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ladybugzz's Avatar ladybugzz 12:45 AM 11-18-2008
Hope she's feeling better soon - my DD got these about the same age - and she just "outgrew" them. It was an awful 6 mo though.

Another thought - my coworker got sudden migraines - turned out that she had a small anuerism (sp?) behind one of her eyes. They only found it by doing the scan WITH contrast - it was very small but in just the right place that it caused her unbearable migraines.

Good luck momma!

Mama_Leah's Avatar Mama_Leah 12:48 AM 11-18-2008
A girl in our church just went through this last month. (and her name is Cora!)
I'm not sure if they ever found out exactly what was causing the migraines but she is doing much better now. I hope they find something that helps your daughter, I have had migraines since I was 4 but none as bad as she seems to be having.
CorasMama's Avatar CorasMama 05:01 AM 11-18-2008
Originally Posted by Mama_Leah View Post
A girl in our church just went through this last month. (and her name is Cora!)
that's just weird.
MeMommy's Avatar MeMommy 05:04 AM 11-18-2008
DEFINITELY EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. It should help heal it in no time, literally. You can also post on the forums there for some suggestions, but better to read a bit first so you understand the basics.
Two EXCELLENT practitioners to recommend:
Gillian Wightman:
Deborah Donndelinger:
Good luck!!
CorasMama's Avatar CorasMama 07:48 PM 11-18-2008
Someone else suggested: "akshully, knocking her out might not be a bad idea. migraines are from vasospasms, so maybe if she gets the customary anesthesia blood pressure drop, it'll temp. cure the headache."

I have asked for this (by which I mean, a single dose of a sedative so she could get some deep sleep) , repeatedly, to no avail.

I think she's got a three-headed monster of a vicious cycle right now. There's the pain, and then the anxiety over the pain, and the lack of sleep. The pain makes her anxious about the pain, and keeps her from sleeping, and the anxiety and lack of sleep make the pain worse, which in turn makes her... The anxiety part is a long-term solution, and we can't get that solved right away. We've been fighting the pain part for a week with very little success, but the sleep part we COULD fix, right now. There is no reason that I can think of why they couldn't give her a sedative tonight so that she can not only sleep more than the 1.5-2 hours in a row she has been getting, but even 9-12 solid hours. I think that a big solid chunk of real restorative sleep, in addition to what they are doing, would be enough to break this. But what do I know? I'm only her mother and one of a whole family of migrainers for whom hibernation works to break a migraine...

They're currently doing DHE, for a total of 6 doses today and tomorrow, plus starting her on topamax tonight, which is a prophylactic medication that I actually take.
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