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My 4 month old son has an undescended testicle. The pedi says we can wait until 6 month for it to come down on its own. Of course I would like to avoid surgery, anyone know anything I can do to encourage it to come down on its own? People tell me that surgery at this age is harder on parents than children, but anestsia (sic) at 6 months really frightens me!

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Six months seems young to me to do the surgery. My nephew just had it done after he turned 2 y.o.
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My son has hid undescended testicle and resulting hernia corrected a couple wks before his 2nd bday. Accd'ing to the urologists and our pedi they've pinpointed that as the best window (before 2 yo, but not much earlier) to correct it so that it doesn't impede or prohibit future fertility, or foster testicular cancer. Take that as only 3 opinions, though, and look into it yourself, too!

That being said, Cole did so so so well w/ the surgery we were amazed. His big beef w/ it was that they put the IV in his thumbsucking hand. Once he got that out, he popped his thumb in and took a 45 min nap in my arms. Then he was up and about eating crackers and drinking juice and he was jumping before we left recovery. Gave me the woozles, but he was FINE! His recovery was a snap, too. The worst part was taking of the band-aid, and he didn't even need the rx pain meds at all. I did give him regular Tylenol, but he may not have needed that, either.

Best wishes, it's frightening in spite of being common!

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My son had his corrected at a bit past 18 months. However, the surgeon was unhappy we came that late (Pediatrician missed it because my son was partially descended). He told us that cellular changes (that could begin reducing fertility in that testicle only) begin as young as 12 months. In doing a lot of reading if a testicle doesn't descend by a certain time frame it isn't going to. Waiting past that point only gives more time for damage and makes the child more aware.

However, I really think 6 months is earlier than I would be comfortable with. Most are going to descend by 9 months and if it isn't down by 12 it isn't coming. So by 12 months I'd feel that I had waited plenty long. But 6 months...I'd want to go a bit longer.

My son did great with his surgery but I was really scared of the anesthesia. He was my first kiddo with anesthesia. They told me it was a very quick surgery-almost as quick as ear tubes--and usually it is over in minutes. Ours had some complications and took a while. But it was ok.

I wish I knew of something to make it come down. If I did I would tell you! But it is very likely your son's testicle will descend in the next few months. Most do.

Finally, even if it descends on its own he is at increased risk of testicular cancer in both testicles. That cancer peaks young (late teens/20's) so you'll want to teach him to examine both his testicles regularly. I mention it because while a doctor will tell you if you do have to have surgery if it descends on its own you still need that information. Testicular cancer is one of the most successfully treated cancers if caught early. So you need those testicles down so he can check himself after puberty.

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Thanks for the reminder on this. My son is now 15 months. He has one undescended as well. He is supposed to go for an ultrasound to see where it is. I can feel it after a warm bath, but it hasn't come all the way down. I really don't want to have to do an operation, but from everything I read it is better to do so.... DH was just diagnosed with a hernia yesterday, and apparently it is hereditary, so I wonder if it's related somehow.

Glad to hear from others who had surgery that it wasn't that awful.
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My son just had surgery last Friday to repair a inquinal hernia and retractile testicle. Both of the urologists that we consulted had told us to have the surgery shortly after/around 1 year. It is very common for the undescended/retractile testicle to come down on it's own. If it doesn't the surgery is very minor. Really!!! My son was running around outside about 6 hours after the surgery. I gave him Tylenol for a day or so.

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