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epdeans's Avatar epdeans 11:51 PM 09-20-2008
Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Everytime I eat just about anything I get very gassy and bloated. I can feel my insides bubbling.

I have juiced and eaten fruits for 3 days and felt great and had lots of energy. Today I ate two SAD meals and the bloat and gas have returned.

I am happily returning to my juicing and as raw as possible diet tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas other than the SAD is not good for our bodies as to what may be happening.

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you soon. I am crossposting as well.

Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 12:29 AM 09-21-2008
Hi. I suffer from the same thing, so am interested in seeing what others say. I am starting to wonder if I am maybe not chewing my food up well..could that be your problem too? I hope someone has answers, it is so embarrassing.
yentroc's Avatar yentroc 03:15 PM 09-21-2008
Have you tried digestive enzymes?
BookGoddess's Avatar BookGoddess 05:57 PM 09-21-2008
I was going to suggest digestive enzymes as well. They've been a great help to me when I feel bloated or "heavy" after a meal. Most HFS carry digestive enzymes. I buy mine online from Houston Nutraceuticals.