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3daughters's Avatar 3daughters 01:05 PM 07-14-2006
Originally Posted by jul511riv
I'm just putting out another call to Rechovot mommys!

I'm feeling super lonely ladies. I'm REALLY trying to build a community, but I need to get a playgroup together or soemthing for stay -at-home mommies and babies/toddlers. Anyone else in the Rechovot area or willing to travel a bit to get here? I could maybe get somewhere else.
So who's in?!?!?!?
Have you tried LLL? I was able to build a cute network of friends that I met at meetings when I was on Chufshat Leida with my second. Just looked up their website and it seems that meetings are on Sundays at 10:45 am. It lists the leaders names and numbers on the Peilut BeYisrael page. HTH!

GoodUserNamesTaken's Avatar GoodUserNamesTaken 04:48 AM 07-24-2006
Hey, all!

I just wanted to say I'd love to get together sometime! Right now is just a tough time because we're about to move, and I'm going a little crazy. And with the situation all is pretty stressful. I'm lonely, too!

I'm moving from RBS to BS... Not a big move, but a move, and we are not packed at all! ack!

How is everyone doing?? How is everyone with the current situation? We're not in the "line of fire" (yet), but I still don't sleep well at night at all. It's difficult...
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 06:16 AM 07-24-2006
I'm with you Rachel and ready for a gettogether when you are. Going to Eliat for our annivesary this weekend. I hate AV. I tried to get married in Av so that it would turn the tides and make the month better. *sigh*
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 07:18 PM 07-24-2006
I'm new to the forum, after lurking a little while.
I'm an olah hadashah from Australia (been here 2 years), I live in central Tel aviv with my 3 yo daughter and her dad.
I'm into AP, and I write a column on natural parenting for Shari Arison's magazine, Essence of Life .
I am also a doula, and studying to be a midwife. Most of my experience has been with "unassisted" births, but I'm getting more hospital experience, and I offer my services as a doula, post-partum doula, breastfeeding consultant and natural parenting consultant on a donation basis (which means I work for free but I accept donations )
I also do reiki, intuitive healing, guided meditations, massage and a wicked banana ice cream if anyone in the TA area is interested.
I'm really happy to find this forum and to see that there's a lively Israeli community here, since my hebrew isnt good enough for the beofen-tv.
Anyway, I look forward to getting to know some more like-minded parents!

jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 10:42 AM 07-25-2006
Hey MF! Welcome from Down Under (which I'm sure annoys the crap out of you, but you are welcome to hit me with that as well.)

Okay, so I want to talk with you about your doula services and get together and the whole bit...I have lots of questions. I will PM you with my phone number. Then give me a call if you can! We'll talk.

I'm so excited!

GoodUserNamesTaken's Avatar GoodUserNamesTaken 07:26 AM 07-27-2006
Welcome!! I'm not a doula, but I wrote two books about doulas. I don't want to say here what because I kind of want to keep who-I-am not *that* obvious on public boards, lol. But you can PM if you like, and I'll tell you!

And we all should get together!! As long as you don't mind my two wild boys... oy oy oy... lol

Is there some nice park that is kind of in the middle for all of us that we could get together at sometime?
merpk's Avatar merpk 06:31 PM 07-27-2006

Am waiting to find out about this get2gether. Am less than 2 weeks away b'e'H & b'e'h & tututu ...

If I miss this one, am already waiting for the next one ...

majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 06:05 PM 08-02-2006
Yeah, let's totally get together to meet up sometimes!
If anyone is in the TA area, drop me an IM, I would love to meet!
merpk's Avatar merpk 06:21 PM 08-13-2006
Okay, I'm here. When's the barbecue?
sunshinestarr's Avatar sunshinestarr 06:54 PM 08-13-2006
Welcome Amy!!! Mazal tov!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!
merpk's Avatar merpk 07:23 PM 08-13-2006
ss's am totally ready to meet you, too
Where are you nowadays, anyway?

gilamama was supposed to be here soon, too. Wondering ... did she make it?
sunshinestarr's Avatar sunshinestarr 07:28 PM 08-13-2006
Currently staying in Ginot Shomron. Waiting to go back home!!! I don't know where gilamama is!! Hmmm...
I hope the flight wasn't too long..
merpk's Avatar merpk 07:34 AM 08-14-2006
Actually, the flight was not too long at all. Great ru'akh on the flight, a plane entirely and completely full of people who were all doing the same thing ... wow. Will not elaborate on the fact that all the families with young children filled the back half of the plane ... man, was it noisy. But very, very happy.
GoodUserNamesTaken's Avatar GoodUserNamesTaken 07:37 AM 08-14-2006
Welcome, welcome, Amy!!!!!


I have a question... does anyone know of any GOOD Gyn/Obs? I'm willing to drive an hour away for a good one (I'm in Jerusalem). I have had two experiences here so far, one a check up, one an emergency (hard to explain), and both doctors were terrible. I am actually AFRAID to see an OB here again... except, since I have TTC problems, I will eventually need to go again.

Can anyone recommend someone who is 1) gentle, 2) english fluent, 3) doesn't have israeli attitude, and 4) gentle (). anyone? anyone?
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 09:01 AM 08-14-2006

Yep I can help you there....

Dr. Carlos Rosenberg, Tel Aviv. He was recommended to me by the beoven tv attachment parenting underground.

He is originally from South America, so speaks Spanish as a Mother Tounge.

But, he is also WAY fluent in English and Hebrew, and from what I understand FRENCH as well.

Should cover the bases. Oh, and he's with Maccabi.

Okay, now for my experience....

My good friend went into him having been molested by a dr. She said "I"m here for a check up but you can't touch me." He managed to do exactly as she asked! Same friend was unhappy with her "mama cloth", she wanted something more "tamponish" but not harmful to animals or disposable. He recommended the "keeper," I believe. Now THAT is a savvy dr.

As for me, I came in and said "I believe my health is my responsibility. I'm looking for someone to consult with." And that's where we've been. I ask him which tests are coming up and he tells me and I say "okay, thanks for the info" and he puts in the computer that I've refused the test.

He calls me back when I leave messages for him. He is curteous (though he's got the Israeli brusqueness, what can you do?!) during these calls and makes sure he knows EXACTLY whom he is speaking to before proceeding with the phone call.

My husband wanted the tier II sonigram, I did not. Not convinced of the safety. My husband said "what are the benefits of doing this sonigram?" He looked at me and back and my husband and calmly said "is there any information that I could give you that would make you abort this pregnancy?"


"then you don't need it."

I understand that was a simplified version. Of course there would be more invasive tests before a recommendation to abort...but essentially, he saved us all that crap by taking our personal preference into account.

and finally, I was going out of my mind wanting to know the gender of the baby (he has a sonigram machine in his office), but terrified of the sonigram. He was able to say "you are right, we think it is safe, but we just don't know for certain. The less time the machine is on there, the less time the exposure, which is better. You are welcome to the sonigram or not, it is your call.

When I decided to do it, he said "we may not be able to see gender because of the baby's position, it could take a long time to see the gender and I know that you are concerned about this, so how many seconds or minutes would you like for me to look before stopping?"

"three minutes"

He found it within a minute and a half and immediately turned off the machine. Didn't even make a picture or anything.

Oh, and he has a sign on his desk saying "You CAN birth the way you want, just ask. We did, and are now considering hiring him privately for a homebirth...

Is that enough of a recommendation? Feel free to pm me if you want.

Okay, as for a get together, until we get creative and think of something:

Shalom!! I am here in Jerusalem with my family for three weeks, and some NJP readers have generously organized a wonderful get-together so we can all meet and get to know each other. I would *love* to meet you and your family in person and I really hope you can make it. The gathering will be next Tuesday, August 22, from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at the home of Safirah Rachel Wieder in the Ramat Eskol neighborhood of Jerusalem. Here is the program of this fun & informal event:

11:00 - 12:00 Trager/stress-reduction workshop for moms / baking workshop for kids
12:00 - 12:30 A shmooze with the editor / arts & crafts for kids
12:30 - 1:15 Reflexology for moms / yoga for kids
1:15 - 2:00 Buffet lunch

Suggested donation for lunch: 15 NIS per mom and 5 NIS per child

Come for part of the time or stay for it all. I am looking forward to seeing you and meeting your families!!

For the address & directions and to RSVP, and if you have any questions, please call Safirah Rachel at 02-532-4341. If possible, please respond by Friday, August 18, so she will know how many people to prepare for. Thank you and hope to see you there!


P.S. The new issue is AT THE PRINTER!

Yael Resnick
Natural Jewish Parenting

If anyone is interested.

Oh, and I failed my first driving test. One violation ONLY, but it was a major violation (I thought a whole street was one way, when it was only HALF the street was one way, so I turned into the street in the wrong lane! ARG!!!)

I need to take this again. Love my driving teacher, who was like "you are an excellent diver, you don't need lessons! It could have happened to anybody, get right back in there and retest." So, I guess I"m just asking for maybe some tehilim reading or blessings for the next test (which should be on the 16th B"H) *sigh* Wish I had passed that one!
BelovedBird's Avatar BelovedBird 10:55 AM 08-14-2006
Amy!!! WELCOME HOME!!!! Just give me a call. (I'll PM you my cell #) and maybe we will get together!! YAy!
Justmee's Avatar Justmee 07:56 AM 08-15-2006
Hey just found this tribe

We CD, use mostly fuzzi bunz brought from the states. The larges don't really fit the girls well, and they are outgrowing the rise in the meds, so hopefully their thighs will chunk up or soemthing before we are really stuck. I can't afford a whole new stash of PT.
Justmee's Avatar Justmee 08:05 AM 08-15-2006
Are we having a get together??? PM me! I am so bad at keeping up with boards. We are in Ma'ale Adumine.
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 02:24 PM 08-15-2006
I'd like to get the lot of us together for the Tues Aug22 thing. Please let me know if you are interested and who else will be going. I'm planning on being there (though we need to RSVP to Yael and this other person...)

If you don't know the magazine, it's been described as "Mothering Magazine for Jews".
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 02:25 PM 08-15-2006
I use some FB too! Hang in there...bodies change and FB fit again!
Netanya's Avatar Netanya 07:25 PM 08-15-2006
Hi - I'm new here. My friend from BabyCenter sent me here because I told her I was interested in cloth diapering and didn't know where to look for advice.

I live in Jerusalem and G-d willing my first baby is due in 22 days!

If anyone can recommend a hospital, I'd appreciate it. I know I'm cutting it a little close, but I am just not thrilled with any of the options here (either because of no rooming-in, father's visiting hours, the recovery room (or lack thereof) situation at Ein Karem, etc). I just found out that Tel Hashomer has a natural birthing center and would love to go there but they make you sign up by 30 weeks. I supposedly have gestational diabetes so they probably wouldn't let me give birth there anyway. (I say supposedly because the baby is B"H measuring small, my sugar levels seem ok, and DH is convinced the whole diagnosis was a conspiracy. And then today there was an article in Yediot about a guy whose glucometer - the exact same model I use - kept giing him crazy readings even after he traded it in for a different one, and his drs did tests and ofund that he was fine! My levels were all over the place at first, but then I started double-testing and found that the machine was just extremely inaccurate.)

Anyway, sorry for the novel. Basically I have no idea where I am going to give birth and am very stressed out about it. My doula recommended a "home birth" center run by Ilana Shemesh (, who I plan to call tomorrow - I'm not sure if she'll let me birth there either because of the GD...

I wanted to respond to Rachel's request for an OB/GYN recommendation. I was very unhappy with my first one - after my second misarriage and second round of "it's normal, don't worry about it," I asked around and switched to Dr. Ernst Voss (pronounced Foss). He was great, esp with infertility issues. Unfortunately when I was diagnosed with the GD he told me I had to switch to a high-risk dr (apparently other drs would have continued to see me), but overall I was very happy with him.

Anyway, I'm excited to get to know you ladies. I made Aliyah from Detroit 4 years ago and got married 3 years ago. I have had a different job (or several at once) every year (typical) - mostly in teaching/special ed/childcare - and hope to stay home with my little one when s/he is born.

Thanks for listening,
Netanya in Jerusalem
3daughters's Avatar 3daughters 01:40 AM 08-16-2006
Welcome Netanya!

Sorry, but I don't have any good recommendations for hospitals in J-m. I had my oldest at Hadassah Har Hatzofim and it was a disaster. Zero support from the midwife and a nasty episiotomy. I did, however, have a beautiful view of the Chomot from my room..

I would suggest hiring a doula to accompany you to your birth. You will need the support since the midwives do not stay with you (they are responsible for many laboring women). She will also be able to advocate for you and help you stick with your birth plan.

If you are comfortable with a homebirth/birth center birth and can afford it then do it!!!

I doubt that the GD diagnosis will be a problem especially if your readings have been normal. My friend was just diagnosed with GD by her OB in Israel but her midwife in the US told her that her results were NORMAL!

Where in J-m do you live? I lived in the Katamon area for about a year when I was single. I met and married dh in Israel but we've living in the US for 4 years now : . Planning our return for summer 2008 be'H.
sunshinestarr's Avatar sunshinestarr 04:36 AM 08-16-2006
Welcome Netanya!!
LookMommy!'s Avatar LookMommy! 05:02 AM 08-16-2006
Hi, I live in Arnona (Talpiyot). I came on aliyah 15 years ago and my 3 children (dd12, ds10, and dd5) were all born here. The oldest at Har Hatzofim with a wonderful midwife and labor coach (but no rooming in or nursing help), the second at Misgav Ladach (labor coach didn't make it in time - I was there for 7 minutes), and third at home with Ilana Shemesh (waited an hour for her, then gave birth an hour later).

I have plenty of LLL friends and new mom friends (crunchy and otherwise) if you want to give me a call at 672-0845.

Best of luck, Lisa
twinkltoes's Avatar twinkltoes 08:49 AM 08-17-2006

I am collecting info on various communities up north in the hopes that someday we can move there. Where do you live? Can you give me details? Population? Percentage religious and what stream? Religious school options for (now) 5th grader and another one behind her? Public transportation yes/no? Shuls? Nearest city? Cultural events? Percentage of Anglos? Etc. Etc.

twinkltoes's Avatar twinkltoes 08:52 AM 08-17-2006
Oooops, my last post was directed to northern community.

Still trying to figure out this site.....

twinkltoes's Avatar twinkltoes 08:54 AM 08-17-2006

I'm 34 and at my last gyno appointment I was given a (routine) referral to have a mammogram done. I am suspicious of the radiation risks involved and haven't done anything about it but it's on my mind.

Does anyone know anything about thermography as a screening method? I know it's done in the US. Doesn't any place here do it? If so where and how much does it cost? Any idea?

jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 09:35 AM 08-17-2006

I'm so glad you are on here. there is a HUGE Tzfat population up north on these lists, which I know we've talked about. Not sure what else is up there... anyways, Sunshine Star is up there too...that is my friend with the brand new baby!!! MAZEL TOV!!!

And again a reminder to the group...Natural Jewish Parenting gathering is coming up. Sure would love some company there from the Mothering boards.
merpk's Avatar merpk 06:16 PM 08-19-2006
Hey, Avigayil, don't leave Rekhovot till after I get there ... b'e'h this Wednesday, to be sorta precise.

Back in Nakhla'ot for Shabbos (we were in Rekhovot last Shabbos, but in Nakhla'ot for the next day after that) and finally have Internet. Yay. Staying at the merkaz klita in Beersheva is ... um ... Internetless. Putting it mildly. Am in awe at what a spoiled American I am. There are folks staying there for years (despite the 6mo maximum we were told about by the Sokhnut). Learning experience it is.

Hoping y'all northerners are doing okay and that you came home to, well, reasonably intact homes.
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 08:13 PM 08-19-2006

Grrl, why didn't you call me?!

Merkaz Klitah living. All i can say is I was there in Arad. Umhum. (nodding head face, but too lazy to look it up in the smilies) Hang in there. Can't WAIT till you are here.
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