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My 4yo had cavities filled Tuesday and they numbed her mouth on both sides. Before they even started she bit her lip hard enough to make it bleed. After the work was done they said to make sure she didn't chew on her lip. They stuffed it with some cotton, but of course she took it out before we even got to the car. She's the most stubborn child I've ever seen, plus she was loopy from the oral sedation, so she wasn't about to listen to me. She wouldn't keep the cotton in and chewed on her lip the entire half hour drive home.

So now her bottom lip is twenty times bigger than her top lip and has turned into one big canker sore. It keeps bleeding, too. What can I do to help it heal? Should I make a doctor's appointment? How do I keep it from getting infected?

Mods: Please keep this in health and healing as it is about an injured lip and not about the dentist
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Have you called the dentist back and asked them about it?

I can't believe they numbed her whole mouth! My 4 yo's dentist will only numb one side at a time.
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I did that to my tongue once. It was numb, and I gnawed it up terribly. It healed all by itself very quickly. Mouths, especially children's mouths, do heal very quickly. I would call the dentist back and ask if they have any suggestions, but I'd also bet that it'll heal very nicely all on its own. I would discourage her, obviously, from chewing on it more or messing with it, and let her eat whatever she's comfortable eating until it's feeling better.

If it were me, I'd rinse it with listerine to keep it clean, but I don't know if that's safe for a LO. You'd have to make sure she didn't swallow any. And it would sting like the dickens. I dunno, but I'll bet the dentist's office would.

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do not rinse with listerine. that would hurt!

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I would rinse it with salt water if anything.
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I had a similar experience with myself recently. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and during the surgery the orthodontist must have crushed my lower lip into my eye tooth while I was frozen. I developed the biggest most painful canker sore of my life (I was literally in tears several times a day and unable to eat anything from the pain). And nothing gave me any relief - the wisdom tooth wounds were a breeze compared to this canker sore. When I went back for my one week follow-up the ortho gave me a prescription for oracot. It is cream for canker sores. So, I don't know how you feel about prescription meds, but I went for it and had instant relief. My canker sore which had been getting bigger and more painful by the day was healed within just a few days. So, depending on how much your DD is suffering it might we worth it!!
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