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Antibiotic drops for ruptured eardrum?

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My 3 1/2 month old has a ruptured eardrum and is in a lot of pain. We finally took her in today to figure out what it was. There's a lot of pus/discharge in the affected ear. Anyway we got a Rx for antibiotic eardrops. I told the doc I really didn't want oral abx so she called the pharmacy to see what drops were ok for infants.

Anyway what are your feelings on using the drops? I think it will help avoid the negative effects of using systemic antibiotics. What can I do for comfort measures? Putting anything else in her ear is out until the eardrum heals. I've read that hot packs on the affected ear can help. Any other ideas?
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yeah I woudl not put ANYTHING in the ear.

once the drum ruptures, it is over. pain is gone. voila! done deal.

You just dont want to let it rupture too many times because that is a. really painful and b. causes hearing loss due to scar tissue on teh drum

my dd had an eardrum burst once.
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Once the eardrum ruptures she won't need anything for pain. They feel instantly better after that happens. My son has had his rupture twice. I would just be careful though and always try to get the ears checked as soon as the baby seems to be in pain. It's not good to let it rupture over and over. I wouldn't give the drops.
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No, don't put anything in an ear after the eardrum bursts. My 5 yo had a ruptured eardrum due to an infection when he was just over a year. He felt much better after the rupture and the eardrum healed just fine. At our next every-18-months-WCV, I asked the doc how his eardrums looked and she said just fine. I told her I just wondered because his eardrum ruptured. She was quite taken aback. I guess docs don't like to see that happen? IMO it's just normal stuff. Sounds like your doc handled it OK.

Honestly, if you decide to use abx, I would use the oral ones. You could try homeopathic magnesium phosphoricum in water for the pain. It may help, but it's a shot in the dark without knowing all the symptoms. It won't hurt.

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Her ear is still super super sensitive, so either it hasn't actually ruptured or it still hurts despite the rupture. She is acting better generally, but her ear still really hurts. The doctor couldn't actually see the eardrum because there was too much pus. She said it was almost certain it was a rupture because of the amount of discharge in the ear canal. Hmmmm...

Why would you use oral abx rather than drops? It seems that using drops would be much wiser (you avoid all the nasty side-effects of taking antibiotics such as yeast infections, possibility of diarrhea, etc). It's also what the doctor usually gives--she just didn't know if there was a drop approved for infants, so that's why she initially was going to give the oral abx. Kind of like using an antibiotic cream for an infected cut, rather than taking oral meds.
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Putting anything into an ear with a ruptured or perforated eardrum can damage the inner ear. It can cause hearing loss, or possibly balance problems. That's the only reason I would go with the oral abx. Personally, I would use homeopathy and no abx, but if I had to choose, in this particular case, I would use oral, even though I know there are icky things that can go along with them.
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