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Cherry Alive's Avatar Cherry Alive 12:45 AM 11-10-2008
The more I'm getting to know the patterns of my LO's movements the more I think she is going to take after DH and me. She can be very active, but whenever someone puts pressure on my belly (except me) she usually stops moving and hides. Despite the fact my belly bounces on a regular basis (to the point you see it moving), poor DH has only gotten to feel his daughter kick once.

DH has always been a cautious, quiet guy (though not shy), and I was very cautious/shy as a child.

Could our daughter have inherited that? What are the chances her womb personality continues once she "breaks out"?

nerdymom's Avatar nerdymom 12:56 AM 11-10-2008
I definitely think this LO has a personality all shim's own. As for whether it continues outside the womb, well, I'll let ya know when I do.
Larissa's Avatar Larissa 01:12 AM 11-10-2008
I've never noticed any sort of pattern of "in the womb" personality in regards to their later developing personality. All of my babies have been big movers in the womb, and at one time or another all of them moved away from my hands when I was trying to feel, and other times they didn't. There was never any real predictable pattern. But as they are developing even in the womb, I suspect that they are developing personality too. Maybe I am just not intuitive enough to figure those subtleties out.
Just1More's Avatar Just1More 12:12 PM 11-10-2008
Mine have definately been who I thought they were before they were born. dd is timid and quiet, ds is hard to get to know, stand-offish/his own man. This baby feels like it's personality is "ah, whatever." It runs when we try to get it's heartbeat, and will run from anyone but me trying to touch it. And if I change postions, it will switch to whatever is the "easiest" whichever side I lay on, even if I keep rolling back and forth several minutes apart, the baby will switch to the side that's closest to the bed, over and over. It's kinda funny, really.

Their labors matched their personalities, too. DD's was slow and I was SO tired and lethargic. DS's was fast and I was full of energy. That's them. I'm really excited to see if this baby is who I think it is, too!
Unconventional1's Avatar Unconventional1 07:40 PM 11-10-2008
I definitely think they develop part of their personality in the womb. DS would only let me feel him, except for a few times with DH. He is still shy/reserved. His personality has become more complex, obviously, but he is still the same guy I got to know while pregnant with him. This LO feels very much more laid back than her brother, and seems patient compared to him as well.

We always "choose" names based on their personality (although it always feels like we get guidance from them while choosing). I have a great book on names called The Secret Universe of Names by Roy Feinson, it describes how the phonetics in a name actually affects that person's personality/destiny to an extent. So far all but maybe one or two people who I have looked up fit their description.
eewieew's Avatar eewieew 07:51 PM 11-10-2008
I'm on the bridge between this ddc and March, tho I hang out in March, but I had to respond to this.

My STBX husband is and has always been a completely nocturnal being. ALWAYS. His mom tells me stories about him breaking all of the eggs on the floor at 2am, quietly playing by himself at all hours, etc.

The other night, I woke up at around 1am and found my baby to be having a party in there. Seriously, she kept me up until around 4:30am, and fell off, to awake again at around 10. JUST LIKE HER FATHER.

So I do sort of believe that they develop some sort of personality in there. I mean, why wouldn't they? I wonder if any studies have ever been done about this..
JosieAK's Avatar JosieAK 08:53 PM 11-10-2008
My MIL says that while my BIL was active and kicked to the point of pain, my husband was quiet and rarely kicked. This completely matches their personalities: the agressive, dominant older brother and the quiet, contemplative younger brother. My mother says that I was a an active flipper, twisting and turning around while my younger brother kicked like he had army boots on. I was definitely an active, high strung child, while my brother was all grunt and little boy business.

With this being my first and having nothing to compare the kicks and flutters to (I LOVE it, by the way), I have to just guess. So far, I wouldn't say that this baby is extremely active or very athletic, but I do feel a lot of action. I get the sensation that my baby is "swimming" as I'll get kicks followed by the pressure of an arm or leg moving briefly against my side. When I put pressure on my stomach, I get directed kicks in that area--even as direct as at a fetascope (you can tell it was me the novice using it not the midwife as I was in completely the wrong area). The baby likes me walking or singing and will be still and gets really active when I settle in somewhere quietly. Thankfully the baby doesn't keep me awake, but my husband says that the best time for baby watching is while I'm asleep as my tummy will bump and jump.

I'm getting the impression of a very inquisitive, out-going little person who is trying to reach out to us, but yet not active to the point of hyperactivity. I've started singing lullabies and talking in my baby voice while gently rubbing my tummy. I hope my baby knows how much I love it!
Cherry Alive's Avatar Cherry Alive 08:59 PM 11-10-2008
I definitely think there's a strong mommy-daughter connection going on. Every time I start to feel panicked she's not moving enough, she kicks me at least once (usually in the bladder—little stinker).

The other night I did something really interesting that made my LO react. I started firmly rubbing around the outer part of my belly in a large circle. Then, I'd stop and say softly, "I love you." (yes, mushy)

Each time I did that and paused, she'd kick once. It was so cool!

I was wrong about her hiding from everyone, but me, though. She seems to like one of our poms. She's been especially active near him since he's had knee surgery (he likes to snuggle against the belly lately). Maybe they have a connection, too?
kohlby's Avatar kohlby 04:32 PM 11-11-2008
My first child was a wild man with his movements. Even once he had no room left to move, he still moved like crazy! He was/is a rather spirited and active child from birth. My daughter was quite active, but it wasn't constant. However, I thought some of this was due to me focusing on my first child and not paying as much attention. She is very active compared to other kids I see, but she has a sense of direction and isn't wild, just on the move. (I forget she's active since I cant' help but compare her to my first! Other parents comment on her being so active and then I look around and realize she really is. So, even while she's out, I still fall into the habit of needing to focus on my first more!) This one is active but not a wild child yet. He does get super active when my stomach growls though so I'm wondering if he'll be more sensitive to noise!

*One really cool thing after birth I noticed was that the baby's movement inside were the same as the movements outside! If you use a sling a lot, you'll notice this even more since it's more like an outside of the uterus womb!
Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 12:21 AM 11-12-2008
I noticed a difference in the way my first daughter acted in the womb to how my second daughter acted in the womb. there womb personalities seemed to be pretty accurate tot heir out of the womb personalities. This little one is also different then either of her sisters.
LionTigerBear's Avatar LionTigerBear 06:36 PM 11-12-2008
I absolutely get a feel for my baby's personalities in the womb. For me, I can't tell from their movements so much, I just sense their energy. This is a huge part of how we choose the name. This little girl is Eliza. It's actually not my favorite name-- wasn't ever on any of my baby name lists, at all-- but that's the name that fit her perfectly. DH and I both sensed it immediately!

With my first pregnancy, I kept getting the energy of roses and angels, and also a very practical side to the personality-- and I thought it was a girl . . . nope, a very artisitic, sensitive, practical little boy! We named him after an angel.

With my second son I was pretty sure he was a boy from the get-go because he has a very "sporty" feel to his energy-- I knew he would be a little bruiser and he is! I also got a sense of a powerful will, so we named him Teddy after the president Theodore Roosevelt. And it fits him-- he is very physical and athletic, with a very strong, stubborn will.

With this girl, I sense-- it's hard to explain-- an interesting mixture of delicacy and strength, leadership-- the word "dignity" comes to mind. I think she will enjoy dressing up and all that girly stuff. There's a LOT of sweetness there. But I also sense humor and a slight quirky streak. I keep seeing her helping me out in the kitchen, so I think she will enjoy cooking. But then, that's probably a given, since me, dh, the boys all love to cook-- haha, she'll be the odd one out if she doesn't like to cook!
k13's Avatar k13 03:30 PM 11-14-2008
I'm seriously hoping this little girl is NOT as "spirited" as she feels.

I have one daughter who is/was very mellow and one who has ADHD symptoms and bounces off the wall. She was that way from birth. She kicked a hole in her amniotic sac! She also had terrible colic. I dread going through that again, I am praying that I won't get another one like that - it just makes me tired to even think about it.

I feel bad that I can't remember much about my first, granted that was 12 years ago and she is mellower and it was my first... I don't recall the second seeming any more "feisty" in the womb necessarily but she certainly was as an infant. It's partly why I waited so long and was hesitant to have another -she was/is a very high needs child.

This one seems pretty active... but I can't really say if it is more or less! Oh well... time will tell!