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QuestionGal's Avatar QuestionGal 07:39 PM 10-29-2008
Help me figure this out. PLEASE

I've been struggling with this for YEARS, through multiple doctors and no solution.

Here's what I know:
5 years ago DH & I mistakenly used a spicy cinnamon massage oil as lubricant (OUCH)= internal chemical burn

4 1/2 years ago- first ever metal tooth filling

Sometime in this period sex started becoming painful. I was very tender to the touch and would have a burning sensation immediately after sex, eventually the pain became constant. I have visited countless Drs and have been Dx'd with bacterial vaginitis and/or yeast infections over and over again. I also visited with the same symptoms and been told there's NOTHING WRONG (NO Yeast, no BV, nothing). Though I've always been told they were MILD infections. I've been prescribed antiobiotics, acidophilus, OTC yeast meds, etc.

I have VERY little CF and have been told that's just the way I am, that DH needs to be better at forplay, or for DH to brush his teeth....


Everytime I take antibiotics for WHATEVER reason I end up with 1)no vaginal pain and 2)a normal healthy CF (and plenty of it). This lasts until the next time (or 2) we DTD and then the pain & dryness return.

I've also seen a naturopath about this and was told i had too much candida (same as yeast right?) b/c of the metal filling. Was given an antifungal/anti yeast remedy that helped for about 3 days.

Seems like everything only helps for about 3 days.

The last Dr I saw (who I'm supposed to follow up with soon) gave me a list of things to try to see if it helped (sleep bottomless, wear cotton panties, etc) and said if those don't work she's going to recommend BOTOX INJECTIONS DOWN THERE (the remedies haven't worked)

why would anitbiotics make me produce good quality cervical fluid and sex take it away? Using/not using condoms, lubricant, washing afterwards (water only)....the results are always the same. I take lactobacilius acidophilus daily.

lightheart's Avatar lightheart 12:41 AM 10-30-2008
Can't help but I'll bump this one up, I've had pain down there before which makes things not fun could not imagine long term ouchies.
veganone's Avatar veganone 02:36 AM 10-30-2008
I don't know if it will help you, but I had a subclinical yeast infection for over a year once. It appeared as recurrent yeast infections, but the main symptom was VERY similar to what you are describing. I ran the gamut with doctors too. I finally had one prescribe something like Diflucan, but very strong, for 2 weeks and it went away. Magic. I also can't take any type of hormonal bc, and have to be very good about keeping things clean, being really "ready", using a very gentle lube with NO glycerin (similar to sugar and feeds yeast), etc.

You could also have a bacterial infection that is responding to the antibiotics, but it's not the right antibiotic for the strain of bacteria, so it comes back after you go off of them. I had that happen with a breast/nipple infection. Are they culturing you for everything possible?

You should try to find a gyno who specializes in pelvic pain. There are a lot of things you can try other than botox. It sounds like she's assuming you have whatever it is that causes the muscles to spasm during DTD, but if you don't think that's what you have, it doesn't make sense to treat it that way?

Punchy Kaby's Avatar Punchy Kaby 06:56 PM 10-30-2008
Has you r DH been treated for these infections also? It is possible he has them and is passing them back to you.

I am sorry you are dealing with this, it is a frustrating thing!
QuestionGal's Avatar QuestionGal 08:28 PM 10-31-2008
I really appreciate your responses. Bumping in hopes of more!!