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chlobo's Avatar chlobo 02:09 PM 05-10-2008
So DD had a comprehensive stool test from Metametrix and it showed she had some sort of salmonella overgrowth present & it was resistant to a bunch of abx.

Anyhow, DD has no symptoms of acute salmonella - throwing up, diarrhea, etc. But she does have loosish stools and chronic, bloated stomach, most notably.

Has anyone ever heard of chronic salmonella? ANyone successfully treated it? I am working with a naturopath & we're going to redo the test just to be sure that's whats going on & figure out how to treat it but I'd appreciate any insight in the meantime.

Julie Dodkins's Avatar Julie Dodkins 01:23 AM 08-09-2013

Hi there,

I recently received my test results back from Metametrix and I also tested positive for Salmonella. The same as DD, I don't have the acute symptoms but I do have the same chronic symptoms that you describe. I can't seem to find much information about chronic salmonella either. I am wondering whether you ever received some help with this and what you did to treat it? I hope it's all resolved now!


Kind regards,