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lilybee's Avatar lilybee 02:26 PM 03-28-2002
I have taken her to ped and done all in my power and still diarreah everytime my 14 mo eats or drinks anything at all. She is drinking rice milk now with added acidopholus, aloe juice, brown rice, and i have tried about 4 remedies so far, podophyllum, aresencia album, chamomilla. I just went and bout about 5 more to try.

Anyone have any suggestions? She is not getting dehydrated as she is drinking wuite a lot and sleeping okay. Obviously it is a virus of sorts. help me

sad mama to molly lu

BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 02:38 PM 03-28-2002
I assume you've tried probiotics? You can get them from a Naturo. dr. or prob. just ask someone at a good health food store. I liked getting them from the dr. though since we got samples and ds didn't like the first one. Now, we just have a bottle in the fridg. just in case. We sprinkle 1/2 capsule on his food 2x/day if he looks like he's getting any kind of stomach upset.

Another way of getting these in is to feed whole milk yogurt w/live cultures. I know YoBaby and Brown Cow are good in my area.

Have you tried the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice, applesauce (not juice) and toast?

In my experience, our ped. won't tell us anything that's not in the AMA textbook, hence no advice re: probiotics/yogurt, etc...

You might want to check the book: Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Zand. It's wonderful.

cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 04:23 PM 03-28-2002
Have you tried feeding her stuff that normally has a constipating effect? Oatmeal comes to mind.....bananas....

I don't know what else to tell you. That is kind of weird. I would guess that perhaps her body is just getting rid of some toxins.

Hope she gets better.
lilybee's Avatar lilybee 05:14 PM 03-28-2002
I have tried the brat and oatmeal and all else- it just seems a bad bug is going around and she is not tolering it. i will just concentrate on the bifidus. thanks guys
Hera's Avatar Hera 08:00 PM 03-28-2002
Carob tea! This helped me out immensely. get some carob powder and make it the way it says on the package, or about one teaspoon in a little kid's cup of water. I wouldn't add any sweetener or milk (unless it's booby milk) to it. you can get it in with an eyedropper if you want. It should be ok for a 7 month old, but watch for allergies of course. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to carob, but.....

Really, I've used it myself and it stopped the runs almost immediately. It's worked for my dd too.

since you've gone to the ped, I am assuming you are watching for signs of dehydration. That's the biggest concern right now......
Golden's Avatar Golden 12:26 AM 04-03-2002
Hi there! My son got what the ped. called "toddler diarrehha." A few weeks of it. 4 or 5 times a day. Not the sick runny down the leg kind, just the too soft, causes wicked diaper rash kind. "It just happens," she says. This ped. also tends not to suggest anything that isn't in the APA book, but she suggested to increase his fat intake temporarily. The good fats of course. We eat a lot of steamed veggies in our house and grilled chicken. For a week or so he got stir fried everything in olive oil or canola oil. I'd say it worked, or maybe time did, who knows. The acidophilus help a bit in the beginning. I noticed you are using it also. Just make sure it is the refrigerated kind so the cultures are active.

Good luck with your little one!