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Eldwin's Avatar Eldwin 07:54 AM 07-18-2008
My regards to everyone. All of us want to earn and make money and to enjoy the freedom that brings. I too want money and freedom, but NO, I don’t want to go by any easy means or fall into scams that make outrageous “overnight” claims on delivering wealth to your doorstep (or in-box!). I simply wish to start by earning a decent income and legitimate enough to recommend and forward to my friends. So, if there is any advice that can be offered or some suggestions regarding making money online in an honest way, please advise. Best to all of you.

my2elliots's Avatar my2elliots 01:58 AM 08-01-2008
I've been wondering the same thing. IS there a real legit online business out there? Besides starting your own business? I just can't do that right now with a baby due in November but I can work my ass off from home