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apmama's Avatar apmama 03:33 AM 12-06-2004
Ok! Lots of stuff to move out! Lots of it new with tags, a few new waldorf dolls, lots of baby clothes, some girl, some boy, maternity and nursing in 3x, wood dollhouse playground set. Take a peek! Under each picture is a description and postage paid price. I take all forms of paypal. Mostly I'm in search of paypal, gift cards to major stores might work or a couple specific diapers. Please let me know if you have a question! Thanks mama's!

lactationmom's Avatar lactationmom 01:54 PM 12-06-2004
It says I have to log in, can you share the log in and password for this album?

Hey, your baby was born on my birthday, what a happy day!!! I love summer birthdays!
shanleysmama's Avatar shanleysmama 05:18 PM 12-07-2004
Check your PM's. Thanks!