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lastrid's Avatar lastrid 08:43 PM 04-19-2007
I'm almost six months PP and I've had a low grade vaginal irritation since my son was born. I've also had a very strong odor since about my third trimester. I thought it was a yeast infection, but I went to the doctor today and she said it didn't look like yeast. She did send a sample off to be sure though. She said it was probably just hormonal because of the breastfeeding. She gave me an rx for Premarin, but I'm not going to use that for a number of reasons.

Does anyone have any insight, or suggestions for a more natural approach to fixing this? I constantly feel like I'm starting to get a yeast infection and it's getting old...

lastrid's Avatar lastrid 10:25 AM 05-02-2007

Please, any help?
Lulu0910's Avatar Lulu0910 10:16 AM 01-03-2014
I am having the exact issue as op. My gyn is useless any opinion???
Lulu0910's Avatar Lulu0910 12:58 PM 01-05-2014
An update I tried luvena it completely cleared up my problem. Highly recommend using the cream and cleanser.