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Best type of HONEY for health care and food?

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I know honey is awesome for you. I am looking on the internet and I find lots of informercials about it. So is RAW honey the best? Any particular kind? Clover? Orange Blossom? I know I should try to get locally grown if possible. What if it comes already crystallized? How do I make it usable? I have only bought honey from the store or the farmer's market before, but neither were raw. Thanks!

ETA: Ok so I looked up the botulism deal and apparently it's only a risk to infants because their digestive juices are not acidic enough. So kids and adults should be fine.
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google raw manuka honey ....I usually buy really raw honey though, I'm not concerned about botulism.
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Manuka is the best in a health care aspect. And your honey should also be raw so it still has all the goodies in it-pollen, enzymes, propolis.

I believe that the different kinds of honey, IE. orange blossom, clover, etc. give different richness, flavors, vits, and minerals. Darker ones are richer in vits and minerals.

Here is a list of different flavors in the US.
And this site has some good health info on honey.

If the honey is crystalized stick the jar in a pot of hot water.

And if I have this correctly all honey has botulism spores, raw or not.

Honey is just so darn awsome, great for hair, skin, scrapes, wounds, sore throat, etc. My DH gives me a hard time about my love with honey. "If you have a broken bone, pour some honey on it!" Such a funny guy
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