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anon7799's Avatar anon7799 02:50 PM 12-15-2011

It's been a while, so hello everyone....


Just read in Haaretz that the Israeli Health Ministry if proposing new regulations to restrict home birth in Israel. These regulations come on top of ones introduced in January 2008 - I wasn't even aware of those!


Read about them here:


But tell me, are the home birth midwives still practicing? We are TTC and assuming everything goes well, would be planning another home birth. (we used Joyce last time, definitely would go for her again, getting nervous that some of the midwives might be run out of their practice - saw this in the late 90s in upstate NY during a modern day witch hunt against HB midwives, wasn't pretty). Anyone know what's going on?  


Is there any action we can take to speak out against these ridiculous regulations, maybe take some collective action to show the Ministry that people do care about this issue? Any way we can support the midwives?

ema-adama's Avatar ema-adama 07:06 AM 12-19-2011

For Israelis.


The petition against these new regulations.

anon7799's Avatar anon7799 07:16 AM 01-04-2012

seems the petition worked!


congratulations! but the work is far from done, so let's keep it up