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Healthy_Baby's Avatar Healthy_Baby 10:58 PM 04-05-2010
I had my second Home birth in august 09. It was an awesome birth, quick recovery, perfect breastfeeding ever since.

I eat well, stay hydrated, not on or off and medication and have no known allergies. There haven't been any changes in laundry detergents, shampoos, soaps, ect.

The itching usually begins at night, any where from head to toe. Most often it's my thighs, hips, back, wrists, and scalp. I even once had insanely itchy palms.

usually after itching the skin will become raised and 'red'. the itching will last will last all night until i FINALLY fall asleep from exhaustion.

I din't have this issue with my first child or during pregnancy. I've been waiting hoping it would just go away but it's really driving me nuts.

I'm wondering if it could be a sign of some sort of nutritional imbalance?

any thoughts, suggestions or brainstorming would be great - i'd really like to get to the bottom of this!

Healthy_Baby's Avatar Healthy_Baby 11:18 AM 04-06-2010

Thystle's Avatar Thystle 01:39 AM 04-07-2010
You might actually be allergic to something.

You can "out of the blue" as an adult suddenly become allergic to anything, food or enviromental. It's not common but can happen.

Have you talked to a doc about it?
Healthy_Baby's Avatar Healthy_Baby 10:14 AM 04-07-2010
I've been wondering if it could be an allergy - but not enough to try and make a connection.

I haven't mentioned it to a doctor. 1) because I don't have one. and 2) the itching comes and goes or might be manageable for a time that I assume it's getting better.

if it IS an allergy, how might the doctor go about testing that? would t be a blood test, one of those pin prick things or both?
Lusy79's Avatar Lusy79 05:02 PM 04-12-2010
I also had the postpartum itching and I still get it every now and then. I guess it's related to hormones balancing out or/and the liver not being able to process the hormones (my accupuncturist said). Although it is not mentioned as a common postpartum condition, a certain percentage of women suffer of this condition postpartum and some of them said they had it until about 8 -10 months postpartum. It can get better with time especially if you drink lots of water, use Aveeno anti-itchy cream (you can get it from Target) or good moisturizer lotions. i heard of people whose itching was that bad that they were givien steroid creams, but hopefully it will not be your case. Wish you all the best!
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 05:14 PM 04-12-2010
I had this postpartum, and agree it is liver-related. Acupuncture got rid of it in three sessions. I was so grateful; it really was AWFUL.

If you can't get to see an acupuncturist right away, maybe you could also try milk thistle or dandelion (liver supporting herbs)?
Healthy_Baby's Avatar Healthy_Baby 07:52 PM 04-12-2010
thanks for the advice!
I'm going to drink more water and look into the Milk Thistle And Dandelion.

Is it possible the itching could be PUPPS?
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 09:29 PM 04-12-2010
PUPPS comes with a rash and ends after the baby is born. Liver-related itching is classically on the palms and legs, without a rash (aside from the bloody rash you create from itching -- been there!)

I remember that itching and I feel for you.
salli123's Avatar salli123 11:56 PM 05-28-2014

I'm having the same problem, postpartum hives!!! My hives is the dermatographic urticaria, any pressure against my skin will cause itchy hives. How are you doing Healthy_Baby? any solution of how to get rid of them? 

giboxescalls 01:51 AM 06-01-2014
yes,me too,I'm going to drink more water and look into the Milk Thistle And Dandelion.thanks