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February 2009 > Hormones vs "baby blues" vs PPD
monkaha's Avatar monkaha 08:27 PM 03-07-2009
What's the difference/where does one end and the next start?

Just, you know, hypothetically.

JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 11:23 PM 03-07-2009
I am not an expert but I always thought hormones and baby blues were the same thing. : I am going through some baby blues, but there is a lot going on in my life that is stressful other than having a baby. I'm just crying about it more than I usually would.
monkaha's Avatar monkaha 11:22 AM 03-08-2009

yeah, i'm feeling very..... fragile. like i'm just about to cry. any little thing will set me off. i hate it-i'm not a crier. feeling a bit overwhelmed too, but whether that's a normal transition thing or a sign of something more, i dunno. i'd forgotten just how much the early pp period sucks. blech.
JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 02:06 PM 03-09-2009
I'm a crier, but I HATE IT. It makes me feel weak, KWIM ?
mamakaya's Avatar mamakaya 05:22 PM 03-09-2009
in my opinion, the baby blues/hormones can be easily fixed and the PPD is something that takes a little more looking in to. i had my baby on the same date as you, OP, (feb 25) and the baby blues kicked my butt our first week at home. but it would get better if i had a good meal, a good sleep, a good shower, or something like that. it seems to me like things are more serious than a touch of the baby blues of those things don't make it better, if talking doesn't make it better, and if you can't imagine a time when things could ever get better, and all those feelings last for a couple of weeks or more.

a person's mental health history would play into this big time as well, but thats more for the experts to contemplate than an internet message board. if you had any previous history with anxiety or depression, and were talking to someone about persistant baby blues or whatever, i'd mention the previous issues. i was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder earlier in my life. it "went away" during my pregnancy, for whatever reason, i just didn't have any symptoms. now that i have a teeny little baby and a lot on my mind, i'm paying attention to my body and mind's reaction to things. is this triggering old issues or is it just from the hormones? do i need to talk to the doctor about meds again or will this just pass over?

anyways, just my two cents.