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cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 05:50 PM 03-30-2002
Please share whatever you know or have heard of for treating measles naturally.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 06:11 PM 03-30-2002
Here's a bit of what I've got:

Vitamin A can be protective but the correct dosage is important. Perhaps someone can provide some guidelines?

Ayurvedic medicine - Ginger or clove tea can help to hasten the progress of the disease. Herbs like bupleurum (chai-hu) and peppermint will help induce the eruptions which will further help the disease progress. An ayurvedic treatment is a concoction of the herb khubkalan (one teaspoon to every two cups of water) mixed with some raisins which is boiled and taken every hour. Also a baking soda bath (1/2 cup baking soda in a bath of warm water) which reduces the itching.

Cicada is a very effective Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription.

Herbs - To help the itching - distilled witch hazel. To ease the discomfort in the eyes - an eyewash made from a thoroughly filtered infusion of eyebright.
Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 01:10 PM 04-01-2002
There are many homeopathic remedies that can help with measles. I won't post them here as each case has different symptoms. Check out either Dana Ullman's or Andrew Lockie's books on homeopathy for children.
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 05:29 PM 04-01-2002
The vit A should be natural vit A from cold water fish oils, as opposed to retinyl palmitate, & is frequently given until photophobia is alleviated. It has been given in large doses over a couple of days in clinical trials which can be looked up at PubMed.

For any infection I always give sodium ascorbate to bowel tolerance in juice, NAC, zinc & selenium. Zinc would be of particular importance with measles, as it can frequently infect the GI tract, resulting in diarrhea & zinc loss. I would also go way easy with fats, with the exception of PUFA sources.

If itching is a problem, some people find colloidal oatmeal baths soothing.
Holistic Momma's Avatar Holistic Momma 08:16 PM 04-01-2002
Vitamin A is also mentioned over at the measles section at

A key thing to remember is NO antipyretics! We must remember fever is good. It is the mechanism the body uses to burn up the bad guys. If one has a child with a high fever for a PROLONGED period of time and really seems to be suffering, there are homeos and the wet socks.

Oh yeah, we need to also realize that it may be wise to only offer the child liquids for a brief period of time in order to allow the body to use all its available energy for healing. It takes a great deal of energy to digest food. Often times, the body itself will turn off the appetite so that we won't want food while sick. So especially if a child indicates lack of hunger, don't attempt to force food. I know it's so ingrained in us to eat to "keep up our strength" so we need to be cognizant of this tool the body uses to heal itself.
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 12:56 PM 04-02-2002
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 10:37 AM 04-05-2002
From Aviva Romm-Herbalist & midwife

1 ounce echinacea tincture
1/2 ounce cleavers tincture
1/2 ounce burdock root tincture
1/2 ounce dandelion root tincture
1/2 ounce Chinese skullcap
1/2 ounce catnip
1/2 ounce black cohosh tincture
1/4 ounce anise seed tincture
1/2 ounce licorice root tincture(omit if hypertensive or has kidney or adrenal disease)
1/2 ounce vegetable glycerin
Combine all herbs & give 1/4-1teaspoon up to every 3 hours during the acute phase of illness & every 4 hours as the illness subsides.
cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:44 AM 04-05-2002
What about rubella? Would there be any difference in treating it?
saige's Avatar saige 12:02 PM 04-05-2002
Just wanted to pop in and say thanks Cynthia for starting this thread,I know very little about measles,but I will print this out and keep it in my files!! Thanks!
Jazmommie's Avatar Jazmommie 04:46 PM 04-05-2002
FROM VACCINATIONS:A THOUGHTFUL PARENTS GUIDE-by Aviva Romm-Generally mild disease-use herbs that are anti-viral,support immunity, & promote healthy lymph node activity.

2 ounces echinacea tincture
1/2 ounce calendula tincture
1/2 ounce licorice(or lemon balm-do not use licorice if high blood pressure,kidney,adrenal disease)
1/4 ounce thyme tincture
1/4 ounce cleavers tincture
1/2 ounce vegetable glycerin

Store in a glass jar & give 1/4-1 teaspoon every 2 hours for 2-3 days then every 4 hours till symptoms are gone.
You can also use the measles tincture.
For itching-add 1 tablespoon each of calendula,echinacea,lavender & peppermint tinctures to 1 cup of witch hazel-apply to rashy areas as needed.
cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 02:06 PM 04-06-2002
My pleasure Saige. I'm hoping for an education here myself.

May I ask again...would rubella be treated with the same remedies/approach? Or is there something of more concern with rubella?

Tracy's Avatar Tracy 04:12 AM 02-12-2003
i was poking around in old threads and thought this was very interesting.

eventhough, there was a recent report that there were only 48 cases of measles last year in the united states. I still think this is a very fruitful thread.
amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 12:28 PM 02-12-2003
Hmmm...I don't know that I'd give cohosh to a child, but to each his own.

Rubella usually isn't that big of a deal. A lot of people don't even know they've got it & if they do it's usually pretty mild, often vague enough symptoms that you wouldn't necessarily know it was rubella that you had. I would probably use a general immune support approach. In addition to those things I already mentioned, I frequently use echinacea & astragalus in combination.
chevy974's Avatar chevy974 05:40 PM 02-12-2003
wow guess this post comes just in time I asked a ? over on vaccination aobut hte shedding of measles virus from vaccine. My dd 2 was around alittle boy to weeks in a row the day after his shot and a week later UGGH so we are boosting vit c and Vit A alittle and eating well lots of nursing hoping we dont get it.

Any one have any info on shedding?
Holistic momma?