.
Tilia's Avatar Tilia 02:24 AM 02-06-2007
Yep, when I had my eye exam, my eyes were dialated and I was checked for the eye diseases. I will definetly find a new eye doctor if its not a health issue! My DH is usually anti-doctor and thinks I am overreacting to stuff. But, this time he actually wants to come home from Germany to be with me when I have to go back to the doctor! He is slightly worried, but I told him its probably easily fixable with diet and meds. Thanks, everyone, for your concern!!
simple living mama's Avatar simple living mama 03:40 AM 02-06-2007
Think positive mama. We're crossing our fingers for you.
Tilia's Avatar Tilia 07:18 PM 02-06-2007
Well...it is diabetes! Shocking considering up to this point I have had hypoglycemia. I had gestational diabetes with DD. I need to focus on working out, lose about 40 pounds, and focus on my diet. I really have to learn! I go to the nutritionist later on this week, and back to the doctor on next Friday. I was actually shocked that I don't have a thyroid problem because I can't stop gaining weight. I guess the diabetes was making me hungry all the time. I usually snack on veggies, nuts or soup. I have to learn how to eat the right thing! Are there threads or groups on here for diabetic mommas?