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christymama's Avatar christymama 05:48 PM 08-05-2003
My daughter started to run a fever Thursday that I know of She is 7 . The fever was 102 So I gave her some Tynonal. she went ot bed. Friday she was complaining of her throat so I checked it and she had these white patches on it. I I figured it was strep took her to the dr that same day. He did a strep test on her and said that they wouldnt get the results back til Monday (this was on a Friday) But he Said he was goign to treat her for strep. Gave her a strong Antibotic. Friday goes by still a fever sat the same. Her fever s are going as high as 103.6 this is even with the mortin and the tynonal. Sunday she comes to me saying her mouth hurt, So i take a look and her gums are swollen and bright red. They are inflammed. There is some white patches on her gums and on her lips and her tongue!! So know think this is not strep because if it was the antibotic would of kicked in by now this was the 3rd day of her on it. She wouldnt still have high fevers. Monday comes i call first thing in the morning and ask them for the strep results. She said it has came back Neg. I told the nurse about her gums and she said well lets see her today . I take her back Monday and the dr was like stop the antibotic and gave her this dental paste stuff for me to put on her gums and stuff twice a day for 5 days! He said it is prob just a virus that there are some virus that do this to the mouth. I am so concerned and freaked out over this. She has been running a fever for 6 days now. She cant eat she has lost 3 pounds. Her gums are over her back teeth thats how swollen they are. I am lost on what to do. It can not be good for her to run fevers this long can it.?? I just want ot knwo whats wrong with her. The dr said that if she isnt better in two days call him and they will run some blodd work which makes me think the worst. Can anyone shed some light on this or if theyhave heard of this let me know. I want her to be better!

cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 01:42 AM 08-06-2003
Fevers are a good thing...as long as she is getting fluids. I know how hard it is to see our babies hurt. ((HUGS))...as far as the mouth things go...are they ulcers? Ds had these once and I gave him Mercurius Solubilis a homeopathy med to make them go away. It would depend upon the rest of her symptoms though.
The fever is fighting whatever infection she has. If she gets worse take her in..until then don't give her too much tylenol or motrin. you might do a search in this forum and perhaps the vaccination one for Tylenol or PARACETAMOL. There is a good article somewhere here about it.
christymama's Avatar christymama 08:30 PM 08-06-2003
Thanks cobluegirl!
I have stopped with the Motrin and the tynonal. But it is scary I think for a child to run such high fevers for so long. She has lost 7 pounds total since thursday! Thats alot i think for a kid. : I am taking her back to the dr tomorrow and they are going to run some blood work she hasnt changed in 7 days. What is going on? They are ulcers in the mouth they thought it was strep but it turned out to not be. So he gav eme this dental paste stuff to apply to her mouth twice a day for five days. Her gums are just so red and swollen. I am lost on this one thats for sure!
BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 09:19 PM 08-06-2003
Let us know-that sounds really odd and scary.

I agree that fevers should be allowed to run their course as they fight infection. My baby got up to 106 a few weeks ago w/some virus. But, 6 days? That's way too long.

Good luck
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 10:31 PM 08-06-2003
Yes let us know how she is doing. 7 lbs is too much for a child to lose. I hope your dr can figure something out. The tylenol can prolong an illness because the fever isn't allowed to fight the infection but that is too scary...do let us know.

veganmamma's Avatar veganmamma 02:48 AM 08-07-2003
Oh Christy- No WONDER I havn'et heard from you!! I am so sorry your dd is going through this. I wish I had some advice to offer you!! I have racked my brain but I have no idea how to help. All I can advise is to keep her hydrated. Please keep us updated. Maybe you can give her smoothies to get some calories in her. Yogurt (soy or dairy) might be a good food for her too. Hang in there!! And LMK about that other thing, too!
chumani's Avatar chumani 02:58 AM 08-07-2003
Your description of her gums sounds a lot like trench mouth. I had Tm about 4 years ago. I ran a fever, and my gums were swollen with sores on them. It hurt to bite down on anything. Even having my teeth bump when talking was painful. I don't usually use mouthwash but it was the only thing that helped with the pain, I would swish 2-3 times a day. I also used tincture of Usnea (in vodka) 3 droppers full a day. It is a great herbal alternative to antibiotics. Have you tried giving her protien smoothies? I hope you can discover what is wrong.

health and healing to your dd
christymama's Avatar christymama 03:31 AM 08-07-2003
Chumani, I have read about that. How long did you have it or should i say did it take for it to go away. She does cry sometimes when she bites down or when she talks. I was brushing her teeth as soft as i could tonight and her gums just bleed and bleed. Did your fever get high? and did you have a fever for a long time? Sorry for all the questions but this is the first ray of hope as you can say to this situation . How do you get TM? PLease let me know if you can offer anymore information about TM Also how did the drs know that was it? Ok i am hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks so much
chumani's Avatar chumani 03:13 PM 08-07-2003
Hi Christymama,

How long did you have it?
It lasted for about 8 days.

Did your fever get high?
My fever went up to 103.5 ( I was 24 at the time)

and did you have a fever for a long time?
My fever lasted about 6 days (from days 2-8)

How do you get TM?
It is caused by an overabundance of a normally friendly bacteria in the mouth.

Also how did the drs know that was it?
I went to a NP that diagnosed and prescribed the
tincture (Usnea).

Here is a link with a little more info.


I drank a lot of tea blends with echinacea, also teas with licorice in them were soothing.
(Throat coat was the brand I remember)
I also took an acidopholis/bifidis supplement.

Pain relievers didn't work at all. The only relief I got was from green flavor Listerine. It stung like crazy for a few seconds then my gums would be numb for about 45 mins.

Best wishes, let us know how she is doing.

christymama's Avatar christymama 06:21 PM 08-07-2003
Thanks so much!! We went to the dr today I mentoned TM he said thats what he was thinking of. He said or it was just a virus that was affecting the mouth area! He gave mer some more mouth stuff, This is to numb the gums I also have that dental paste that she has been using which seems to be workign its goign away slowly but it is going away, Today is the first day shes not had a fever in fact it was 97.8 today at the drs office. She is eating more and getting back to her oldself. They did draw some blood to check her count. I think that was m ore to put my mind at ease. I have been doing alot of reading and all of her signs have lead me to different types of Luekemia Which isnt a pleasent thought. I sometimes overreact. But we will know by monday! Chumani when your fever brok was that when your gums started to go down. She has two ulcers on her tongue is that normal? They arent new ones they are the same fomr when it started. I made her swish with proxicde and she looked like she had rabies with all the foam coming from her mouth LOL but it was mixed with water . The dr said we can do that a few times a day to help clean that out of there. : But thats and i will keep you posted you have put my mind at east thats for sure Cumani. Thanks so much!!
chumani's Avatar chumani 07:08 PM 08-07-2003

When my fever broke is when I noticed my gums were finally healing. I had sores on the sides of my tongue. What a painful process for your dd. I am so glad to hear she is feeling better.

Best wishes
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 02:28 PM 08-12-2003
How is your dd, Christymama? Has she gotten any better?
christymama's Avatar christymama 01:50 AM 08-13-2003
yes thank you she is better. She broke her fever on thursday 8/7 and hasnt had one since and like Chumani said it would her gums started to get better. I am so glad! Her blood count came back normal. So thats good as well. Thank you all for talking to me through this I was just lost on what it could be and very scared about such a high fever for so long. Does anyone know if T/M is contagious lol if i spelled that right? Thanks again!!
chumani's Avatar chumani 03:33 PM 08-13-2003
From what I understand trench mouth isn't contagious. The bacteria that cause TM are always present in the mouth. When this bacteria becomes unbalanced is when it causes problems. Similar to problems with thrush/yeast. It is usually brought on by stress, poor dental hygiene or poor diet. When I had it it was a combination of stress and poor diet. I was also careful not to share cups, utensils, straws etc with my dh and kids though just in case.

I am so glad to hear she is doing better!!

christymama's Avatar christymama 03:28 AM 08-14-2003
Thank you so much for your help!