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peacetoyou77's Avatar peacetoyou77 03:14 PM 06-28-2007
Ds (5 mo) has skin issues. Red, raw cheeks, rough arms and legs, bumps on chest and belly that come and go throughout the day.

The one that bothers him though is his itchy scalp. He often runs the backs of his little hands over his head and eyebrows to scratch. Sometimes he's so obviously uncomfortable. We got rid of the crusty cradle cap months ago. This is different (or the next phase of cradle cap?) His scalp is a little pink, but no sign of flakes.

We bathe a couple times a week, using a little Aquafor or Dr. Bronners, followed by the thick Eucerin cream all over and some jojoba oil on his scalp. The ped. suggested trying an OTC dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders. That's my last resort. Has anybody had experience using dandruff shampoo on an infant? Stuff looks harsh to me...

In the meantime, I've gone dairy free in case breast milk is leading to his skin issues. If that is the problem, it will take as while for us to tell. I would really appreciate any advice if you've had experience with an itchy infant. TIA!!

karin95's Avatar karin95 04:18 PM 06-28-2007
I feel for you - our 5 month old has pretty bad eczema. We've even had to resort to a medicated cream to calm it down for a while.

Has your doctor said what the rash is? It kind of sounds like eczema to me.

There are a lot of ideas out there about baths and creams, but we've done a LOT of research and trying things out, and found that 2 baths per day work really well for our little guy. For his head, you'd have to keep wetting it down (cuz you're not going to dunk him for the whole bath!

You can let some conditioner soak on his head/hair for while, and then rinse. And afterwards, brush his head and get some of the flakes off.

We've used California Baby Calendula Cream and that's pretty soothing.

The thing about eczema is that the scratching just makes it worse. Which sucks, because we're constantly telling Z. "don't rub" and he sure doesn't understand, and gets pissed when we hold his hands away from his face. But if he rubs, it will itch more and cause more eczema and flaking and thickening of the skin.

If your son doesn't have hair, you can apply a good moisturizer directly to his scalp multiple times a day. Aveeno Baby is really good. Eucerin is okay, but you need to apply it to wet skin, so it can lock in the moisture. So you could lay a wet washcloth on his scalp for a minute and then put Eucerin.

If your doctor doesn't have any idea what it really is, and is just randomly suggesting dandruff shampoo, then get a referral to a pediatric dermatologist.
peacetoyou77's Avatar peacetoyou77 05:21 PM 06-28-2007
Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm going to try bathing him more often as you suggested, getting him super-wet. The seldom-bathe route isn't working, obviously.

Yes, the scaly patches are eczema. The scalp issue is...can't remember the real name. When the ped. rec'd the dandruff shampoo it was still a few flakes of cradle cap, 5 weeks ago.

I'm going to take a look at that calendula cream, too. Thanks again!
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 05:48 PM 06-28-2007
try evening primrose oil to rub all over him.
weddell's Avatar weddell 05:48 PM 06-28-2007
My dd started scratching at her head as soon as she had enough motor control. She also has very bad eczema but I never could see any patches on her head. She always had scratches and dried blood on her head. Her doctor gave her a prescription shampoo--although you can buy the same kind in store, it was ketoconazole? I think? It kills a wide variety of fungus which can result from cradle cap. I used it on her, but it didn't really seem to help. I think hers was more eczema related than anything else, but it is worth a try. Other than that, I don't have any specific recommendations because I never found anything that cured it. She grew out of that "phase" of her skin problems and into different ones. We ended up having to keep socks on her hands at night to keep her from hurting herself.
peacetoyou77's Avatar peacetoyou77 07:30 PM 06-28-2007
Poor itchy babies.

We've been cutting ds's nails every day to avoid scratches on his head and brow. it's strange how he flares up one hour and looks fine the next.

I really hope quitting dairy does the trick, but in the meantime I'm going to put these suggestions to work and have EPO and the "k"word shampoo on hand too.

Thanks, Y'all!
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 10:26 PM 06-28-2007
This is internal... a sign of a root problem.

Start with bifidobacterium to heal gut and immune system. It often is food allergies in infants and young children.
Titus2fam's Avatar Titus2fam 05:51 AM 06-29-2007
We had to stop using soap all together and just use plain water. While nursing I did an elimination diet to figure out the culprits too. So sorry for this trial! (((((HUGS))))) to y'all! ~sandi
Music-mommy's Avatar Music-mommy 06:32 AM 06-29-2007
By going dairy free you mean you are not eating dairy but still Bf???

It sounds like a complete overgrowth of yeast. And it's probably coming from you. Babies get their intestinal flora or lack of it and yeast overgrowth from us, mothers... So you should treat yourself for candida, cut out sugar, refined sugars etc... take something to kill the yeast (Garden of Life makes an excellent one), and a high potency acidophilus like Bio-K. See if that makes it better for him.

Oil on a yeast infection will only make things worse, so though cradle cap looks like dry flaky skin, it is actually a fungus. You would be better to put tea tree oil on it or grapefruit seed extract.

I have the same issue on my scalp. The only way to get rid of it is to do a complete yeast cleanse. You can check out this website too they have a program called Yeastbusters and it's excellent. I did it and got rid of my itchy scalp, pimples etc...