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Now that Liliana is 2 months old..I know, I know..I kinda suck

So on Feb 17, 2009 I was 3 days past my due date. I was very big AND very miserable. Since 37 weeks I had teaser labor pains. My feet and ankles were swollen, my back hurt, heartburn was worse than it had ever been before. Anytime I would stand up I'd get dizzy, and sciatica pains would kick in. Liliana had no room to move and there was constantly some body part sticking out! Making my tummy look seriously lopsided! I got up early in the morning to take care of Abigail and get ready for the appointment with Kelli, my MW. I however had some time to set and relax at my computer and talk to some people. I felt slightly crampy and just plain ached everywhere. Had I been contracting in my sleep all night? Was Liliana posterior instead of anterior again? I figured it was nothing to get excited about and we went to the appointment. The car ride was very uncomfortable, my ass hurt so badly from all the pressure from Lili's head against my cervix. I had checked dilation a couple days before and was only about a 2..maybe a 3. Her head was in fact very very low. I was constanly able to feel her little hands moving down by my pubic area, if I was very still you could see the movement and even feel from the outside. The whole entire pregnancy she loved to keep her hands by her face, exactly like her older sister Abigail.
We arrived at Kelli's office and nobody was there, she had been running a tad late. So we walked around the garden surrounding her home. It was a beautiful day, perfect for having a baby! Abi played in the sand and, I was just hoping I had made some progress of some sort. About 10 minutes later Kelli and her assistant arrived and offered to check me. I was about 3 cm dilated, she was able to stretch me to 4cm and strip my membranes.
We talked for a while, she checked my fundal height. It was 37 weeks, 37 weeks! I was over 40. The reason it was measuring small was due to Liliana's head being so low. The MW gave me some homeopathics, my body was ready for labor. Keli also gave me a foot and calve massage. While I was sitting trying to relax the contractions started coming. The MW and doula could see mt belly turn red every time I contracted. We were finally able to leave, about half way home I noticed the ctx were getting more intense but still tolerable. Brian said he needed to get a few more hrs of work in so I went about my day. It was a good thing he was still home because things were really moving along. I had noticed in the car they may have been regular but did not time them. I had also remembered we needed things from Walmart, last minute birth items. I had a feeling this was it! So to Walmart we went, it was also helping the ctx along too. IDK how long we spent in Walmart, there were so many things we needed. Food, a fitted sheet, a shower curtain to line the mattress. Plus I need some pads and old lady So as we were walking I just knew I was in labor, I was very uncomfortable. I told Brian we needed to hurry up and get home. I had a ton to do before anyone came over. I was determined to have the apartment cleaned before anyone arrived! So we went to get into line to check out, the whole time the cart was supporting me. Standing in one place while contracting every 5 to 7 minutes is all kinds of uncomfortable! Then Brian and I got into an argument over scissors. I was so pissy so I threw the package and said f$%k it rather loudly. At that point I really wanted to be home
It was taking forever standing in line, I was becoming very very irritated. I am sure the cashier thought I was a mega bitch. I had an excuse, I was 40 weeks 3 days pregnant and in labor! We finally got out of the store and were on our way home. The car ride was so uncomfortable. I just wanted to be home geting things ready for Lili. We got home not even 10 minutes later, it felt longer though. As I was stepping out of the car I noticed I lost my plug! There was also plenty of bloody show too. I was still not timing the contractions. I was very aware I was in labor and wanted to just be left alone to collect my thoughts. I got to work picking up the apartment. Dusting, vacuuming, washing my covers, preparing the bed, and getting my food ready. My mom was making dinner and Brian was surfing the web. I finally asked if he could come and finish the bed because it was painful for me to do it. I still don't think it had sunk it that I was in labor. Finally dinner was done and I tried to eat, I just was no hungry. I noticed the ctx were getting very intense and continuing bloody show. I decided the tub would be a great option for me. So I got up and informed Brian I wanted to take a bath. I wanted to relax and he was to watch Abigail. Well somehow Abigail ended up in the tub with me! I was slightly irritated but she wanted in and, I did not want a fit! So we played in the tub awhile, and finally got out. IDK what time it was but I decided to start timing them. So we found and online timer, Brian started timing them. They were about 50 to 60 seconds long and 2-4 minutes apart. I had completely bypassed the 5 minutes apart! So I called Kelli and said, I had just started timing my contractions and they were 2 to 4 minutes apart and about 50 seconds long. She said she was eating dinner and as soon as she was done she'd head over. All this time I was IMing with I was talking to Betsy and Megan informing them of everything. It was like an Internet Baby Story!

I had decided I wanted to get in the tub after chatting awhile. So I went and started the bath again, the ctx were really intense! I got the tub filled and climbed in, so perfect! I just sank as far as I could into the water. Abigail came into the bathroom and poured water on my tummy. It was like she could tell I was uncomfortable and wanted to help. I finally has to sit straight up in the tub, but my back hurt so badly. So Abigail was taking cup fulls of water and pouring it on my back! It was then I wondered what was taking Kelli so long to get to us. Just then I heard the knock at the door, finally! Kelli and her assistant/doula Maggie came into the bathroom to see me. I told them how I was feeling and we chatted a bit. They then excused themselves so they could get things ready for us. It was then I decided I wanted out of the tub so I could move around and squat a bit. Plus I was wondering if they needed help finding things around the apartment. I was so excited, I was really in labor! I would have my baby in my arms soon! Kelli and Maggie asked for the crock pot to get the warm compresses ready, so I showed them where it was. They were unpacking everything and Abigail was helping. It was easy to tell she could feel the birth energy. It is a beautiful thing if you've ever seen/felt it. Everyone was so energetic tonight. My mother was helping with Abigail and they were well. Maggie started timing my ctx, 2-4 minutes apart but over a minute long. We were all just sitting around and chatting away. Abigail was busy playing with her chefs outfit and making 'food'. The food was her plastic playfood. It was soooo cute! I finally decided I was hungry and went to make myself a bowl of soup, sadly it did not taste very well. The contractions were becoming much more intense and I finally excused myself from IMing my friends. I then started concentrating on coping with the pain. I would squat and breathe with every contractio. I also then asked Kelli to check me. I was at 7cm, she also broke my bag of water. She refered to me having a hefty bag up I got up and water was still gushing everywhere. I went to the bathroom changed and put on a pad. She also suggested I sit on the birth stool to open up. I did and it was very comfortable for me. It was so funny, with each contraction water would just flow all over the chux pad. I think we went through like 3 or 4 of them. For all you HB mama's you know those things hold a ton! I started referring to my water coming out to the scene in "Scary Movie 2". The doula and my mom were dying laughing. It was so funny and a great discration from the pain. I asked Brian to come and take a picture, he looked at me like I was insane. I mentioned being hungry and asked for a snack so Brian went about making me some popcorn, with ranch topping. He made a ton and we all ate popcorn and continued chatting. I then decided I wanted to get into the tub AGAIN. I stayed in for only a few minutes because the tub did not cover my tummy enough to bring any sort of comfort. It was around this time I got into my serious mode. This was getting serious and I needed to devote all my atttention to bringing my beautiful baby into the world. I wanted to go and rest but was unable to. I really felt as if I needed to push, so Kelli said I could. I undressed my bottom half and she told me to listen to my body. She also asked if she could check me. I was only 9cm and Liliana was posterior. I started to get really frustrated, I just wanted this baby out! She asked if I could get into the hands/knees position. I was slightly hesitant to do so but did anyways. It was beyond painful to try and stay that way. Maggie then started massaging my back and applying counter pressure. She showed Brian how to do it and it worked for awhile. I finally lost it and flipped onto my side. Kelli checked the HR and it was beautiful. Just as it had always been throughout my pregnancy. It was then I started becoming very very vocal and wanted Brian by my side. My mom was sleeping, as was Abigail. So we shut the door as not to wake them. I also needed some oxygen, my body was working very hard. I tried practice pushing on my side, back, and on my hands and knees. Nothing seemed to be working! I was feeling everything in my back. So Kelli asked to check me again. Liliana the little stinker was now facing my left side...intead of her face being in my back end. Sooo I lost it, just broke down and cried. It was quite disappointing to hear. I was in pain and wanted my baby. Maggie was very comforting and encouraging. She told me to let it all out. I did felt amazing! I finally just had to push so I did, with each push I screamed. Maggie reminded me that if I focused my screaing into low moaning I'd make better progress. I tried to scream down into my bottom. I could feel my precious baby desend with each push. I told her, I am going to get you out. I will push you out baby. Brian kept offering me water and stroking my cheeks. He is an amazing man to have around while in labor. He is so calm and layed back..just perfect. I kept reaching down to see if I could feel her head. I could feel a bulge, would she be here soon? I continued to be vocal and just listen to my body. I pushed for as long as I wanted. No damn counting to 10 or people telling me what to do. I was in charge, this was my body, my child, my labor. At this point I was swearing..just a bit though. I am usually not a cusser either, well when company is over! I told Brian to turn that sh*&ty music off, and to get this baby the f^&k out of me. I told him "do something" his reply was "what can *I* do?" Umm of course I had no answer for that. I was just at that point in labor where you think you cannot do it. My mom had been popping in and out of the room all along. I was so happy for her to be at the birth! All of us were born via Ceserean Section. What a great first birth for her to be at.
I kept asking if I was doing well and if Lili was coming. Everyone reassured me I was doing great and Lili was coming soon. Finally I could start to feel the top of Lili's head and was truly remotivated. The next thing I remember was an intense pain that made me scream. I do mean scream loudly. It was then I realized she was crowing, that "ring of fire" will get ya every time. Kelli and Maggie asked Brian to go wash his hands. We had decided early in the pregnancy that he would catch our daughter. No gloved hands for this babe at all all. I asked him to hurry and get down there. I wanted her out what can I say? I raised up and looked down in amazement at what my body had accomplished! There was my beatiful baby girl, with tons of hair
I felt the next contraction coming and pushed with all my stength. Kelli helped deliver the shoulders and told Brian to get into place. It was so funny poor brian did not know exactly what to do. They had him grab her the right way, and I pushed. It was then that Liliana Marie Sander was born, into her fathers loving hands. All I remember saying was, honey our baby, our baby! She is finally her. He had the biggest smile on his face. Brian placed her in my arms and I just examined every part I could. I did however ask if she was really a girl when she came out. She was perfect, just perfect. Nothing could bring me down right now. There is not and never will be another thing compared to seeing your child for the first time. It is an unbreakable bond, an everlasting love. Nothing and I mean nothing can measure up. A short while later I delivered the placenta and the cord was cut. I was already feeding my baby girl too. Just perfect right? They took Lili to be cleaned and I showered myself. I went back and started making phone calls to deliver the news. Brian went to get Abigail so she could meet her little sister. Of course it was love at first sight, Abigail was fasinated with her. Finally Kelli started the NB exam. All was perfect..everything was just right. Liliana weighed 9lbs 4oz...I big jump from Abi who only weighed 7lbs 10oz. Finally Kelli and Maggie left and we started to settle down for the night. I felt so great, it was insane. I was so happy to have such an amazing birth.
Lili is now 2 months old and fat and happy, she nurses like a pro. Weighs about 12lbs and is super long.
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Congratulations! :

It sounds like everything went perfectly!

Mama to my charming little boy, born at home January '09
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What an amazing birth story. Congrats mama!

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