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sky_and_lavender 12-05-2009 05:16 PM

xposted in "Multicultural" forum

I'm taking my 3.5 month old baby to Lebanon next week. We'll be there for three weeks.

My practical questions: What kind of laundry soap/detergent is available in Lebanon that is compatible with cloth diapers? At home I use ECOS free and clear (but will be switching soon to Charlie's.) My MIL said they have soap flakes (sabon barsh) that she used to use on her babies' clothes and diapers, but I'm not sure what else is available.

While in transit, do you use CDs or 'sposies? Any tips? Our travel to Lebanon will be approximately 20 hours. We've never used 'sposies.

Finally, I've never been to Lebanon as a parent before. Beyond the usual deflection tactics when people question our cosleeping, uber-attached, CDing, EBF methods, is there anything I (an American who has spent many weeks in Lebanon in years past) might want to prepare myself for?

Thank you!

rebe 01-30-2010 07:52 PM

Sorry I didn't see this sooner... how was your trip? Any interesting AP stuff?

I live in Jordan and have only been to Lebanon before kids. But based on what's available here, I would guess there's not much in the way of CD-friendly detergent there. I bring my own Charlie's Soap powder over (which goes a long way, thankfully!) What did you end up doing?

sky_and_lavender 10-22-2010 12:14 AM

Oops! I forgot about this post, but I wanted to answer in case it helps others in the future:

Thanks to rebe, I ended up bringing my own Charlie's Soap, which was a good idea. My MIL was squeamish about washing dirty diapers in the regular washer, so she actually bought a little mini-washer to wash the diapers in. (I didn't ask how much it cost--I hope not too much!) This seemed to work.

Our only issue was that it was the winter and there was no dryer and the diapers were not drying fast enough. I figured out I could dry them on a rack indoors overnight just beneath our room's heater unit. I did have to "supplement" occasionally with disposable diapers, though, when our CDs didn't dry on time.

Now we're getting ready for another trip. Our DD is partially EC'd and doesn't use as many diapers, but I'm going to bring some disposable Gdiapers along with the regular diapers, just in case.

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