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Homemade lice prevention spray/oil recipe??

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Hello. I'm new here and looking for a safe way to protect my DD from lice. My DD goes to preschool and another child was sent home today with lice. Neither the teacher or I saw anything in DD's hair, though. Everything I've seen online suggests tea tree oil and rosemary oil. But I'm not really sure how much to use, if I need to mix the oils with anything else or how often to use it in her hair so that it is effective. I feel totally ignorant on this subject, but I am determined to do everything I can to avoid an infestation.

Thanks to anyone with suggestions.
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Anybody? Please.

I have a baby due in 3 weeks and I'm planning a home birth. I just don't think I could handle lice right now. Of course, hormones may have a little something to do with my freak out.

I've been washing her hair with tea tree oil shampoo every other night. Do you think thats enough?
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well, we judt had a "bout" with lice recently and I also tried the rosmery and tea tree oil, but with limited success. I think that it is probably good as a preventitive but, I have since found something much much better!

neem oil!! it really works!!

there is a company that makes a shampoo & conditioner & oil called thera neem by organix(they carry it in whole foods) it is safe ,gentle smells good and really works. you could just by the oil and then add it to a carrier oil or a few drops in a spray bottle with water for bedding , furniture & clothes.

Neem oil is from India where it is called the "cure all oil" and is both very effective for lice and many skin problems and is so gentle you can use it on a baby. I would (Ido ) use it as a preventitive and since we have started using it we are "lice free". If your dc actually has lice or nits it is very important that in addition to using the oil/shampoo/ conditioner etc; you use the metal comb since that is the most effective tool for getting nits out.
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Thank you! I'll head out tomorrow to look for some!
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