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kmamma's Avatar kmamma 02:16 AM 03-18-2008
A few weeks ago I was sick--swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, extremly painful to swallow, body aches, low fever, some coughing, lots of ear pain. It subsided in a few days, and came back for a day or two a week later. we all sort of had the flu going, my baby was very sick for over a week. I was very run down.
Now, I still have one swollen tonsil (left side) but it's painless, just slightly uncomfortable, and sometimes a little difficult to speak. My lymph node was swollen also for a long time and just yesterday seemed to have gone done significantly. along with the tonsil swelling, there's also been sinus and ear drainage/pressure. And general tension/stiffness in tissues on the left side. Before my getting sick (I suspected strep throat or tonsilitis) I never really noticed that one tonsil was bigger than the other, but I think it's always sort of been that way. I know that talking sometimes has been difficult, so I'm guessing the tonsil problem has been there for a long time. Also, I've had tension and slight pain in muscles and tissues on my left side occasionally, sometimes extending all the way down my back and legs.
The last few weeks I've noticed more discomfort in my tonsil after eating yogurt in the morning. Also, if I eat ice cream on occasion, there is significantly more discomfort, makes it feel like I have a huge lump in my throat.
Is it possible that food intolerances can cause this? Anyone's had similar problems?
On one google search I did, it said that a swollen tonsil is not caused by food but a deficiency in certain nutrients (in the absence of an infection).

kmamma's Avatar kmamma 03:04 PM 03-18-2008
momtoalexsarah's Avatar momtoalexsarah 08:27 PM 03-18-2008
I would get thy self to a chiropractor - since it is one sided they may be pinched nerves that are causing inflamation in the musels of the face/neck/throut and that is preventaing drainage and healing. You sound like you need a good adjustment and should feel better quickly.
kmamma's Avatar kmamma 03:59 AM 03-19-2008
Thanks for your post. I was just thinking that today--I feel like I need some sort of adjustment. When I was pregnant my craniosacral therapist noticed major blockage in the left side of my pelvis.
chiromamma's Avatar chiromamma 10:25 AM 03-22-2008
Of course I second a visit to a chiro. I'll go one further and suggest seeing him/her regularly.
On the dairy...DS has a tendency towards enlarged tonsils and ear congestion whenever he gets anything. The adjustments help but the tonsils were staying enlarged. We've been meticulous with avoiding dairy and his tonsils are finally close to normal size and his snoring is almost gone.
Dairy's SO yummy but it really is hard for so many people to deal with.
chiromamma's Avatar chiromamma 10:27 AM 03-22-2008
oops double post
momofmine's Avatar momofmine 03:52 PM 03-22-2008
To the OP, I have major troubles with any dairy at all. I test positive as being allergic to it. I can at very small amounts of raw diary on occassion, but if I continue to eat it repeatedly, I will end up wiht a full-blown infection of some sort, like a sinus infection or something like you describe. I would definitely avoid dairy until you are all better. I do not give anyone in my family dairy or sugar when they are sick at all, even a sniffle.

To chiromomma, I am so interested in elarning more about chiropractic for health. I have read of people using a chiropractor for their whole family's health, ear infections, the whole gamut, and they have never used conventional medicine at all for their kids. How can I learn more about that? ANd how to find a chiro who is like that? Many in my area are just focused on physical/muscle problems. There is one in my area that I think may be more whole health focused. I called one time hoping to just get more information, but they wanted to make a first appointment for me, which involved taking x-rays and doing this other scan thing, which I assume also used some type of radiation or at least ultrasound. I am very cautious about stuff like that.
Can you give me some more info? (Hope I'm not sidetracking the thread!!)
Thanks so much!
chiromamma's Avatar chiromamma 08:19 PM 03-22-2008
We see lots of families in DH's practice. I am currently on sabbatical but transitioning back into practice. I love being a SAHM and I love chiropractic. I digress.
For many families, chiropractic is the cornerstone of their system for staying well. Keeping the nervous system clear helps the body to adapt to stress. And stress weakens the immune system. We also encourage our patients to allow a disease process to run its course. It's like training for the immune system. You wouldn't run a marathon without some training. So colds and flu's are good. They strengthen you...most of the time.
Virtually every person I know who received a flu shot this year has been so sick.
Needless to say, we educate families about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines and encourage them to do deep deep research before making that high stakes decision.
As to the inconsistency in chiropractor's philosophies...Unfortunately, the political powers that be in my profession would prefer to make chiropractic a musculoskeletal subspecialty of medicine.
However, there are "straight" chiropractors out there. We draw from the origins of the work and tend to avoid diagnosis of any kind, focusing on the body's infinite wisdom to heal itself. We are the minority and harder to find.
If you tell me where you live I can try and refer you to folks I know of in your neck of the woods. My DH taught the technique we practice for years so he's familiar with most of the docs who are practicing it.
Another good resource would be Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. See if they have a referral network for their grads.
They are consistently the most principled docs out there.
momofmine's Avatar momofmine 10:16 PM 03-22-2008
Thanks so much! I will PM you.
cornflake girl's Avatar cornflake girl 01:27 AM 03-23-2008
We have the same thing happening at our house right now. A couple of weeks ago we had the same type of illness you described, that went away and then came back again a few days later. My tonsils (especially the left, like you said) are still not back to normal, and just yesterday they flared up again but are a lot better today. My lymph nodes are still swollen, too. I was reading on another forum that this illness is going around right now and that it's a variant of the flu. Hopefully were both almost done with it!