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naturegirl7's Avatar naturegirl7 03:18 PM 02-07-2007
DS has sickenly sweet but foul breath lately (the last week or so). It makes me nauseous to smell it - my stomach turns whenever we are close - like when he hugs me, gives me a kiss, or even when we are nursing (it is that strong!) - it like super super sweet but still kinda sour milky smelling.

What in the world can be causing it???

More info that may help:
DS is almost 20 months, still BFing, seemingly healthy but for a mild ear infection. About 2 weeks ago he had a sinus infection/ear infection/tonsilitis. It cleared up on its own with homeopathetic stuff. The ear infection cleared up, but now the other side is infected but clearing. And sinus troubles are gone and throat looks clear and healthy pink. His tongue is still coated white though, but it always it like that to some degree.

We have been on a elimination diet for the last 3 1/2 weeks now - got ridof all symptoms but the eczema. But I just realized the rice cheese we've been eating has milk proteins and enzymes so I am hoping that was the problem.

Also I started taking soyfree vitamins plus a few other supplements - EsterC, essential fatty acids, Lglutamine, and probiotics - about 2 weeks ago.

We brush his teeth twice a day with no changes. He drinks mainly water with a sip or two of my juice occasionally.

Could the diet be causing this nasty breath? Could something have changed that dramactically with my milk? Could it be one of the supplements? Or could he still be sick?? I know diabetics can get fruity smelling breath when their sugar is sky high, and diabetes runs high in my family so I getting really nervous about this....

Gitti's Avatar Gitti 04:02 PM 02-07-2007
With your diet and not being vaccinated I would say his chances of diabetes is almost nil. Just because of the fruity breath...? I don't think so. If he were constantly thirsty, I mean excessively, and urinating frequently, I would consider that, but IMO that is something you can rule out.

Here is what I would do, cut out all supplements that you have added in the last few months. Then give it about 1 weeks to if his breath changes. If it does, you can go from there - adding one supplement at a time to find the culprit.

If there is no change within one week, than I would think it is from him. Then you have to see what it causing it in him and for that I would first go to a chiro and get him adjusted for better sinus/ear drainage.
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 05:04 PM 02-07-2007
I know diabetics can get fruity smelling breath when their sugar is sky high, and diabetes runs high in my family so I getting really nervous about this....
This was my first thought. Are there any other clues that could indicate diabetes? I'd be asking the ped or whatever healthcare provider you go to.
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 05:09 PM 02-07-2007

InstinctiveMama's Avatar InstinctiveMama 05:33 PM 02-07-2007
Maybe his system is just getting rid of a lot of junk. Between the recent infection and elimination diet he might just have a lot going on.

Are you taking the probiotics or is your son? My son (3.5 yo) has bad breath every once in a while (most often after eating with his dad who's dietary choices are very poor). I recently started my son on his own probiotic every other day to see if that won't help his gut clear out the junk.
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robugmum's Avatar robugmum 07:02 PM 02-07-2007
Strep can cause that kind of smelly breath. You might want to get a throat swab done.:
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 08:55 PM 02-07-2007
Originally Posted by robugmum View Post
Strep can cause that kind of smelly breath.
Interesting! Strep can leave a fruity smelling breath? I've never smelled it but then we never had strep in our family (that I know of).

If you are suspecting strep, here is the best way to deal with it.

fishface's Avatar fishface 09:06 PM 02-07-2007
It could absolutely be diabetes, especially given your family history. It could also be problems with the tonsils/adenoids that cause the coated tongue and icky breath. (I don't know about the fruity smell)

However I would take your kiddo to the ped ASAP. If he has diabetes you need to get it under control ASAP, which means no waiting around for a week or two to see if diet/supplement changes do anything. If he DOESN'T have diabetes you'll feel at ease knowing this.
wendy1221's Avatar wendy1221 10:28 PM 02-07-2007
I know the smell of strep, I've had it a lot. It IS a sickly sweetish yet foul smell. I wouldn't bother taking him to the doc for strep. Especially since he is under 4. I would consider taking an older child if they didn't get better after 4-5 days on their own.

Btw, strep can cause sinus infections, so he may still be fighting off strep or a similar bacteria that caused his infection in the first place. I would definitely get going on probiotics as well as SA/Emergen-C to help w/ getting rid of bacteria. Another product that can help if you can find it is Sambucol. I think it is for viruses, but it can't hurt to try. I've been using it for over a year now. It's tasty, too, which doesn't hurt. Also, they make an echinacea elderberry tea now that is safe for kids. My kids like it.

If his infections clear up and he still has the bad breath, or even before then if you think you need to, definitely take him to the doc to be tested for diabetes since it runs in your family! I probably would just for peace of mind! But if they prescribe antibiotics, just hold off for a few days to see if you can get him better w/out them. I have done that in the past. THankfully, my current ped doesn't prescribe them unless absolutely necessary. I don't think he's prescribed themn once in the 3 years he's been my ped!
naturegirl7's Avatar naturegirl7 11:20 PM 02-07-2007
His breath is not that diabetic "juicy fruit gum" fruity - more like super sweet but soured that super sweet smell of rice milk or soy milk, but sweeter. He has no other indictations such as mood changes, irritability, shakyness, etc after meals or anything like that. We don't do much sugar to begin with, he drinks water and the sweetest stuff he eats are bananas and grapes. And our family history is for Type2 not type1. So I honestly dont think it could be diabetes, but I also never dreamed he could have an ana. peanut allergy either.

We have an appt later this month to follow up on the elimination diet and the ear infections. Plus he is under chiropractic care already. I will start giving him the probiotics directly and get some of the Vit C for him too. ANd eliminate my supplements and see what happens. Maybe we can get our appt moved up a bit.

I was thinking maybe it was just drainage from his ears/sinus passages - cuz his breath gets NASTY when he has a sinus infection - but this is different. Or that maybe my milk just changed that much from the supplements and diet - I'll have to have DH run a taste test LOL

How can I clear up strep naturally?? without antibiotics?
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 11:46 PM 02-07-2007
If you are suspecting strep, here is the best way to deal with it.

wendy1221's Avatar wendy1221 07:32 PM 02-08-2007
WHen I had strep 2 years ago really bad, my then 1 year old had symptoms, so I called to make an appt w/ his doc. Took him in and doc wouldn't even do a swab. He said even if he had strep, he wouldn't treat it w/ antibiotics, that it would clear up on it's own. My ped is fairly mainstream, so this must be common knowledge among docs.