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Last Tuesday (10th) dd1 (3yrs) was dx with Strep. I decided to let her ride it out. Given her history with yeast (from birth due to intravenous abx 3x a day for the first 7 days) it just wasn't worth it to me. I didn't feel like she was at risk for developing rheumatic fever (it's uncommon and mostly occurs b/t 5 and 15 years of age, etc.). Anyway, the Scarlet Fever was present last Tuesday behind her ear and down her neck. It was speckly and went away after a couple days. It then peeled away on her nose some and her face is still rather dry. She had a fever for all of an hour on two separate days last week. I have no idea how high it was I never measured, she was warm to the touch. Considering I wasn't gonna give her the abx, I didn't treat the fever because I felt like she needed her fever, yk?

The past couple days she has complained of her mouth hurting, her throat looked fine, I couldn't figure out why. Today bumps presented and she's got the classic "strawberry tongue." This is a symptom of Scarlet Fever as well.

Well tonight as we undressed for bath I see that her torso and her butt is covered in a sandpaper eczema looking rash. Classic SF, right? So WHY does my kid have NO fever? Did her body just give up??? I have a whole bottle of Amox in my fridge and will most likely me giving it to her for 10 days starting tomorrow. I have a 9:50 apt for a culture to determine if the strep is gone.

An unrelated issue - or maybe not, is the yeast she is battling. She just finished a 10day regimen of Diflucan for yeast because after all my attempts to wrangle this bastard she was still waking up complaining that her vulva hurts, itches, etc. Tonight a red, upside down "U" presented around her vulva. It's on the normal skin but goes all the way around the top, weird. So I am wondering if it's SF on her vulva and not yeast? Or maybe it is both? They are also going to culture that to confirm it's yeast.

I know the Dr's are gonna give me hell for not giving her the abx for the strep. Especially since it's escalated to this point. I am concerned about a systemic bacterial infection. I am concerned that my child has confirmed strep bacteria in her body and NO FEVER at all.

If you are still reading this, thank you. Any ideas?

I am posting these but will take them down shortly due to their nature...I just wanted you to see...

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You know, the whole scarlet fever thing is confusing to me, because some sources will say that scarlet fever is a "complication" of strep, as in, if strep goes untreated, this can happen. Then other sources say that it is simply "strep with a rash", and no different than regular strep. From everything I have read, I think it is the latter.

Both my kids had strep this past winter, and my older one was not that sick. he had a higher fever for maybe a day or two, but then the rest of the week he just had a low-grade fever. He did not even really have much of a sore throat, and I would never have even guessed he had strep if it hadn't been for my 3 yr old having much more classic signs of it. The 3 yr old had sudden high fever, vomiting at the beginning, very sore throat to the point where it hurt to swallow (liquid, but not food, strangely). And he had the classic "strep rash". So, was this scarlet fever? Yes. The rash started literally within hours of when he first got sick. Within that first day. Apparently there are just certain strains that are apt to cause the rach, but still not everyone will get the rash.

I looked at your pics and I am trying to remember if that is what the rash looked like. Although it's only been 3 or 4 months, I just can't remember. I think it was probably similar to that though. I remember it being fairly faint though. I think it can be different with every individual. If she does still have strep, it does sound like it is more atypical, and it is dragging out. Could there be some reason her body wouldn't mount a big immune response to it? Has she had other things that would impair her immune system? I mean, with my 3 yr old, his reponse was sudden, high fever, like up to 104 that first day, then it stayed pretty high, sore throat, etc, and it took about 4 days before he started to get better. We did wind up giving abx, in part because it seemed like it was stretching on for my older son. He started getting bumps on his face that were related to the strep. I waited to give the abx to both. The research says that as long as you give it within 10 days, it has the same effect on reducing the risk of rheumatic fever.

Before the abx we were doing homeopathy and lots of natural supplements and remedies that were definitely helping.

I really feel for you. I did not want to give abx to my child, and I got a lot of support here, but pressure from elsewhere to do it. Even now I wish I hadn't, because his bowels have not been the same since. On the other hand, I feel your dilemma. It is a very tough choice. I had one child who seemed to be fighting it off and one who seemed to be dragging it out.

It is odd that she does not have a fever. Do you have a natural health care practitioner that you feel good about consulting? I was using a homeopathic MD. Does she have a sore throat at all?
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If you're not giving her fever-reducing meds, I wouldn't worry at all about her not running a fever.

Two of my children had scarlet fever a couple of years ago. I don't think it's a complication--just a manifestation of the virus. I would giver her a few more days, and if you don't think it's getting better, give her the antibiotics.

Oh yeah--strep can go through the intestinal tract and cause a rash down where you're describing. In fact, one of my children had the exact same thing when she was battling strep. If it is itching, you can get over the counter anti-itch cream and encourage her not to scratch.
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When my kids had SF, the doctor said that it was a manifestation of strep, not a complication.

TBH, that rash doesn't look like the one my kids had, not that that means anything. Theirs was just more filled out, not so spotty. However I just googled "pictures of scarlet fever" and it looks like there's a bit of variation and one pic definitely looks like your kids'. Also one picture showed something called "pastia's lines," which is part of SF. Could that be the red U on your dd's vulva? Google it and see.

Oh, and my ds had the fever for several days. It went away and he seemed to be getting better and THEN, the rash happened with no fever. Dd's was more classic, but the doctor said both are fairly typical. I don't think the fever needs to be present when the rash appears. I think my ds got another fever, though, a day or two after the rash started to spread.

If you do give the abx, just give her lots of probiotics between doses.
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