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birthpartner's Avatar birthpartner 12:25 PM 04-23-2008
I had the lasik done 6/05 and it was great! I didn't take the drugs, I'm the type that is nervous making the decision, but then as long as I know what will happen I'm okay with it. In January, I renewed my drivers license and noticed I struggled a little with the letters. I brushed it off--denial that things could have been changing. In February I took a postpartum doula training and we each had to read out loud from an overhead. I was closer then the others in the class and I again was struggling to read it. So last month I went for the annual eye exam and ended up with a rx for glasses! I started with a very high astigmatism, that was corrected with the lasik about 90%. It is still way better then it was, but I find the need to put on the glasses for driving and to really get things as crisp as I was used to after the lasik. I went back to my surgeon yesterday and he suggested doing an AK surgery which will relax the curvature of the cornea which should help the remaining astigmatism. Do I really want to risk another surgery--the possibility of causing problems that I avoided the first time? On the other hand, I really want the great vision back. AK is not a laser, its just a small cut, but the thought of yet another cut on my eyes makes me uneasy. Seems no biggie to these Doc's, but I have to weigh it all out. I'm 45 and really don't want to start dealing with progressive lenses etc He did say that after doing the AK, I would be in readers for sure, until this point I have avoided the readers unless the lighting was really low or the print was just really tiny.
Please give your opinions--don't want to put a damper on eveyone wanting to do the lasik--I would probably do it all over again. Having had glasses since kindergarten and getting to the point of not being able to wear toric lenses, I was at that breaking point!

BunnySlippers's Avatar BunnySlippers 03:35 PM 04-23-2008
I don't know what I would do in your situation. I am going in for a touch up on one eye to bring me back to perfect. I don't want to go back to glasses, I love my freedom.
birthpartner's Avatar birthpartner 01:43 PM 04-24-2008
So, your touch up will be just lifting the flap and having more lasik done--I wish I could just do that, but I guess after 3 years he doesn't want to mess around with a fully healed and back to normal flap.
I guess I just need to email the doc and ask more questions. I felt really rushed out of there and I don't know where the consumer end of my brain was--out to lunch! I don't want to go back to glasses either, but if I don't weigh everything I'll be nervous having it done. When I had it done last time the doc told me that I was one of the calmest patients he had ever had. If he only knew how nervous I was making the decision--and that's where I'm at right now. So, lasik is a slice across and this proceduce is a cut down--that should make me feel better
Good luck with your enhancement.
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