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My youngest is about 4.5 months old. When he was around 2 months old we noticed a small bump/lump on his forehead (right at top of nose - between eyes). My sis mentioned it seemed bigger at one point and so I mentioned it to our family doc at his 4 month checkup. He didn't seem too concerned but did refer him to a dermatologist for an exam.

Well we got in shockingly quickly for the dermatology appt (specialist appts can take up to 3-4 months here where I live). Yesterday we saw the derm and he said he was concerned as this lump is on the midline and they measured it at 1cm. He is sending him to a pediatric derm with our children's hospital asap to have an mri done and decide if he needs a different type of specialist as he's not sure if it's really a dermatology issue. He said they will do the mri under sedation hopefully this week or next.

I'm so freaked out right now. Has anyone had an infant or young child have an mri? What was it like? Did they have to fast at all? What a horrible thing for my baby - he still nurses every 2-3 hours most of the time, even at night lately (he had a cold last week).

Any help or just prayers would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Laurie wahm (virtual paralegal) of 3 wonderful boys (11, 9, 5). 1st by c-section for breech, 2 by VBAC (one miscarriage between child #1 and #2).

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Hi Izzy,

My 5 month old has now had 2 MRIs. The first was when she was four months old. He will have to fast for about 4 hours. My baby is BF too, and of all the things that happened in the last month (she was diagnosed with cancer), not being able to feed her before procedures that involve sedation is probably the hardest. bring a couple of toys and comfort your baby as best as you can. For me that meant pacing the admitting area with her while my husband filled out all of the paperwork.

When you go for the MRI, they might ask if you want to stay while they put your baby to sleep. I wouldn't recommend this. Being sedated and going to sleep look very different. I didn't stay for the first mri because the nurse warned me that it would be difficult to see, but I did stay for a different procedure that used similar sedation. I wouldn't do it again. The baby "goes to sleep" very suddenly and the eyes roll back, and it's not pretty.

Once he is out of the MRI he will be very groggy. As soon as he wakes up and the vitals are all stable ask if you can feed him.

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you guys.
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My daughter is 2 and has had 4 MRI's already with another one this summer. She was 4 1/2 months old when she had her 1st MRI.

They did General Anesthetic with her on all except one. The one they did the sleep drug and sleep deprivation she woke up during the MRI and they couldn't finish it.

All but one did I not take her into the MRI machine room and lay her on the table. The machine is huge and can be scary for Mom, but now I am use to it.

She does have to fast. When she was nursing I can't remember how many hours prior to the MRI she couldn't nurse. BM is like clear liquid. So for some reason I am thinking it was 3-4 hours. Make sure they understand she is breastfeeding when they give you eating/drinking instructions. I went round and round with them on this. Finally I got the Oh, yea, breastfeeding can get an extra hour compared to formula fed babies.

When they are finished with the MRI and your child goes to recovery they may be out of it. But its not from pain its just from the weird feelings of coming out of anesthesia. They even had a rocker for me and I nursed my daughter as soon as I could in recovery. Be careful, not too much, too fast. My daughter ended up throwing up because she ate too much to early.

Do you have any other questions?

Anne, Mama to Conner 2/27/04 blahblah.gif  Gabrielle 2/6/06 W/LMC-TCS, Neurogenic Bladder, AFO & KAFO wearer, Neurogenic Bowel energy.gif & Delaney 5/12/08 mischievous.gif &  Beethoven cat.gif& Gizmo cat.gif

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Thank you both so much for your quick responses. I can get him to go 4 hours without feeding, he'll be cranky but it's manageable. At least it sounds like it won't be the 8 hours they often make adults fast. No other questions yet but when they diagnose him I will probably be back.

I hope your children are okay.

Laurie wahm (virtual paralegal) of 3 wonderful boys (11, 9, 5). 1st by c-section for breech, 2 by VBAC (one miscarriage between child #1 and #2).

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My son had an MRI at 6 months. It wasn't too bad. He did have to fast for 4 hours, not too bad because it was in the morning.

Nicole, mom of 3. Mitochondrial Disease.: Epilepsy
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The lump on you r Ds sounds like what my DD has - hers showed up at about the same age as well. We didn't have it looked at by ct and xray untill she was a year old. My DD's is a midline bone cyst that is because of some other midline facial annomalies. Your Ds needs to be seen by a peadiatric cranial facial plastic surgion. These guys are found at any childrens hospital and probly the easist way to find one is through a cleft palate clinic/deptment. Have your Ds thoughly checked for a cleft palate (often these can be sub-mucous - or hidden and don't had the distinct hole of an open cleft so are missed at birth) If they find a cleft then also have his heart and kidneys checked as midline facial anomalites are often a sign of a certain group of chromosomal anomalies.

The other midline facial thing that sometimes "pops up" so to speak are dermoid cysts but to be honest your ds Sounds JUST LIKE my DD in the bump respect.

Did he have any issues with eating as a newborn or does he have any relux or apnea?
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First off, I am sorry your baby boy is going through this. I know how hard it is because my daughter had to have many MRI's as well. (she was diagnosed with a tumor at the age of 6 months). I was also breastfeeding at the time, (and still am!) and yes, the fact that they cannot eat/drink for a few hours before the procedure is very hard. One thing that helped us is if they scheduled it FIRST thing in the morning. Also, I agree with other previous posters, if your child is going to be fully sedated I am assuming, they I would not watch this being done. My daughter's first sedation/MRI , she had to be fully sedated and have a breathing tube put down her throat and it was the hardest thing to watch, and now I know better, and I leave just after they LIGHTLY sedate her with the mask - but before they put her to sleep. Either way, the procudure is safe, and if you want, most places do allow one parent to stay in the room with the child while it is being done. The machine is big and kind of loud, but, the good thing is that your child is VERY young and will not remember this - that is what I always told myself, and made me feel at least a LITTLE bit better.

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you need to talk or just vent. I know how hard it is to go through this uncertainty with a baby.
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I am sorry to hear your little one is going through this. My daughter needed an MRI at 6 months. I was terrified of her being sedated and convinced my pediatrician and the MRI facility to let us try it without her sedated. They were all very skeptical and simply said it could not be done, but agreed to try. The day of I was very careful to avoid any caffeine. I went to the facility early, they provided me with a dark quiet room where I nursed her for 30 minutes until she was in a good sleep. They then came in with a baby positioner and warm blankets. She was wrapped very tight in a mummylike swaddled position, ear plugs were put in her ears and she was brought in for the MRI. She slept through the 45 minute, very loud procedure like a champ. She opened her eyes, as if on cue, as soon as the blankets were unwrapped. This was very lucky on our part, but it may work for you and alleviate a lot of the worry. With us, they let us try this, knowing we had a sedated MRI scheduled later in the week if it didn't work.

Good luck.
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