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I am shamelessly thieving this thread idea from December 2008, because I've been thinking about it a lot. Also I am just LIKE THAT.

This is my second pregnancy (well, fourth, but second that made it past 9 weeks), and man, it couldn't be more different.

This time:

-Much less nausea -- 2-3 weeks instead of 6 weeks
-Lost a few pounds during first trimester (last time I gained 10 by 14 weeks)
-In much better shape now, getting constant exercise walking to and from preschool, park, market
-Exhausted still, at 15 weeks (last time it stopped earlier)
-Craving salty, stinky things like anchovies (last time it was sweets)

Howsabout you?
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Im kind of in the same boat as you - less nausea, but way more fatigue. Also I feel a lot more hormonal/emotional/cranky (which for some reason makes me think this is a girl ).

Mommy to DS1 5/07 and DS2 1/09 , wife to an awesome hubby. And someone new coming in March!
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Pregnancy #2 here, well technically 6, but #2 that made it past 6 weeks. Here are my differences--

1. Much sicker. With DD all nausea ended by 12-13 weeks, with this one I was still throwing up yesterday. No vomiting with #1. I am PRAYING I'm done....
2. Felt more "stuff" early on. I started feeling stretching and round ligament pain at 4 weeks with this one, and I started feeling baby move by 10 weeks.
3. SOOOO tired. I remember coming home from work and passing out, but I don't remember not having the energy to make it through the day like I do now!
4. Cravings....with DD I couldn't eat any spicy foods, and I loved burgers. This time looking at a burger makes me feel sick, and I am totally craving wings, not snickers bars like with DD.
5. Weight gain -- so far this pregnancy -4 lbs. With DD I had started gaining right away. I am not sure what I was at by 13 weeks, but I know I had gained.

I'm sure there's more...but that';s all I can think of for now....DH and I are pretty convinced that this one is a boy based on the differences, but I'm still holding out hope for another girl first.

Wife to a wonderful DH, Mom to 3 amazing girls and one special boy, IBCLC, supporter of moms. 
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Thread stealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !



I'm a lurker so I have no room to talk. I lurk all the way up to June and all the way to March...sue me! I'm a SAHM and get bored!!!

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I have 2 boys under 3 years old. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I'd have to say this is the most difficult one. I have absolutely no energy. I have been sick on and off since the begining. Nausea just comes and goes all day long. But the worst thing is I am an emotional wreck. I have no patience, I am so quick to get upset, I just feel like an absolute lunatic most of the time.
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I'm way more exhausted (which I'm sure isn't helped by an energetic 2 year old) and I think I feel more queasy more often. I am way short on patience. I feel really badly because I don't think I'm being a very good mama to my 2 year old (but he still seems happy and to love me. And he enjoys the increase in TV which I also feel bad about but it keeps me sane and a bit more rested.)

getting more headaches, too--I get migraines when I am not pregnant, and last time enjoyed a blissful migraine-free pregnancy. The headaches this time don't feel the same as my migraines but they are painful enough and annoying, particularly on top of everything else, and when I can't take the ibuprofen I use for the migraines and am reluctant to take the tylenol I can take.

It IS nice that this time I am not working outside the home, so I am not obligated to be publicly presentable when I don't feel like it, don't have to go out of the house after puking (oh, and I haven't done any of that this time around, knock wood), and don't have to be on my feet like I did when working retail. my son forgives me if I limit my "on feet" time to food, diaper changes, potty trips and the rest of the time play with him on the floor or bed when he wants played with or just answer him when he talks to me. He also doesn't expect much in the way of rational conversation.

And I am very, very lucky to have an understanding husband who's picked up a lot of the slack with laundry and so on. It never gets folded, but we don't much care, either. He also makes sure I have food to eat and gives me "time off" many evenings after he gets home, so I can have a rest from the small person climbing on and around me and yelling. right now I have my laptop in the bedroom with my dinner he brought me while he and our son are out in the living room doing who knows what. I hear them now and again but the rest of the time I am relaxing with my dinner, music, and the internet

(Oh, and he and my best friend think I'm having another boy, but I don't have any hunches either way.)
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I'm HUGE this time!

This is my fourth pregnancy technically (#3 didn't hang on long), but third baby.

Other differences:
I have gained about one pound a week :, I lost weight the first trimester with the first two.

Maybe not as much MS as last time. I think my energy is back sooner. That's about it.

Does that mean I'm having yet another boy?

Mom to 5 amazing kids! (DS10, DS8, DD5, DD3 and DS1)
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With DD, I had the world's easiest PG. No nausea, and I remember reading about the first tri fatigue but never really had it. I lost 9 pounds in the beginning and didn't need maternity pants till about 18 weeks. Didn't look PG till at least 5 months. No major boob changes till late in PG, and then it was only nip color/size. My leg hair growth slowed down to a crawl, which was nice, and was the only old wive's tale that came true regarding gender. Chicken made me gag, and I lost my sweettooth till halfway through the second tri.

This time, I'm exhausted (though it's getting much better), I was queasy all day every day for the first 13 weeks, and I pretty much went from getting that + HPT to maternity pants within a week. I've lost 4 pounds but I have no idea how, since my breasts are huge and my belly is pronounced already. leg hair growth is unchanged or perhaps a bit sped up. I survived the first tri on chicken, but can't stand salad greens. I lost my sweettooth again.
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This is pregnancy #6 for me, baby #5. But it will be my 4th child actually with us because my first was given up for adoption as a teen.

I noticed pregnancy symptoms almost immedietly. With each one it gets earlier. I am really big this time! It has me a bit concerned about twins. Everything else is pretty much the same. I've been tired and nauseated with all my pregnancies except my first.

So far the only real difference is that I look further along than I am.

ETA: I've had much more swelling with this one. Hands and feet. I think it's a combo of the heat and the pregnancy.

Kim, Wife to Michael, Homeschooling Mom to Hannah (14), Aidan (12), Brighton (9), and Oliver (6) and Ephraim (3)  
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Pregnancy #2 for me:

1) I'm exhausted, but not nearly as much as DD's pregnancy. I literally was only awake to work my 8 hour shift (from home, so i didn't have to spend time dressing/commuting), and eat breakfast/lunch/dinner for the whole first trimester. The rest of the time i was sleeping. If it hadn't been for work, I think I'd have slept for 12 straight weeks.
2) DD's pregnancy, no nausea, no morning sickness, felt great in that way. This time, I was so sick all day that I was unable to function until 13 weeks. Now it still comes and goes (and seems to be worse if I haven't been resting enough).
3) I'm in a much angrier mood this time. That was actually one of the first pregnancy symptoms, I was so mad ALL the time that I called up a friend of mine and told her I thought I was going crazy. I'm having much fewer of other emotions though - first pregnancy I literally cried at a car commercial once (it wasn't even supposed to be an emotional one at all), this time I've barely cried at all, just gotten REALLY mad!
4) I've gained less weight, I think, only about 2 pounds so far, but my belly is pooching out earlier and I'm growing out of my clothes faster anyway.
5) Last time, I was packing away every food item in sight and had all kinds of cravings. This time I only eat when I have to, nothing sounds good at all.
6) Last time, no libido AT ALL, the entire time. This time, since I started feeling less sick, I seem to be doing the opposite.

T , mom to S and C
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Given the toddler and different life, this pregnancy seems about the same as the last one. Interesting.
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This is my 4th pg (not counting one that didn't go past week 7) and they've all been very similar. Except each one the symptoms hit a little harder than the last. I've had terrible ms and it's lasted longer. No taste for sweets or coffee until the 2nd trimester. This one has been pretty tough on me and it will probably be my last--so that makes it special even though I've been so sick!

Melissa, loving wife love.gif and mama to 4 girls now! DD 12, DD 10 1/2, DD 4, DD 2 Happily homeschool.gif, doing lots of hang.gif very little sleeping.gifof and as much as I can knit.gifsewmachine.gif reading.gif
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A growing trend BUT

-More nausea
-More hormones(ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY)
-More breastpain
-Lower sex drive
-Lost weight

mommy daddy son daughter = our family
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It is hard for me to compare since my last PG was twins. I am smaller than with the twins, but bigger than with DD. I think my weight gain has been slower than with DD as well. The fatigue is worse than both of the last 2 pg's, but I now keep company with a 5 year old and win 21 month olds, so yeah, that'[s expected. The stuffy nose and headaches have kicked in already, but the nausea has left, that seems about right to me. As far as food cravings, i have none. No preference. I just don't want to have to see the food until it is on my plate. Libido is better than the other pg's. Dh is liking that.

Mama to 4 darlings. A ('03), O and K ('06), A ('09), and wife to M since 2002.
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--less nausea (less meaning no hospital visits this time so far, knock on wood) and the sickness also kicked in later, at 8 weeks instead of 4 weeks.
--more fatigue but of course now I have a toddler...
--showing much, much sooner and into some maternity clothes already
--round ligament pains practically since BFP, last time it wasn't until 17-18 weeks or so (also when I started getting a tiny bump last time...sigh!)
--started feeling the baby move over a month earlier than last time
--last time I spotted the whole first trimester, this time no blood at all (yay!!)
--some aversions are the same (can't tolerate vegetables, tofu, or garlic)
--different cravings; last time I wanted milkshakes, this time it's pasta with red sauce, pickles, and pickle juice.
--less nervous this time around and not in any kind of rush to get this over with since I'm savoring **only** having to get up twice in the night.
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
I'm a SAHM and get bored!!!
Yeah, well, I'm a SAHM and I entertain myself by stealing things! Mwahahahaha!
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This pregnancy is my 4th, and is just like my first two. The difference is that everything is "more".
More fatigue
More emotinal/moodswings
More nausea, and longer
More aversions to foods
More worry

Because it's so similar to the first 2, I feel reassured. My last pg, ended in m/c, had way less symptoms.
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Pregnancy #3; baby #2 for me

-- less severe nausea (just thrown up a few times)
-- more fatigue

Here's the interesting thing for me -- my first is a girl. My loss was a boy. Those pregnancies were pretty similar, so no gender predictions from that. The only difference I've noticed, and I notice this mostly because it is a question on one of the gender prediction quizzes I've seen, is that with dd, the hair on my legs grew fast. With second pregnancy (boy) it hardly grew at all. This time -- I'm a hairy beast again. Girl? I wonder...

Amanda, momma to Caroline (5/31/05) and Mary Elizabeth (1/8/09)
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This is pregnancy #3, but child #2 (first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage). The first 2 were pretty similar in the first trimester. This time around:

- nausea is a little less intense, but it started later. Last 2 times, I was sick pretty much the day the stick turned blue, this time, it didn't really start until almost week 8. I'm at week 12 right now and I'm still sick, last time it was tapering off by now. Also, the last 2 times, it was pretty much an all day thing, where as now it's mostly in the evening/night

- fatigue is a little less intense, but is an all day thing now as opposed to bursts here and there. Probably because of my very high energy toddler.

- I've gained a lot more weight, but was 15 pounds heavier pre-pregnancy last time. I'm also showing a lot more this time around(DH is worried it's twins)

- different cravings. Last time it was mangoes, this time it's bagels and cream cheese.

- my breasts haven't really changed in size, but boy do they hurt! DS is still BF, which could be a reason.

Mom to DS#1 and DS#2 fencing.gif
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