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Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 10:12 PM 01-25-2008
Originally Posted by sunnmama View Post

And, even in 1986 my mother was given tx options to consider (although the options would obviously be different now). Cancer patients aren't expected to be passive in their tx.
IME they aren't expected to be passive but they are expected to be compliant. They may be given several options that are acceptable to the allopathic world and are allowed to choose between them. Have you ever known a "patient" that chose to find their own path? I have. Several. I can tell you that the doctors were horrid to each one. Interesting thing is they are all still here and in great health.

Again, we don't have to agree, and that's fine. The fact is that we all have to do what is best for us. Some of us have very different ideas of what that would be and that's fine. We can still live in peace.

1006baby's Avatar 1006baby 11:19 PM 01-25-2008
[QUOTE=firefaery;10385557]I didn't perceive that to be in the least bit judgmental. It's a different opinion. If you aren't ready to hear it that's okay. Forums like this exist so we can draw from multiple sources. If you see/hear one you don't like or aren't ready for you can just move on. Perhaps you might take a bit to see why you are so bothered by the information though.QUOTE]

Ha – you are too funny I am not the least bit bothered by the information being discussed. And your response proves the point that I have been trying to make but you and others on this thread seem not open-minded enough to hear.

We need to be open to all modalities and let each woman take her own path without making her feel badly about that choice. Sharing information is important but does that sharing have to include disparagement of others opinions?

Your comment that if I don't like what I am reading I should just "move on" demonstrates that you don't want a discussion, rather you want forum to espouse your opinion while disparaging any other viewpoint. And your comment that by not agreeing with you and your views I am somehow "not ready" for the information is as patronizing as an ob-gyn telling me I need a c-section because I am too delicate to give birth.

This should not be an either/or discussion. That is my opinion - one I have every right to state.

Sorry, firefaery, you’ll have to save your attempts at censorship for someone with a little less backbone

Peace to you and all of your choices and opinions. I respect your opinions and even agree with some of them, I am only gently reminding we should all show respect for differing opinions and share our own with out the judgment.
Panserbjorne's Avatar Panserbjorne 11:42 PM 01-25-2008
Wow. Now that was flat out insulting. It was not an attempt at censorship, just an offer. I don't like to see people get upset and it seemed as though people were. My point was simply if you are angered by what you are seeing you don't need to engage. If you choose to, so be it.

I don't see that anyone is trying to make anyone feel badly. Regardless noone can MAKE you feel badly or any other way for that matter. That is your choice. You need to examine it.

I am not open to all modalities and I freely admit that. I don't however judge others. I support everyone in my life and allow them to be on their paths. You clearly did not read my post. I don't ask or demand that anyone around me be outside of their comfort zone. There was nothing confrontational in what I said.

I have no problem engaging in a discussion, I will not however engage in a fight. Your posts seem to have alot of anger in them.

Where did I disparage anyone? I did say that if you weren't ready you could move on-not that you needed to, but that you could. I am often very resistant to ideas that later prove to be important parts of my life. I am open enough to know that my resistance to things is often a message. That is all I was trying to convey.

You sound really defensive, so I will end here. It's not an either or discussion. I didn't ever attempt to make it one. I was just offering my perspective on some posts that several posters seemed to be freaking out over. I never tried to tell you that your opinion was wrong. Whether or not you have it is irrelevant to me-it has no impact on my life. That is not meant to sound cold, just to point out that I have no agenda and no investment in what you believe.
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