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celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 09:38 PM 01-23-2006
I am really in need of the following books for a friend:

"Unassisted Childbirth" by Laura Shanley and "Emergency Childbirth: A Manual" by Gregory White.

I am really broke right now, but I can scrounge up enough paypal if the prices are reasonable Thanks!

Christeeny's Avatar Christeeny 11:02 PM 01-23-2006
I don't know if this is similar to what you are looking for, but my friend is selling a book called Unassisted Homebirth; an act of love.
This may or may not be helpful to you. Here is the link anyways:
I hope this helps.
celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 01:20 AM 01-24-2006
Thanks! I just replied to her.