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Melly24's Avatar Melly24 09:30 PM 06-07-2008
Not in major clumps or anything, but ALOT seems to come out when i brush, wash or run my hands through. I have very thick hair so I can afford to lose some, but is still worrying me. I had my DD 15 weeks ago if it makes any difference.

Anyone know the cause?

changingseasons's Avatar changingseasons 09:37 PM 06-07-2008
Usually nothing to worry about... you stop shedding hair while pregnant. I noticed it around my 6th month- all of a sudden I didn't have to clean the shower drain out anymore before each shower. But then about 2-3 months PP, all that hair that didn't shed during pregnancy all comes out almost at once! It's just your head getting back to the normal shedding process.
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 09:39 PM 06-07-2008
Phew thanks! I look around my house and my hair is everywhere...amazing where it ends up!
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 10:57 PM 06-07-2008
That's true about the post-pregnancy loss, but if it keeps happening past that period look at adrenal fatigue, too.