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Ack, i am so not.

So far diapers have been washed 3 times in an attempt to prep them (UBCPF's). That is not enough for them to be ready yet. And that is just the preemie size, I haven't gotten to the infant size or the small pockets yet at all.

Clothing is washed but only 1/2 put away.

I don't know where he is going to sleep. We do have a pack n' play, but it was a hand me down that i haven't even opened yet. I have no idea what condition it is in.

DD has recently decided her bed is for chumps and she wants to be in our bed full time. Great, perfect timing.

I still need to get a few parts for our pool (like the hose and pump, you know, essentials).

I am officially off work starting next week thanks to my wonderful MW fibbing a little for me (white lie, right) so hopefully I will feel much more prepared come next Friday. Coincidentally, next Sat I will be cleared to have a HB (37 weeks) so I think it is good timing really.

So ,where are you with all that needs to be done?

W (26) and C (27) parenting G (11/06 ) and D (2/09 ) plus a new one (3/11)
Sometimes the greener grass is actually AstroTurf, a false promise and nothing more.
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i feel way more prepared than i was with dd#1 but there's still a few things on my list...
-get one or two more NB covers
-get online and figure out how to fold PF's the right way this time!
-dye moby wrap if possible?
-put away dd's 24 months clothes
-stock the fridge with groceries and the freezer with meals
-get the hose for the pool and a net for scooping (dp's job)
-order mini crib to be used as bedside cosleeper/changing table
-print pix of dd to get in albums and in frames (labor project?) i've been puttin' this one off for a looooong time!

i think that's it-i'm off to clean the house up-mw's are coming for the home visit this afternoon!
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Well, dh was home today so he rearranged our room to fit the cosleeper in it. The dipes are washed and put away. The carseat is in the car. The house is messy but we live in a tiny place with a 4 yearold, so I am not worried about it being super clean.

I think I am about as ready as I am going to be which is good cause I have been doing things to hopefully prepare my body for baby to come sooner rather than later. The OB who was right there with me all along decided to mention induction at last weeks appointment.
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We're getting a washer/dryer tonight (yay for craigslist!) so I'll start washing the baby stuff tonight. We have the travel system, pack n play, sling, breastpump, etc. So I'm set there. We got a car yesterday (minivan, actually) so we'll be able to fit her carseat. I'm starting to feel we're getting there. I even bought a baby care cart that I'm going to put together tonight and start storing the baby stuff there to make more room in our closet.

However we still need to find a hose and faucet adaptor though. And that's proving to be very difficult around here. We've checked 5 places and no one has a drinking water safe hose anywhere. And I just can't afford spending $50 on a Python aquarium hose. So I'm still trying to figure out where to go with that.

I'd like to get about 4 more AIO's, 4 more pockets, 4 more covers, and some microfiber towels to use as stuffers in the pockets. Then I'd feel semi-comfortable with our diapers. In fact... all we have left aside from the diapers are:

goldenseal capsules (I couldn't remember if I needed root or herb for the cord stump though)
loose comfrey
pump to drain (preferably)
comfy undies
after birth pads
empty capsules (for dried placenta)
squirt bottle

That's it. All small things. Though not all easy to find around here. Grrrr.
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We've been working every Sunday to get ready for bean, but we are so far from ready it isn't even funny. I did wash a bunch of her clothes, but I need to put them away, and the nursery has been mostly cleaned out, of course we don't actually use it for anything, but it is good to go.

Our bedroom still needs a few things done including setting up the pack and play, the living room is so beyond not ready for an infant, it is very nice for a toddler though , we still need to get all the gear out of the attic and get the car seat together and into the car, and none of the newborn diapers have been washed or put away yet, I did lanolize one pair of longies though.

And of course I am having real contractions today too, just to make everything seem so much more urgent, sigh.

Sarah nak.gif married to DH Dan (August 2001) dh_malesling.GIF and Mommy to DS Desmond (April 2007) pinktongue.gif, DD Eloise (March 2009) hearts.gif and Sullivan (March 29, 2011) babyboy.gifselectivevax.gifdelayedvax.giflactivist.gifcd.giffamilybed2.gif
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I'm happy to say that I'm getting there. I feel a lot less overwhelmed than even a week ago before the shower, when we weren't sure what all we were going to have to spend money on. We bought a dresser (yay clearance scratch-and-dent!) last night and need to put it together. Then, I'll be able to start organizing clothes and diaper stuff. We've got the co-sleeper and the stroller put together. Still need to put the carseat in the car (we'll do that this weekend, assuming it's not snowing) and then, other than packing our hospital bag, we're set. Man, that's nice to say! LOL.

Wife to Phil, Mom to Saoirse (3/09), and Niamh (1/12)  waterbirth.jpg.crochetsmilie.gif

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I'm pretty much ready. Things have just fallen into place.

I could stand to wash the dipes a few more times, but I think they'll do for now.

I need to purchase a diaper pail, put the carseat in the van, throw a few odds and ends in the hosp bag. But, other than that, we are ready.
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We're about ready. I need to:
  • buy a diaper pail
  • buy coffee for the midwives
  • make some muffins to freeze in case we don't have an evening labor
  • keep the house clean so i'm not distracted in labor
  • install the car seat

I think that's about it though!

Homebirthing mama of 2
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We did a whole bunch of stuff last weekend, and I am feeling much better about being prepped. We cleaned house, I froze several meals, washed the clothes/blankets that are hand-me-downs, got all the birth stuff assembled in one place, and did the taxes. So what’s left?

I had a baby shower at work yesterday, and am having one at church on Sunday- so I will need to wash the smallest clothes/blankets that I received.

I will need to go early next week and get a few odd and ends that we need if we don’t get them at the shower- I am thinking it will probably be: couple more diaper covers, changing pad, nursing pillow, and some lansinoh.

My mom is taking me on my b-day (the 26th) to buy new nursing bras. I still have a couple in my drawer though that will be fine for the first few days/weeks if the baby makes an appearance before then.

I need to wash the new prefolds we bought to fill in our diaper supplies- I need to not procrastinate on this one because I expect to need to wash and dry them about half a dozen times.

We need to install the infant car seat in the car.

DS is going to choose the baby’s first outfit, so I need to get him to choose- not easy when you’re 4!

I need to hit the natural food store and make sure my pantry is really stocked up- planning this for Saturday. I like the idea of freezing some muffins- as someone else mentioned- so I might do this too. Maybe if I am ambitious I might make a big batch of waffles and stick them in the freezer too. The kids love freezer waffles.

Last but not least- we need to choose a name for this baby!
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All I have left to do is to put up the cosleeper.

Kristin- Wife to J, Mommy to B (11), M-S (8), and little J (4) and J&J (7 months)
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Seeing what all you guys have done makes me realize how very, very, very much I have to do.

Wife to an amazing man love.gif, mommy to 3 wild dudes: ds1 (5/23/05 @ 30 weeks), ds2 (3/5/09) hbac.gif, and ds3 (9/26/10) hbac.gif. Part time librarianread.gif, full time mommysupermod.gif, occasional chef and maid.

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I think you are doing just fine.

I have 4 bags of little girls clothing that I can't wash until the baby is born and I know the gender.

I only prepped my prefolds by washing them twice. I figure, we'll be around the house and I can change the baby a little more often.

I got in a big argument with DH a few nights ago. I wanted him to move the crib to our bedroom (we're planning to sidecar it). It requires him to take everything apart to get it through the doorways.

Saturday is the first day I'm cleared for HB @ 37 weeks. But, I still have to work next week.

Expecting a boy? Be sure to check out MDC's Case Against Circumcision!
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I have the major stuff done :

- car seat was installed by police last week

- put the pack n play (for naps) together

- washed all the newborn sized baby clothes

- cloth diapers and wipes are washed

- steam cleaned carpets

- most of the house is pretty clean

Stuff I still need to do :

- make wipe solution

- do some more cleaning

- get "big brother" t-shirts for my older kids

- bring the swing home from work that was given to me

- pack my hospital bag

- list some stuff on craigslist/amazon

- do a budget for the 3 months when i'll be out of work

I plan on doing more cleaning, packing my hospital bag and bringing the swing home from work this weekend. Next week I'll probably do the rest. I'd like to be 100% ready by 38 weeks which is 12 days away!!!
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I feel pretty good with how much I've managed to do while still working FT.

- almost all waterbirth supplies ready (problem with hose adapter) water heater turned up
- baby clothes/towels/blankets/etc washed and put away ready to use
- all birth supplies in one place
- crib sidecarred. (look in my blog!)
- some food frozen, never enough
- 99% of diapers ready (tons of pockets and inserts and covers and AIOs ready)
- diaper area completely set up
- 85 million slings and wraps ready
- swing/bouncy seat ready
- books and toys area prepped (which is no small feat in our little nyc 1 BD!)
- bfeeding nest set up with supplies
- PP cloth pads and witch hazel wipes and all that stuff set up in bathroom

not done:
- car seat tech appointment this sat to install
- prepping new premmie prefolds and lanoizing new wool cover right now
- didn't buy stroller yet but not worried about that before he comes (bugaboo bee)
- buying PP herbs this week
- haven't settled on ped yet but have interviewed some
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I haven't done anything yet aside from purchasing a car seat.

Most pressing is getting the hb supplies...

Fortunately, my last day at work is tomorrow so I'll get everything done over the next month.
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I'd like to get some more prefolds made & some small covers. Done the newborn ones. I can probably manage if I don't get them done, though.

Need to wash all the diapers & covers I've made & try to keep up with my laundry.
I want to give the bathroom a really good cleaning at least once more before the baby comes.
I need something to put the baby's clothes in. Atm, everything is in bags.
I have 3 bags of stuff to go to the clothing exchange.
I'd like to see a chiro, but I think I may have run out of time. Not sure if it's because of being sick or if it's my body getting ready, but I've been in the bathroom a lot the last few days. Pretty sure it's not stress, since it started before everything happened last night.

Think I'm pretty much done, just lots of little stuff I'd like to get sorted but don't desperately need to do. Thankfully, not sure how much I'm up for the next few days.

BTW: quick way to prepare prefolds is to boil them for 20-30 minutes. Saves a whole bunch of washing.

mom to all boys B: 08/01ribboncesarean.gif,  C: 07/05 uc.jpg, N: 03/09 uc.jpg, M: 01/12 uc.jpg and far too many lost onesintactlact.gifsaynovax.gif

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We have a bunch of meals cooked, everything else is ready EXCEPT cloth diapers. We're so cheap that we don't want to buy more (we have 14 given to us) and dh wants to use prefolds which is GREAT because they are cheaper (he grew up using prefolds on lil brothers and sisters). But then we thought we'd just make some, and I haven't done that yet.

They should be easy to sew, once I just get the fabric cut. But with homeschooling and scouts and all of our volunteer work, it just has not happened. So sew them and wash a few times to puff them up like a prefold should puff up, and we'll be set. At the very least, we can use some disposables until I do get them done if I have to wait. (dh will be off for a few weeks)

Nine kids run.gif and four angel.gif, living and learning all the time

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A few days ago I had a total panic about everything that still needs to be done. I really feel that this baby is coming early! The nesting energy still hasn't hit and even though I intended to take Feb. off more work seems to come my way. I am hoping to do my last shoot on the 22nd and then really focus on getting my butt in gear.

I wonder how much of my resitance is about not really accepting that I am going to actually have a little baby to care for. I am totally excited about giving birth, but completely overwhelmed when I think about having a baby.

When I think about it though the things that really need done are things that my DP needs to do. We are still in the middle of a remodel, we moved in, but are living in one room and haven't settled into our bedroom yet, or set up the room for the homebirth. And we have our home visit next MONDAY!!!! I was up all night a few nights ago making a list for DP so that he knew it was urgent. We did finally make some purchases (diapers and clothing) and I picked out a pediatrician today and scheduled our childbirth education classes. There is so much to be done!!!! PANIC!!! I keep freaking out that the baby will be early and we won't be able to relax at all because we were so unprepared.
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Yeah, pretty much.
There are a few things left to buy, but if I had the baby today it wouldn't be a big deal if those things weren't purchased yet. I do want to get that done ASAP though and should be able to wrap up everything in about a week.
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There's all sorts of stuff I can do, but the stuff I felt like HAD to get done before the baby comes is pretty short and mostly done. I'm shocked how calm I am. Nothing's going to fall apart if I don't get everything done first. Man, I was so panicked with my first!

Wash my new UBCPFs - working on this now.
Get new tubing for pump in case I get horribly engorged.
Buy wet bag, new nursing bras, new pjs and nursing/lounge outfits.
Get a wrap.
Get my maternity photos done.
Get filler beads for labor necklace.
Clean laundry room.
Get the interior of the car professionally cleaned.
Get the carpets cleaned.
Get a haircut for me and DS.

And I mean, for the most part... whatever doesn't get done... can get done later if I still think it's important!

Vanessa - aspiring Traditional Foods momma of Graham & Margot
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I feel like we're pretty ready...all of the things that need to be bought could be taken care of with one trip to Target (which we live really close to), anything not in the hospital bag can probably be purchased from the hospital gift shop, etc.

The bassinet is set up (the sheet probably needs a washing, as it's a hand-me-down), my PFs are prepped (still need to do the used fitteds, covers, and AI2s), most of the clothing is washed and put away, carseat is here (and ready for installation), and I have boobs. So yeah, I think we'd survive, as the eating, sleeping, and pooping situations are adequately covered, lol!

We have a shower on the 21st (assuming we make it that far), where we should get a few more fluff and convenience items, but nothing we couldn't live without for now.
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I'm not ready yet!!! I'm such a last minute person, and this nesting feeling is making me crazy, I can't sit down and relax. I've been cleaning out garage for a few days (thankfully my friend came over a few times and lifted heavy stuff and moved around...). I mean I like having this nesting thing and I wish I had this before i was pregnant or even earlier than now.
I still need to organize my armoire and dresser so I can find my clothes easier and put away baby's and dd's clothes in our master bedroom.
I haven't cooked any freezer meals yet except bought a few frozen pizzas. I"m so worried how our family (my dh) will function without my help or I might need to take care of everyone including him once the baby is born with not much post partum rest. He goes to school 2 nights a week and get sick a lot (migraine and insomnia, stomachache at night, etc...). I definitely need prayer!
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No worries everyone. I am sure I am the most far behind and with the PTL I have been having, it makes me really antsy. I have not done a single thing on my "needs" list nor can I until we get our tax return money which may be a few more weeks. I also have to talk dh into realizing these things are "needs" and not "wants" on my part. I have 2 little girls in my bed with me and no where for a baby to sleep nor anywhere to move the big girls. We have no dipes to fit a little one and I also have to get a car seat.

~Lanie mom to Layne, Liam, Maren, Meridian, and Melora
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I have a few things left to do.

- install car seat
- wash clothes
- organize nursery
- finish frozen meals

Hopefully I'll get it all done soon but I'm not too worried about it if it doesn't all happen beforehand.
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