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Jojo F.'s Avatar Jojo F. 08:48 PM 06-22-2008
Just recently things like tomatoes and oranges are really bothering me. After I have something acidic my mouth burns and now I have a small "blister" on the inside of my mouth.

What's going on here? Am I too acidic?

Jannah6's Avatar Jannah6 08:52 PM 06-22-2008
I used to get canker sores in my mouth. My aunt used to tell me that I wasn't getting enough Vit C. So she used to make me eat oranges, SOOO PAINFUL.

A few years ago a friend of mine told me tha both her DH and DD suffer from canker sores and the one thing you should stay away from is acidic foods.
treemom2's Avatar treemom2 10:02 PM 06-22-2008
My DD also cannot eat acidic foods, they burn her tongue and will cause a major eczema outbreak when she does eat them (she loves strawberries). I've found if the food is really ripe it isn't quite as bad, but we do control amounts when she does try to eat them. Perhaps it's an allergy or your body's way of telling you to stay away from these foods?
Tellera's Avatar Tellera 10:31 PM 06-22-2008
This happens to me, too - well, the burning on my tongue. I don't get sores. But it's always been this way. And it sucks because I love tomatoes, etc., all the things that do it to me. I don't have any advice, just commiseration.
Chinese Pistache's Avatar Chinese Pistache 11:34 PM 06-22-2008
It sounds like it could be oral allergy syndrome. Do you get the sores/pain when the foods are cooked?
Jojo F.'s Avatar Jojo F. 12:15 AM 06-23-2008
Ug, more allergies? Trying to stay away from dairy and gluten is hard enough!!!

I haven't paid much attention to cooked foods, I just notice it if I have raw foods so, maybe not if it's cooked? I'll be keeping a closer eye on it now.